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Strain: LA OG

Producer: Remedy

Contributor: Steve Murphy



White preroll tube 60%
Intoxicating 80%
Perfectly cured OG strain 100%
Pain relief 100%
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  • Silver Sage Wellness Dispensary

Product price: $12 for 1G preroll
THC 27.62%
CBD 0.24%
BetaMyrcene 6.04MG
BetaCaryophyliene 1.78MG
Limonene 3.00MG

LA OG is known for being a very potent indica dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing LA Confidential with OG Kush. LA OG is known for being good for boosting creativity and helping alleviate chronic pain. This is a strain that people in Los Angeles love.

Appearance 3/5

The LA OG preroll comes in a white preroll tube. It has the Remedy logo on the side of it, in black and white. The plant material from the inside of the preroll is a pale shade of green. There are no stems to be found in it. The material is quite sticky even though it is already ground up. There are very few red hairs in it, but there are a ton of trichomes.

Aroma 4/5

The aroma of LA OG is very earthy. It smells like soil and moss, with a splash of lemon juice on it. The scent is intoxicating. The aroma is very strong, and it lingers in my living room long after I put out the joint. The lemony scent is sweet and sour. It smells like soil mixed with lemon-scented cleaner. The scent is just like many other OG strains that are popular in California.

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Taste 5/5

LA OG is a very tasty strain of cannabis. It tastes like lemon pledge and oranges. The orange flavor is very sweet. It has a very fuel-like undertone. The fuel flavor is exactly what I look for in OG strains. It tastes like a perfectly cured OG strain. The smoke doesnt burn my throat at all. It tastes excellent. This is quite possibly the best-tasting OG strain.

Effect 5/5

The effect of LA OG is mostly body high. I did notice a slight head high, but it was very weak. My body feels like it is melting into the couch. All I want to do is lay around the house and eat everything in sight. The pain relief from LA OG is great. I am completely pain-free for almost three hours. I am a bit drowsy, but it's not overpowering.

I really like the staff at Silver Sage Wellness. I was looking for a flavorful OG strain, and my budtender helped me to find exactly what I wanted. The euphoric body high I was craving was exactly what I needed after a long day at work.

4626 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas NV
Phone number: 702-802-3757
Hours: 24 hours  

Silver Sage Wellness Dispensary is one of the lesser-known dispensaries in Las Vegas. It's not very close to Las Vegas Blvd, so they don't get as many tourists as some of the places near the strip. The staff is very cool, and they all make me feel welcome when I enter the store. I checked in and waited about five minutes for them to get my medical car information in the computer system. They gave me a rundown of the menu and then let me enter the showroom. The showroom is painted in various brown and green earth tones. The whole place has a very relaxing vibe. It feels like I am in a day spa. There are several people waiting in line in front of me, all discussing their favorite strains. My budtender calls me over and explains the deals of the day. He handed me a paper menu and pointed out a few of his favorites. He said he really likes the strong indica effects of LA OG. He tells me this is a great-tasting strain that will make you feel like your stuck to the sofa. I ended up getting a preroll of LA OG because of his suggestion.

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