Gold Leaf Louis VIII Preroll

Strain: Louis VIII Preroll

Producer: Gold Leaf

Contributor: Doobie Dragon



A pile of the chartreuse and evergreen flower 50%
Sour and fresh fruit 80%
Semi-sweet taste 80%
Energizing and soothing effects 80%

Gold Leaf:Louis VIII Preroll - Hybrid - 1g for $5
THC: 20.6%

Terpene Profile
Myrcene: 3.45 mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 1.03 mg/g
Limonene: 2.22 mg/g

Gold Leaf's Louis VIII Preroll is named after Le Lion, The King of France from 1223 until 1226. King Louis VIII earned his nickname from his prowess on the battlefield. In the same way, this cannabis hybrid's high may boost the user's confidence while easing physical restrictions, thus making one feel royal.

Appearance 2.5/5
The solid black tube is highlighted by the gold foil text on the seal of the Gold Leaf container. A childproof lid and a warning to keep out of reach from children secure the joint. The Louis VIII Preroll is manufactured with a RAW hemp cone that is folded at the ends. The doobie is plump but not packed too tightly. I dump out a pile of the chartreuse and evergreen flower to examine its appearance and discover a long stem. Besides that single flaw, the rest of the flower is in great condition. I notice sparkling clear trichomes in the pile of dank dust.

Aroma 4/5
I enjoy the sour and fresh fruit hints I smell after I squeeze and lift the top off the Gold Leaf tube. Limes and fresh tropical fruit are imagined after sniffing the interior of the cylinder. These deliciously sweet and tart tones come from the 3.45mg/g of myrcene and 2.22mg/g of Limonene. When I sniff the Louis VIII preroll directly, I detect even more the bitter and herbal influence of the 1.03 mg/g of Caryophyllene.

Taste 4/5
Louis VII. It has a faint chemical scent. There's a semi-sweet taste followed by slickness when I inhale my hybrid Preroll. The ocimene in the joint provides the familiar scent of bathroom cleaners. The sweet tones remind me of raspberries, not cherries. The saccharine notes are also comparable to sweet herbs. Then the flavors of bark and charcoal begin to play on tastebuds. Although the final notes of the smoke are full of the smokiness of the 1.03mg/g 𝛃-caryophyllene

Effect 4/5
I feel balanced by the mix of energizing and soothing effects from the Louis VIII Preroll produced by Gold Leaf. The initial effects include an increase of focus and a more humorous mood. These invigorating effects come from the 2.22mg/g of limonene. After I finish the doobie, I feel a tingling energy from the 1.03mg/g of 𝛃-caryophyllene.

King Louis VII produced by Gold Leaf is a great strain for beginner smokers because of the light bittersweet flavors and chill effects. The high is able to increase focus while relaxing the body. Medicinal patients could treat pain, inflammation, stress, and depression.

In the end, $5 was a dope deal for the King Louis VII Gold Leaf Preroll. The high is very mellow but still great for reading, counting treasure, and practicing magic because the high improves concentration and relived last pain.

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Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 727-3187
In Store Hours 9 am – Midnight daily
Curbside Pickup Hours 9 am – Midnight Daily
Delivery Hours 10 am – 6pm Daily


I was enthusiastic about logging on to Curaleaf's new online website. Not only because of the excitement of something new but also because my treasure trove of THC was dwindling. The teal border color and simple Curaleaf logo are the most memorable aspects of the updated site. I created an account using my driver's license so I could order directly from Curaleaf. As a result of geolocation technology, I was automatically paired with the Curaleaf dispensary at 1736 Las Vegas Boulevard because of its proximity. The navigation is intuitive because of direct links to product categories like prerolls.

I decided to add the Louis VIII Preroll produced by Gold Leaf because it reminded me of the fearsome fighter and King of France known as Le Lion. In the same way, the $5 price for a full gram preroll was very compelling in the purchase decision. After I submitted my order on the Curaleaf site, I was sent a text message and an e-mail confirming my request's reception. More than two hours passed, and I did not receive any additional updates about the status of my order. When I called the dispensary to learn about my delivery, I discovered that my order had been lost in the sauce and would not be delivered.

My flexible magical wings blasted me across the sky into the Curaleaf dispensary in moments. The check-in procedure was painless because all I had to do was show my flying license. Once inside the marketplace, I was serviced by a budtender almost immediately. My order for my desired doobie was paid for swiftly, and the process was so smooth I regretted not soaring to the weed shop first.

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