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Milk Chocolate bar

Strain: Milk Chocolate bar

Producer: Valhalla

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Milk Chocolate bar
Milk Chocolate bar
Milk Chocolate bar


The chocolate itself is a rich, creamy brown 100%
Smells like chocolate with a faint weedy odor 100%
It’s delicious. 100%
Takes one to two hours for the effects to kick in 100%
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Strain or Product
I can’t resist a good chocolate bar. One of the best things about legalization is that it has led to the creation of amazing edibles. Gone are the days when you had to choke down a dry brownie made in a dirty basement. Real chefs and scientists are collaborating to produce divine-tasting edibles. Valhalla’s chocolate bar caught my eye because the price was decent and the packaging was attractive.

Appearance 5/5
The slim box is a deep forest green with intricate gold lines and spirals dancing across. Inside the box, the chocolate is wrapped in bright gold paper stamped with Valhalla’s logo and the THC symbol. It reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate factory and the golden ticket. The chocolate itself is a rich, creamy brown. Each square is stamped with the THC symbol. It’s impossible to mistake this for a Hershey bar. The squares are dosed at 10mg each.

Aroma 5/5
It smells like chocolate with a faint weedy odor. Before the cannabis twang hit my nostrils, it was like I was standing in a traditional confectioner’s shop. The sweet, familiar smell of cream and sugar hit me first. Chocolate snobs would say that this is the real stuff, not the plasticky, imitation chocolate that corporations try to pawn off on Americans. The scent is very alluring. As the dessert-like aroma fades, a slight cannabis scent becomes apparent.

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Taste 5/5
It’s delicious. Each bite gives you a chance to luxuriate in the silky smooth feeling of the chocolate oozing down your throat. The flavor is full-bodied, similar to European brand chocolates. If you took a bite blindfolded, you might not be able to tell that it’s infused. The cannabis flavor is very faint; someone who’s unfamiliar with the taste may not notice it at all. It has an earthy finishing note that mellows the overall sweetness.

Effect 5/5
Like every other chocolate edible, it takes one to two hours for the effects to kick in. If you are inexperienced with cannabis, you might be tempted to eat the entire bar at once because you think it’s not working. There is nothing wrong with doing this, you just need to be prepared to be so stoned you can barely move or think straight. The entire chocolate bar has 100mg of THC. Depending on your size and experience level, it could be a hefty dose.

Edibles are fantastic when you are trying to alleviate physical pain, or when you want to be stoned for hours without needing to smoke. A lot of tourists feast on edibles on their way to the airport before their flight home. A five-hour flight is a lot more pleasant when you are stoned.

10420 S Eastern Ave #100,
Henderson, NV 89052
Phone number: (702) 718-0420
Hours: 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. Monday - Saturday. 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday  

Either I have a terrible sense of direction or Jenny’s Dispensary is hard to find. Maybe it’s a mixture of both. This isn’t one of the loud dispensaries on strip club row, where the gleaming lights and giant billboards attract a steady stream of consumers. Jenny’s is tucked away in suburbia. The building is small, with a small neon sign announcing its presence.

When you enter, you are immediately confronted with the reception area. For some reason, there was a swarm of budtenders at least 6-people deep jostling behind the glass. I snagged the attention of one of the crew, and my ID was processed before it was handed off to another budtender. The dispensary is in a separate room. It looks like a kooky aunt’s living room, with every inch covered in bright trinkets and display cases. Jenny’s sells a lot of pipes and bongs, more than most of the dispensaries that I’ve visited.

The only menu available is their daily pre-roll list. The flower is arranged in a glass display case in the center of the room. You have to browse to find what you need. Meanwhile, your budtender hovers patiently by your elbow, ready to answer any questions or give suggestions. Once you figure out what you need, your budtender rings you up while someone in the back grabs your order. Jenny’s prices are reasonable. They aren’t low enough to be worth mentioning, but I have visited locals dispensaries with higher rates.

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First-time visitors receive 15% off their purchase.

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