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Panama Red

Strain: Panama Red

Producer: Healing Gardens LLC

Contributor: Missy Matheny



Look like berries growing on the flower 90%
Fragrance of strong cannabis hit my senses 100%
Very delicious, and a very classic tasting bud 90%
Panama Red is an original medical strain 100%
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THC 15.43%
CBD 0.05%

Terpinolene 6.6 mg/g a-Pinene 3.3 mg/g
Ocimene 2.1 mg/g b-Pinene 1.9 mg/g
Limonene 1.3 mg/g b-Myrcene 1.1 mg/g

Panama Red is a very old school 100% sativa strain, with a popularity that can be traced back to the 1960s. Panama Red’s name is derived from the country that the strain was first bred in. With average THC levels in the mid to upper teens, Panama Red is known for its solid sativa effects of mood elevation, energy boost, and inducing creativity.

Appearance 4.5/5
The buds were dark jade green with violet spots that look like berries growing on the flower. Burnt orange-colored hairs cover the nugs like fur, with just the lightest dusting of crystals visible up close. The buds were large, dense, and very sticky. When trying to break it apart, I got chunks off, leaving a sticky resin on my fingertips, and my grinder was required to break it up completely. Although the flower didn’t feel wet, it did have the texture of some fresher marijuana, just recently done curing.

Aroma 5/5
Just opening the jar and the fragrance of strong cannabis hit my senses. The batch I received was strong and potent in aroma. Sweet and earthy, a touch of mint, with the overall powerful smell of skunky marijuana. I found it reminiscent of smelling cannabis at random when I was a kid but didn’t know what I was smelling. I just knew it was a distinct and delicious smell that hit my nose from time to time.

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Taste 4.5/5
In my first hit, I could taste sweet mint and earth, which gave way to a little harshness in the next hit. The minty flavor was backed by a taste of herbs, and a bit of the skunky aroma sat on my tongue as a light aftertaste. The harshness didn’t increase, but I recommend having a drink on hand, just to settle the aftertaste a bit. Still very delicious, and a very classic tasting bud.

Effect 5/5
Straight mood elevation was my first feeling. I was hit with a bit of perma-agrin, and all my stress and negative feelings melted away instantly. I felt lifted, energized, and very happy. It didn’t take me more than a couple hits to feel the effects, and they seemed to last several hours, with a mild tiredness as the effects wore off. Panama Red is an original medical strain, with the effects of a powerful sativa.

Product price: $25 per eighth

I found this strain good for mood elevation, lowering stress levels, active smoking, making chores more enjoyable, wake and bake, gaming, and social activities. I recommend that everyone try this strain. Panama Red is not only a famous strain, but it’s a classic strain from the heyday of the counterculture movement.
I was surprised when I saw this strain available for purchase. Panama Red is a legend from my youth, and I’ve heard tales of this strain for years. I never dreamed I’d get to smoke it. This strain lives up to the legends. From the gorgeous buds, the strong aroma, the delicious taste, and the wonderfully powerful sativa effects. The slightest harshness, and the low amount of crystals, were my only negatives, but honestly, I expected those things from a strain this classic.

Address: 275 South US-395, New Washoe City, Nevada 89704
Phone number: (775) 451-7290
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

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Sol Dispensary is located in lush Washoe Valley between Reno and Carson City Nevada. This dispensary boasts something unique for this area, they grow the marijuana on-site in a large greenhouse. They promote using natural sunlight and organic soil, with the control of growing indoors.
I was very excited to try their products, and maybe catch a glimpse of the greenhouse, but it was better than I could have hoped for.
After checking in, which went very quickly, I was told I could grab some coffee or water while I waited, and I was buzzed through a door. The first thing I saw was the greenhouse viewing area. They have a large set of windows that lets guests see firsthand the marijuana crop that is currently growing. Walking through a long wide hallway to the budtender counters, there are the products available on display lining the walls. They also have merchandise available, but it’s less prominent than things like the trophies they have displayed for winning Cannabis Cup competitions. There were several trophies, and Sol seems to pride themselves on the quality of cannabis they produce.
There were a few people in the dispensary, but no wait when I finally approached the counter. I will admit I lingered at the greenhouse viewing area for a while and took my time looking at the product that was displayed as I walked to the counter. This place was very open, and it felt welcoming. Every staff member I talked to was friendly and eager to answer any questions I had. My budtender was very informative, and we talked at length about the greenhouse. Sol has a rewards system much like other dispensaries in Northern Nevada based on points earned for purchases, but they also offer birthday specials, and rewards catered to how the customer makes purchases. They also have a regular sale where a customer can mix and match four eighths for $100 bucks. I love variety in my herb, and I’ve been wondering why other dispensaries don’t offer a mix and match deal. I recommend checking this place out, just to see the beautiful flowers while they grow.

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