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Las Vegas ReLeaf - Primus Bottle_Weed
Las Vegas ReLeaf - Primus Bottle
Las Vegas ReLeaf - Primus Sticker_Bottle
Las Vegas ReLeaf - Primus Sticker

Producer: FloraVega

Contributor: Gary "Uncle G" Brown


Smoking Delivery System Used: Bong (one-hitter bowl)

It’s sunrise in fabulous Las Vegas. Temperature the night before hovered in the mid-50s. I got a wonderful night’s rest, a nice mug of instant coffee (from Mexico) was already in my system – a dark roast. And then this happened…

Having just smoked, I decided to blow the ashes out of the now spent bowl, to prepare for the next round. I realized I blew too hard when I spotted the tiny screen cover, used to ensure cannabis does not make its way into the bong water, rise from the small hole and immediately fall to the ground. The pot ashes went everywhere (as expected).

Suddenly, something crazy happened. Before the screen should have hit the desert sand, a small winged creature appeared from my right side. In the space of a few seconds, it swooped down catching the now used screen, and then as quickly as it appeared, it flew away. I picked my hanging jaw off the ground, shrugged and did what any stoner would do in the situation. Smoked on!

Common white wave moth, Cabera pusaria

To the recreational cannabis user, watching the sunrise outside in the backyard, smoking a bong, drinking instant coffee first thing in the morning, is a pretty cool way to greet the day. The medical marijuana I was smoking was an indica, of which I don’t really recommend doing a, “wake & bake,” session with unless you deal with chronic pain. Usually, the high begins for me the moment I stand up and my feet hit the bedroom floor.

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You should know, I don’t buy cheap paraphernalia. In this case, I was using a well-made metal screen that I purchased in Greeley, Colorado at a head shop that was located right up the street from where I lived.

For those not used to it, the strain can, because of its higher THC count, knock you silly. Right away, I can say this powerful strain promotes restful sleep – always a bonus.

Most importantly, if dealing with chronic pain, such as myself, I would recommend having, Primus, in the medical marijuana cabinet.

Smoking Primus using a bong as a delivery system, will get you stoned as shit! I have experience. Cool to do, but it’s not necessary. This particular morning, my everyday pipe was being cleaned. The only time I use a water pipe nowadays is when socializing. A water pipe to me is more along the lines of smoking recreationally.

Using this bud as medicine, I’m dosing (about 2 or 3 solid hits) every couple of hours. I grind my herb and light it up. It’s a smooth burn. I noticed minimum coughing with this strain. Forget alcohol and prescription medication. The wise choice here: Primus by Flora Vega. As someone with a dangerous past of masking pain with whiskey or pills, take it from me.

 Man filling up the bong with ganja

Before I sign off, let’s apply a little logic to the beginning of this article and our flying thief.

I wear prescription shades. In the corner of my eye, high in the sky, I caught the brightness of the new days rising sun. Most days can be blinding.

In the same moment, a creature, I figured out later to be a run of the mill, white moth, flew by. For a split second, the glare from the sunlight and the moth all crossed paths with the now renegade filtering tool. The insect with his perfect timing flew away seconds later.

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The screen did indeed fall to the ground. Gravity will do that. Seriously, how much does a typical bong pipe metal screen typically weigh? The answer is not a lot. The easiest explanation is that once on the ground, the desert breeze blew it away. Well, that or a badass cannabis-using white moth stole it from me for his own smoke session.

Note: No white moths, to my knowledge, were harmed during the writing of this article.

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