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Private Reserve OG

Strain: Private Reserve OG

Producer: Cannabiotix

Contributor: Akil Evans



One bulbous leafy bud and another miniature fluffy nugget 100%
Dank cologne 100%
Private Reserve veggies 100%
Peace of mind 100%
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Cannabiotix - Private Reserve OG 1g - Indica
THC: 26.58%
CBD: 0%
CBN: 0%

𝛃-Myrcene: 11.48 mg/pkg
Limonene: 8.49 mg/pkg
Ocimene: 8.03 mg/pkg

Private Reserve OG from Cannabiotix is labeled as an indica cannabis strain, however, considering it is a phenotype of OG Kush, it could be classified as an indica-dominant hybrid.

Private Reserve OG is also referred to as OG #18, or simply “PR,” and has been recognized by the Cannabis Cup multiple times in multiple locations.

I looked forward to sampling Cannabiotix’s version of Private Reserve OG because of its above-average THC percentage and terpene profile. OG Kush is one of my favorite strains of all time, and I was excited to see how Private Reserve compares.

Appearance 5/5
One bulbous leafy bud and another miniature fluffy nugget composed this particular gram of Private Reserve OG.

The calyx of the flower glows a pear and lime green while thin wispy pistils sprout out around the flower. Very few sugar leaves are visible because they are almost identical in color and shape to the flowers, but here is a moderate layer of glistening trichomes.

There were no seeds in the container and the ash burns white after the weed is combusted.

Aroma 5/5
Untwisting the lid of my Cannabiotix container released Private Reserve OG’s pungent perfume that rapidly blanketed everything in my vicinity with a dank cologne.

Initially, I detected musk mixed with gasoline and a pinch of skunk, but the funk developed into faint tropical and citrus fruit tones that amazed my senses and reminded me of soft serve sherbet ice cream. The aroma climaxed with herbal and floral tones, followed by lingering notes of a pine forest.

Taste 5/5
The first hit is fuller, with more fresh herbs than the spice rack! As I pulled from my bowl that was packed to the brim with Private Reserve veggies, the pungent smoke tasted like a smoked tropical fruit.

The flavor evolved into a refreshing sweet mint flavor, and I also detected parsley, and basil. These flavors are prominent because of the herbal terpene profile that exhibits myrcene and ocimene.

When I exhaled, the smoke offered a pepper taste, but the last flavors were still herbal and sweet.

Effect 5/5
During the smoke session, I began to feel peace of mind. It’s easy to recline and focus on entertainment or low-energy activities with this strain, and the meditation provided from this strain is most likely why Rastafarians revere ganja as a holy sacrament.

The physical effects seemed to grow exponentially after the smoke session concluded. All pain melted away, and the tension in my back, shoulder blades, and neck was completely released.

The high from the Private Reserve OG lasted more than an hour, and left me couch-locked and drowsy.

Product price: $18 1g

I do not recommend Cannabiotix Private Reserve OG to beginner cannabis consumers because of its above average THC percentage at 26.58%.

Recreational weed warriors would enjoy this strain in the evening before sleep, or after physical activity for a nice settle down.

It is possible for medicinal patients to treat multiple ailments because of the diverse terpene profile of the product, specifically, that of ocimene. This primary terpene’s healing traits include those of antivirals, antifungals, antiseptics, decongestants, and antibacterials.

I was so psyched to sample Private OG because OG Kush is on my list of all-time great cannabis strains. On this trip, I did not go to MedMen with the intention of writing a cannabis review, but my experience from the Cannabiotix fire was so good, I felt required to write one. I feel blessed to have finally found a premium variant of OG Kush in Las Vegas.

823 S. 3rd Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone number: (702) 527-7685
Dispensary Monday - Sunday: 10am - Midnight
Cannabis Delivery Monday - Sunday 10am - 11:15pm

MedMen (Arts District)

Last Friday, I did not have to work nor anything else to do, so I channeled the spirit of Smokey and Craig and decided to get high. Transforming my Friday into a ‘Fried Day’ allowed me to elevate my perspective of the maxim “T.G.I.F” to the next level.

I navigated to MedMen Downtown in The Arts District, the first dispensary I ever visited. Sometimes I ride a pedicab from Fremont Street to MedMen because the drivers will chauffeur potential cannabis customers free of charge, but on this trip, I took shared ride transportation.

For those driving, there is street parking available, but the lack of a designated parking lot for this MedMen location can make it difficult, depending on the time of day.

After I entered the red building and I displayed my driver's license to security and concierge, I entered the retail space, and I was greeted by the budtender staff.

Christina B. was my budtender on this visit, and I recognized her from a previous shopping trip to MedMen.

Christina was experienced, patient, and capable. She recommended high-quality cannabis from recent harvests and offered her opinion based on her sampling of MedMen’s product.

There is security, an ATM, and digital menus present inside the retail space for customer convenience and peace of mind. Ultimately, I chose the Private Reserve OG 1g of flower produced by Cannabiotix.

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