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Snowball by Summa

Strain: Snowball

Producer: Summa

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Snowball Sahara Wellness
Sahara Wellness Snowball Packaging


Skinny and light green 80%
Earthy smell runs underneath 100%
Crisp taste reminiscent of real snowballs
The high was so underwhelming 60%
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Snowball by Summa rolls off the tongue. It’s neither the cheapest, nor most expensive gram on the menu. Let’s take a dive into the buds.

Appearance 4/5
Snowball buds are skinny and light green. The batch I picked up from Sahara Wellness was slightly dried out. It crumbled to pieces when I put it in the grinder. Stoners salivate over sticky, dank buds, but dry weed has its place in life too. It’s much easier to smoke.

Aroma 5/5
When I bring the nugs to my nose, I can sniff out an unusual, artificial scent. An earthy smell runs underneath. I can’t detect a single sweet note.

Taste 4/5
Snowball buds have a crisp taste reminiscent of real snowballs. The smoke tastes fresh. If you hold it in the back of your throat for a few seconds before you exhale, you might be able to appreciate the complex flavor. Your taste buds have more work to do than your nostrils tonight.

Effect 3/5
Snowball by Summa hits 25% THC, yet the high was so underwhelming, I nearly gave up mid-session and started smoking something else. When I reach for buds with 27% THC, I want a hard-hitting high. Not a gentle, wispy feeling that I can barely discern.

I know that some people don’t feel this way. There are stoners who gravitate toward milder strains. If this is your preference, Snowball will be a pleasant surprise. Beware - The high THC count is misleading.

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To get started, users should smoke half a bowl and see how they feel. If they’re not too stoned, finish it. Otherwise, just leave it. You can hit the same bowl for two days without packing a new one.

Snowball is a hybrid strain with mood-lifting effects. It’s bred from the White and Chem 4 OG. The high produced by the buds is peppy. Yet, the sativa-like effects are mitigated by a heavy dose of myrcene, a compound associated with sedative effects.

Medical patients looking to boost their moods should experiment with Snowball. The effort needs to be carefully controlled, however. Write down how you feel after smoking. You’ll be able to notice a positive pattern if it occurs.

Snowball is also a decent strain for people trying to manage anxiety.

Snowball by Summa is a middle of the road strain. You might get excited about it if you’re new to cannabis. Otherwise, it’s nothing special. A puff or two of Snowball can ease the drudgery of the day, so I would never turn it down.

Sahara Wellness is a great location for its flexible hours. Beware of the confusing location of the building and watch for the dispensary markers on your first visit. 

420 E Sahara Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 478-5533
Hours: 12 a.m. - 12 a.m. Daily

Sahara Wellness is a small dispensary located on a busy swatch of Sahara Ave. The squat, greenish building is only noticeable from the road thanks to a blazing green 420 sign plastered to the wall. A couple of hundred yards away, a giant green arrow points the way from a billboard. Without these marketing aids, finding Sahara Wellness, would be a hassle.

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The dispensary is dimly lit. It’s always dark inside no matter what time you go. They operate a three-chambered system. First, you hand over your ID. Next, you wait in the lobby until you can enter the dispensary. After a budtender writes down your order, you’re moved to a third area to check out. Multiple people are involved in the process. The line can get bogged down if the users ahead of you are chatty.

Once you get over how slowly everyone wearing the Sahara Wellness logo is moving, you can appreciate how friendly they are. The Sahara Wellness team acts like they’re friends who just happen to be selling weed. They’re brewing a relaxed vibe that puts customers at ease.

Sahara Wellness is open 24-hours a day, so you don’t have to worry about their hours. The dispensary receives an unsteady stream of consumers rather than massive rushes.

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