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Strawberry Banana Sherbert

Strain: Strawberry Banana Sherbert

Producer: Kabunky

Contributor: Canna Dahlia

Kabunky Strawberry Banana Sherbert Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana
Strawberry Banana Sherbert Kanbunky
Strawberry Banana Sherbert
KanbunkyStrawberry Banana Sherbert


Attractive light golden yellow crumble 90%
Scent of sweet fruits mixed with tart berries 90%
Taste of sweet creamy berries and banana 100%
Extremely potent at 72% THC 100%


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Appearance 4.5/5
It looks light and airy as a crumble should, it is an attractive light golden yellow crumble. This full gram of wax came in one complete piece, which leads me to believe it hasn’t been overly handled which is definitely important to me.

Aroma 4.5/5
Honestly the aroma for this is exactly what the name implies. You get the scent of sweet fruits mixed with tart berries with a hint of spices, earth, and banana peels. I know that seems like an insane number of things to smell all at once, but each scent is easily distinguished from the others and they blend together beautifully. I would buy this again just for the way it smells when it hits the hot-ish quartz banger.

Taste 5/5
Similar to the aroma the taste is also exactly what you would expect. It has a taste of sweet creamy berries and banana peels. I say banana peels because it has a bit of earthy spice to it because of the pinene’s earthy terpene profile. This is one of the tastiest cannabis wax’s that I have had in a very long time. I would definitely recommend this to share with friends, the flavor is amazing and makes everyone say WOW!

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Effect 5/5
Kabunky’s Strawberry Banana Sherbert DID NOT disappoint. Just be careful not to overdo it, while it is EXTREMELY tasty it is also extremely potent at 72% THC. I first noticed a euphoric lift to my mood; this was fairly quick about 3 minutes or so after taking my dab. Then I finally got some relief from my back pain and got the energy to get up and get things done around the house. It was a perfect balance of head and body high. My mind was super focused and didn’t wander, yet I felt firmly rooted to the ground without feeling bogged down.

Strawberry Banana Sherbert Krumble by Kabunky. I chose this strain for its Humulene, Pinene and Caryophyllene content. Humulene, Pinene and Caryophyllene all have anti-inflammatory properties, so I have very high hopes (pun fully intended) for Kabunky’s Strawberry Banana Sherbert. I’ve been having some pretty wicked fibromyalgia flares lately so here is to hoping for some relief. This strain is recommended for: depression, inflammation, muscle spasms, stress and anxiety relief, as well as for insomnia. Here is the THC & Terpene profile for the wax:

· THC: 724 mg/g
· Humulene: 2.9 mg/g
· Limonene: 0.9 mg/g
· Myrcene: 2.0 mg/g
· Linalool: 1.2 mg/g
· Caryophyllene: 6.8 mg/g
· Pinene: 5.8 mg/g

I was extremely impressed with this strain and I think it may even be my new favorite for the time being. It is at least on my permanent top 5 list. It helped immensely with the back pain and widespread body pain I have been dealing with from my fibromyalgia. I have also had a lot of stress lately and it helped me to feel settled and kept my mind from wandering. I will absolutely be picking this one up again. The mood elevating qualities alone make this strain worth it, but this one is the full package as it gives you everything you could ask for in a cannabis concentrate.

Address: 3195 St. Rose Pkwy #212
Henderson, NV 89052
Phone number: (702) 737-7777
Hours: 8 :00 AM – 11 :00 PM 

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