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Strain: Chernobyl

Producer: Kabunky

Contributor: Canna Dahlia

Kabunky Chernobyl Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana
Kabunky Chernobyl Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana
Kabunky Chernobyl Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana


Appealing olive-green color 60%
Smelled like sweet fruit and jasmine 90%
Sweet fruit mixed with flowers and herbs 100%
Very strong at around 73% THC 100%
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Appearance 3/5
To be honest, this Chernobyl isn’t much to look at. It is a not so appealing olive-green color and is a bit denser than you would expect from a crumble. It was broken up into a few pieces and a bit harder than I am used to with most crumble consistency waxes. It broke off in flakes instead of crumbling under the spoon.

Aroma 4/5
For a crumble, this has a surprisingly strong aroma. Most waxes have a very faint odor, but this one was amazing! It smelled like sweet fruit and jasmine with a hint of pepper. Bisabolol is a more herbal/floral terpene, and it is definitely a prevalent scent in this strain. The smell when smoked was even more potent than the wax, it magnified all of the aromas 10-fold.

Taste 5/5
WOW! For a crumble that is so unappealing to look at, it is a very tasty surprise. The flavor of Chernobyl is like sweet fruit mixed with flowers and herbs. My friends agreed that this was definitely a memorable strain. So memorable that I believe if someone gave it to me and didn’t tell me what I was smoking, I would still be able to tell what I was smoking.

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Effect 5/5
It is a slightly more sativa-dominant hybrid, and it is very strong at around 73% THC. Therefore, I would definitely recommend this for more intermediate to experienced heavy consumers. I am a fairly heavy consumer, so I thought this was amazing! I was hanging out with my friends when I first smoked this, and we all sat, talked, laughed and made dab videos! It was a very giggly, uplifting, and social type of smoke.

Chernobyl Krumble by Kabunky. I chose this strain for its Bisabolol, Pinene, and Caryophyllene content. Bisabolol, Pinene, and Caryophyllene all have strong anti-inflammatory properties. This strain is recommended for: pain, depression, inflammation, muscle spasms, seizures, stress and anxiety relief, as well as for insomnia. It is said to descend from Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper, and Trinity. Here is the THC & Terpene profile for the wax:

· THC: 736 mg/g
· Humulene: 2.0 mg/g
· Bisabolol: 1.2 mg/g
· Myrcene: 1.4 mg/g
· Linalool: 2.2 mg/g
· Caryophyllene: 4.8 mg/g
· Pinene: 3.6 mg/g

I would 100% recommend this strain for anyone needing a bit of a of a mood enhancer, or if you want to bring the fun to a get-together. Chernobyl by Kabunky was a huge hit! It is a creative, uplifting, happy, energetic type of high. Plus, it has the added bonus of alleviating mild pain and inflammation.

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