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Supernova Motivator Infused Pre-roll

Strain: Supernova Motivator Infused Pre-roll

Producer: Cannavative

Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Dispansury MedMen


The joint is expertly rolled 100%
The aroma develops slightly when you smoke as the bits of honeycomb melt. 60%
Tastes this good used to be a serious challenge 100%
I can feel the thrill in my bones 100%


Ad description 0%
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Cannavative’s Supernova Motivator pre-roll is an exquisite addition to the Motivator line. These slender joints are filled with top-tier flower and a sprinkling of honeycomb. Infused pre-rolls are often gummy and hard to smoke as the concentrate melts and congeals in the filter. I’ve never had this problem with a Motivator.

The Supernova pre-roll tests at 62.8% THC.

Appearance 5/5
Yellow globs of honeycomb peep behind the thin, translucent wrapper. The joint is expertly rolled, with a crinkly filter and twisty top. After I break the joint, a greenish pile of finely ground weed floods onto the table. The honeycomb is peppered evenly throughout. The green and yellow blend together to create a collage of springtime colors. Looking at Supernova makes me want to breathe in a gulp of fresh air the weed looks so fresh.

Aroma 3/5
This pre-roll doesn’t have much of a nose. I expected a lot; Supernova used to be called Chronic. With such a dank name, I thought the buds would be slapping me in the face with their aroma. Sadly, there is not much going on here. The weed smells like a wet, marshy plant. If you smelled the joint without seeing it or touching it, you would expect it to be covered in sludge. The aroma develops slightly when you smoke as the bits of honeycomb melt.

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The smoke tastes peppery, with a sweet citrusy note that’s detectable as the smoke slides down my throat. The mixture is odd, appealing. Cannabis strains are being tweaked to perfection. Professional growers are so much better than their black market counterpoints. Licensed growers have the finances and security to grow flower the way that it should be done. They are constantly finessing their process. Finding weed that tastes this good used to be a serious challenge.


I was ready to take a nap after a single puff. The honeycomb makes a huge difference, I can feel the thrill in my bones. 62% THC actually seems like a lowball estimate; I would have thought that the joint hit 80% at least. I have a high tolerance for THC, and even I could barely finish on my own. I nursed the joint like it was a strong cocktail and slipped into my own realm.

Split the Motivator joint with a friend or smoke it when you mind dropping out of the world. This stuff is heavy. Like most indicas, Supernova hits the body, making it the perfect strain for people trying to mitigate pain, sleep better, or stimulate their appetite. Break open the joint and load a bowl instead if you want it to last longer.

Address: 4503 Paradise Rd suite 210-240
Las Vegas, NV 89169

Phone number: (702) 405-8597
12 a.m. - 12 a.m. daily

Walking into MedMen reminds me of going to a nightclub. Top 40 pulses in the air, obscuring the conversation around me. Customers throng together in tight bubbles that I wade through. MedMen’s inventory is splashed around the room; with no menu in sight, you have no choice but to look around to figure out what you want. This is one of the few dispensaries in town with its own distinct flavor. When you’re inside MedMen, you’re enveloped in its aura.

A single security guard is usually poised at the front door. To get inside, you need to show your ID. Next, you’re herded inside to a podium where another employee looks at your ID. After that, you’re golden. You are free to roam around MedMen’s expansive showroom.

Fancy display cases cover the showroom floor. These aren’t the typical shelves. Multiple iPads are embedded into the top. You can look up product and strain information, including prices. Budtenders decked out in apple-red t-shirts and black pants, swoop in and latch onto wandering customers.

I started out at the pre-roll case and instantly saw that I didn’t need to go any further. Popping out at me, begging to be noticed were Cannavative’s Motivator pre-rolls. 48% to 65% THC. I’m drooling. My budtender writes down everything that I want before passing the order along. The back of the house staff prepares the order while a cashier rings you up.

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