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Mango Tango

Strain: Mango Tango - Hybrid

Producer: Greenway Las Vegas

Contributor: Akil Evans

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Mango Tango
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Nearly a dozen green and orange nuggets composed 100%
It has a fruitful incense 100%
Wonderful berry flavor 100%
Combination of mental stimulation and physical pleasure 100%


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Greenway Las Vegas- Mango Tango- Hybrid - 1g Flower

Mango Tango is a hybrid cannabis strain that dominantly exhibits effects on the body. Thus, Mango Tango is often categorized as an indica-dominant strain. Mango Tango’s indica properties are likely inherited by its indica parent, True OG. Tangie, the other parent strain, is a respected sativa and most likely the reason Tango is paired with the Mango in Greenway’s hybrid flower title. Despite Mango Tango’s Indica dominance, Elemental Seeds' Mango Tango flower was awarded first place for best sativa flower in the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup.

THC: 22.910%
CBD: 00.050%
CBN: 00.020%

𝛃-Myrcene: 19.08mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 2.63mg/pkg
Ocimene: 2.07mg/pkg

Appearance 5/5
This may be the first time I examined a gram and believed that it may have been more than one full gram of flower! Nearly a dozen green and orange nuggets composed a full gram of Mango Tango flower.
The dark shade of juniper on the sugar leaves contrasts with the lighter hue of chartreuse from the calyx. The entirety of the flower glistens because of a generous trichome layer. Amber is the color of this weed’s energy, and shades of gold glow naturally from the abundant tawny pistils.

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Aroma 5/5
Mango Tango was perfectly named, considering it has a fruitful incense. I pop the seal, and I am instantly reminded of Fruit Stripe chewing gum from my childhood. There are so many tropical notes in addition to mango.
The medley of fruit eventually gives way to the fumes of gasoline. The chemical smell was strong enough for me to classify Mango Tango as fire. The smell of earth and herbs is constant throughout the varying scents.

Taste 5/5
Mango Tango provides a pleasant taste with a wonderful berry flavor and light smoke for an easy and enjoyable tasting session. The remarkably smooth berry smoke has the taste of mango, melon, and cantaloupe. Some moments pass after my initial pull before I can taste the subtle berry notes.
The pepper taste starts to warm my throat midway through the pull. When I finally exhale the smoke, I’m left with a sweet fresh green taste.
My taste buds experience mint and other sweet herbals.

Effect 5/5
Greenway’s Mango Tango tasting session gifted me with an exquisite combination of mental stimulation and physical pleasure. My worries melted away as I feel the pressure lifted figuratively and literally because tension is released in my muscles.
My mind was put at ease, and I found it a little difficult to focus on tedious tasks. The myrcene was not only tasted, but also felt in my physical relief in my lower back.
The Mango Tango high gave me peace of mind with a full-body sedating effect.

I cherish Mango Tango flower and adore the name in a similar fashion. Mango Tango accurately describes not only the strain’s lineage but also the flavor and scent of the cannabis. I believe Jeremy was correct in his assessment of Mango Tango’s indica traits and plentiful terpenes. The berry flavors and chill vibes were provided by the largest sum of myrcene I have ever witnessed in a flower product. Blackjack Dispensary catered to me with its customer service and quality product selection. Mango Tango is a must-try hybrid strain for cultured cannabis connoisseurs who favor Cannabis Indica and tropical fruit flavors.


1736 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 727-3187
Hours: Open 9 AM to 3 AM Daily

I pulled up to Blackjack Dispensary and was greeted by the mouthwatering smell of tacos. The unexpected aroma caused me to wonder about today’s date. It wasn’t Tuesday, yet there was a food cart offering handcrafted tacos near the entrance and handicap parking space. I left my briefcase in the lobby, and the receptionist informed me that I had 421 loyalty points. Ah, so close to 420! There were 3 people in front of me in line, and I didn't mind because I needed to withdraw funds from the ATM. The dispensary retail space is furnished with glass cases that display nearly every product on the menu. I could view flower, edibles, and apparel all in the same area. In addition, there are monitors around the room showcasing the dispensary menu.

Six budtenders were on duty, and I talked with Jeremy about the availability of one-gram of Mango Tango produced by Greenway. Jeremy informed me that Mango Tango was Blackjack Dispensary’s flower with the highest myrcene content in supply! I was further surprised that Mango Tango was a top-shelf, dank item on the menu. Jeremy described it as an indica strain, which caused me some confusion. I was under the impression that Mango Tango is a hybrid strain of Tangie, a sativa strain, and True OG, an indica strain. In response, Jeremy described it as an indica-dominant hybrid strain, meaning that the physical effects would be more prominent that the mental effects of the Mango Tango high.


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