Title Tahoe Alien pre-roll

Strain: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Producer: Desert Grown Farms

Contributor: Doobie Dragon



The flower inside of the Tahoe Alien pre-roll is grinded nicely 80%
Sweet and fruity 60%
Indica Dominant has a herbal taste 80%
Jolly mood and then wondrously relieves my pain. 100%
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Desert Grown Farms: Tahoe Alien pre-roll - Indica Dominant Hybrid - 1g of $12.50
THC: 21.39%
CBGa: 01.20%

Terpene Profile
Limonene: 05.22 mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 02.22 mg/g
Linalool: 00.78 mg/g

Desert Grown Farms’ Tahoe Alien is bred from the cross of Hybrid Tahoe OG Kush and Sativa Alien Kush. The heavy hitting high starts with extreme cerebral effects that bring energy, joy, and laughter. In addition, this Cannabis Hybrid is capable of providing pain relief and a buzzing sensation in the body. Earthy, with a hint of citrus, is the best way to describe the flavor and aroma of Tahoe Alien.

The flower inside of the Tahoe Alien pre-roll is grinded nicely, but not powdered. I can observe small chunks of the chartreuse calyx and reddish orange pistils. White see through paper allows me to glimpse the viridescent Tahoe Alien flower in the joint. It appears a human prepared the pre-roll by hand because of the sealing twist at the end. A non-branded clear cylinder encases the Indica Dominant doobie. Besides the white sticker including the batch test results, there are no markings on the child proof container.

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The Desert Grown Farms Tahoe Alien 1g pre-roll smells rather sweet and fruity when I sniff the open Desert Grown Farms container. Floral tones from the .78 mg/g Linalool and 5.22 mg/g Limonene remind me of a woman’s perfume as my nose examines the unsealed cylinder. Likewise, Limonene is responsible for the saccharine fruit elements I detect in this Indica Dominant doobie. The earthy qualities of 𝛃-Caryophyllene in Tahoe Alien become more prominent when I sniff the pre-roll directly.

Desert Grown Farms Tahoe Alien pre-roll offers a pleasurable mix of semisweet and bittersweet flavors when I inhale. Overall, I feel as though this Indica Dominant has a herbal taste. In the beginning the smoke is sweet on my tongue, but not too candied. Then, I begin to feel the spicy tones of the 2.22 mg/g of 𝛃-Caryophyllene. Likewise 𝛃-Caryophyllene provides the earthy tones in the smoke. Finally, when I exhale my tongue relishes more semisweet tones that remind me of flowers and fresh fruit.

The Tahoe Alien pre-roll produced by Desert Grown Farms gives a wonderful relaxing high. Everything seems to be enhanced. The tea I sip from my goblet tastes sweeter and the musical lyrics I’m listening to becomes funnier because of the Indica Dominant High. True to the description from Desert Grown Farms I feel relaxed, but I am not lulled to sleep after smoking my Tahoe Alien doobie. This dank doobie puts me in a jolly mood and then wondrously relieves my pain.

Product price: $12.50 for 1g

Even though I am familiar with Desert Grown Farms’ high standards I was still impressed with its Tahoe Alien pre-roll. Essence is giving a dank discount by pricing this full gram doobie at $12.50. I bought a bunch of different pre-rolls on this visit, but this one may be my favorite.

Address: 2307 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas NV 89101
Phone number: (702) 978-7591
Hours:  8 AM - 8 PM

I was stretching my wings with an extended flight down the glamorous Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as the Strip. A U-turn maneuver at The Mandalay Bay began my route back towards Downtown Las Vegas. Just after I passed the Stratosphere, I noticed strange clouds rising from a Neon Green building. I looped around and lowered my altitude in order to get a better view of the spectacle. A familiar scent wafted to my nostrils just as realized the glowing corner was The Essence Cannabis Dispensary. The doobies held in the mouths of the guests waiting in line was the source of the funky fumes and cannabis clouds I observed while airborne. My dragon wisdom led me to believe that there must be dank deals or high quality products available this Thursday, in order for the line to be so extensive. I used my magical powers to log on the mobile Essence Cannabis Dispensary website and test my theory. Yes, indeed! Desert Grown Farms doobies were being sold with exceptional discounts at Essence this day.

It was not part of my original flight plan, but I decided to shop at this cannabis marketplace before returning to my lair. I decided it would be wise to capitalize on the temporary offerings from Desert Grown Farms because of my positive experiences with the brand. Face masks and legal identification were required to enter the facility. Many security personnel were staffed, unfortunately the budtender team was outnumbered, thus there was plenty of time to practice patience. Ironically, I noticed my patient consultant’s endurance was dwilinding, so I quickly relayed my order for multiple Desert Grown Farm pre-rolls, including the Tahoe Alien doobie for $12.50.

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