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Tropicana Cookies

Strain: Tropicana Cookies

Producer: Tahoe Hydro

Contributor: Missy Matheny



The buds look almost frosted with snow 100%
A sweet fruity fragrance 90%
A sweet fruity taste, with a lovely citrus aftertaste 100%
The effects lasted a couple hours but then faded quickly 90%


Ad description 0%
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THC 15.9%
CBD 0.05%

Beta Caryophyllene: 4.6 mg/g
Linalool: 1.4 mg/g
Limonene: 1.2 mg/g

Tropicana Cookies was created by crossing the popular strain of Girl Scout Cookies with the strain Tangie. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Originally bred by Oni See Co. Tropicana Cookies is known for its citrus flavor accentuated by a taste of sweet cookies, and very purple buds.

Appearance 5/5
I honestly don’t know what caught my eye first. The multicolored buds that were a dark sangria purple, but also bright jungle green and dark forest green through the layers of these fluffy nugs. Then there is the abundance of bright orange hairs that stand in total contrast to the purple and green colors of the flower. In addition to all that deliciousness, there is a layer of crystals so thick, the buds look almost frosted with snow. The buds were very crispy and crumbled with ease, and all the buds I received were on the smaller side, with each being smaller than a nickel.

Aroma 4.5/5
Just opening the container was all it took to get hit with a sweet fruity fragrance. I took a deeper whiff, and sour citrus became the dominant aroma, but the sweetness was almost as powerful, and the struggle between the two was delightful to my senses. It tickled my nose a little, with the citrus being both a sweet tangerine and a sour lime, and a sweetness smelling faintly of cookies. A very complex combination of smells.

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Taste 5/5
My first hit was a little harsh, with the sour punching a little harder than in the aroma. It gave way to a sweet fruity taste, with a lovely citrus aftertaste. It was kind of like a crispy rice treat made from fruity pebbles, with a little orange frosting just to shock the taste buds a little. The harshness decreased with smoking, and the sweet fruit only increased, making the flavor purely delicious.

Effect 4.5/5
It took a few hits, but my body began relaxing a little, and then I felt it in my head. I felt lifted and energized, with a nice body high that made me feel lighter. I felt euphoric, ready to do things, and happy to do whatever. The effects lasted a couple hours but then faded quickly, leaving me a little tired. I smoked another bowl and was lifted right back up, and even my afternoon yawns subsided.

Product price: $25 per 1/8th (eighth)

I found Tropicana Cookies to be a great daytime smoke. I found it good for mild body relaxation, with a little energy boost and mood elevation. I found it helped with anxiety, mild depression, and daily blahs. I think newer users will enjoy the effects of this strain, and veterans will appreciate the beauty of the buds, as well as the wonderful aroma and delicious taste.
Tropicana Cookies are some of the most uniquely colored buds I’ve ever seen in person. With the wonderful fragrance of sweet fruit and sour lime, and a delicious flavor of fruity cookies. The sour does hit a little hard on the first hit of every bowl, but it fades, leaving only the sweetness behind. I loved this strain. The beautiful buds were so inviting, and the taste and smell were just as wonderful as the buds looked.

Address: 9650 Pyramid Highway, Spanish Springs, Nevada 89441
Phone number: (775) 501-5457
Hours : Monday-Thursday 10a-7:50p, Friday-Saturday 9a-7:50p, Sunday 10a-4:50p

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Rise dispensary is located just inside Spanish Springs Nevada. Situated in a large shopping center, Rise has ample parking, is relatively easy to find, and is a good-sized dispensary. Since Spanish Springs has a high level of retirees, they cater to seniors a lot. This doesn’t mean they don’t have something for everyone. With daily deals, loyal customer rewards, and regular sales, they have a wide variety of products and discounts available every day.
On this visit, I swung by in the late morning on a Monday. Although there was a line when I went in, I was called up to the counter quickly. I love that they have comfy chairs to wait in, with the products available on display between the waiting area and the budtender counter. The real packages are behind the counter, of course, but the ability to look through their products while waiting is something I enjoy. My budtender was courteous, but we didn’t chat much, and when I asked about the daily deals they have, she only pointed at a piece of paper. I’m more accustomed to discussing my choices with my budtenders, including at this dispensary; however, this budtender seemed less interested in talking with me. I asked a couple questions; her response was that the answers were on the package. She wasn’t unpleasant. She just seemed disinterested in life in general. I’m hoping she was just having an off day, and I thanked her for her time as I paid, she packaged everything up, and she smiled a little as I left. My previous visits to Rise have been better, and my previous budtenders at this dispensary are usually more talkative, with an expansive knowledge of the products available.

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