Top Ten Chocolate Edibles in Las Vegas

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Let’s talk chocolate.

A hunk of artisan chocolate that melts in your mouth, a velvety river of chocolate fondue made to flow over skewered fruit and baked goods, it’s all so delicious to think about. If you love chocolate, you already know that there are a ton of different ways to consume it.

Here’s something you may not be aware of, though: chocolate and cannabis are the perfect bedfellows.

Now that legalization efforts are tearing across the country, cannabis edibles are being manufactured at a higher level than ever before. Chefs, growers, and scientists are coming together to produce the best-tasting (and most potent) edibles cannabis lovers have ever tried.

The next time you’re in the mood to get stoned, kick it old school, and try a chocolate edible. It’s the best way to thrill all of your senses at once.

Therapeutic Treats Raspberries & Cinnamon CBD Chocolate Bar

Here Are The Top 10 Chocolate Edibles In Las Vegas

1. Chocolate Cake Bites by The Apothecary Shoppe

Seeing each plump cake ball nestled into its box is enough to make the average chocolate-lover drool in anticipation. Thick smears of gooey frosting cover each cake ball. Tiny silver spangles and swirls of chocolate act as decoration. These cake bites are so good, stoners will happily fork over $30. The grassy marijuana flavor that usually clings to infused edibles is nonexistent. Instead, each mouthful coats your tongue with silky chocolate flavor.

Price: $30

Where to find it: The Apothecary Shoppe

2. Cheeba Chews by Deep Roots Harvest

Cheeba Chews are GOOD. Each little nugget tastes like a grown-up Tootsie Roll. Pop one (or two) into your mouth, if you just want a small buzz, or eat the whole pack at once if you’re an experienced stoner looking for an off-the-wall high. Deep Roots Harvest makes a variety of different Cheeba Chews, but the only kind that matters is chocolate. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but still. You should experience the chocolate chews before branching out. 

Price: $25

Where to find it: Thrive Cannabis

3. Brownie Bites by Qualcan

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Brownies are “kings of the edible world,” in my opinion. Think about it. Their plump, fudgy cake is the perfect vehicle for marijuana goodness. In the hands of a master, your taste buds won’t be able to pick out the THC. Qualcan’s brownie bites satisfy your stoner cravings every single time. Instead of one huge brownie, Qualcan delivers ten miniature chunks. Which make it perfect for microdosing.

Price: $24

Where to find it: The Source

4. Honduran Oro Maya Chocolate with Sea Salt 75% by Binske

In the mood for something fancy? Try a bite of Binske’s intriguing Honduran Oro Maya chocolate bar. The candy is daubed with small flecks of salt. This is the kind of edible that was almost impossible to find in the marijuana prohibition era. You need a chocolatier to develop these flavors, that’s for sure. The only drawback is that it’s easy to scarf down the whole thing at once. But hey, it’s Vegas. You won’t be the only one who’s as high as the sky.

Price: $25

Where to find it: Acres

5. Medical Milk Chocolate Bar by Evergreen Organix

Nevada law restricts the amount of THC allowed in recreational edibles to 100mg. If you want a heavier dose, you’ll need a medical marijuana card. These are easy to get, but they’re not free. You’ll have to pay an upfront fee, as well as a monthly fee. However, for many patients, the cost is worth every penny. Evergreen Organix’s medical chocolate bar is five times as potent as its recreational counterpart.

Price: $62.99

Where to find it: Shango

6. Milk Chocolate Peanut Brittle Bar by Mindy’s Edibles

Ahh, peanut brittle. It’s an underappreciated dessert, even when it’s not infused with high-quality cannabis oil. Mindy’s Edibles produces a delectable strip of bark, that I simply can’t get enough of. This crackling piece of peanut brittle is embedded in a square of milk chocolate. This isn’t a full-size edible, mind you. It’s infused with 46.6mg of THC. That’s why you can pick it up for $14.50.

Price: $14.50

Where to find it: The Source

7. Raspberry Milk Chocolate by Binkse

Binkse is so good we’ve listed the brand twice. If the Honduran chocolate didn’t appeal to you, try their raspberry milk chocolate. The berry notes add a surprising depth of flavor. Eating an edible should make you feel happy and content. It hits the belly like a glass of hot chocolate spiked with spirits. Except, with this, you can consume as much as you want, without worrying about a pesky hangover.

Price: $19

Where to find it: The Dispensary

8. Caramel Brownie Cookie Square by Vert

Ooey, gooey rivulets of caramel snake through a moist, chewy brownie. Every bite feels like an indulgence. The top of the brownie is drizzled with thin strips of chocolate, while the back is stamped with green and white THC symbols. Good luck sticking to the serving size of one small chunk. Someone could eat the whole thing in three bites if they were motivated enough to do so.

Price: $30

Where to find it: Planet 13

10. 50mg Dark Chocolate Bar by Valhalla

 We had to put a plain, dark chocolate bar on the list. Most stoners flock to the sugary sweetness of milk chocolate, but there’s something nice about trying different interpretations. The bitter cocoa masks every other flavor. And, because this is a half-sized bar, it will only set you back $13.99.

Price: $13.99

Where to find it: Shango

Las Vegas has so many dispensaries, sampling edibles could be a fulltime job.

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