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Wonder Dawg

Strain: Wonder Dawg - Indica-dominant Hybrid

Producer: House of Herbs

Contributor: Akil Evans



The sugar leaves exhibited a vibrant mossy green 80%
Tropical fruit flavors that most likely come from limonene and myrcene 100%
Awesome fruity, fresh notes 80%
Stress fade from my mind, and then my neck and shoulders relaxed in response 80%
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Product price: $20

Secret Garden - Wonder Dawg - Indica Dominant Hybrid - 3.5g
THC: 19.79%

Limonene: 8.1mg/g
Caryophyllene: 7.7mg/g
Myrcene: 5.4mg/g

House of Herbs (previously known as Secret Garden) delivered the indica-dominant strain, Wonder Dawg by crossing Chemdawg and William's Wonder.

Chemdawg is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain, not only because of the ability to lift one's mood, but also for its classic cannabis scents of gasoline and bitter earth.

Although I have never heard of William's Wonder, a.k.a. Willy's Wonder, my research revealed that it has been established in the cannabis community since the 1980s. The strain has been reported as containing the Rasta color trio of red, green, and yellow in its flower, and comes from Afghani lineage.

Appearance 4/5
The simple logo on the white background of my cannabis pouch reminded me of back in the day, when I would purchase my weed without the luxury of dispensaries. The backside of the pouch is transparent and allowed me to peek at the dozen dense nugs that totaled 3.5 gof Wonder Dawg.

The nugs were very sturdy and did not crumble easily in my hand. The sugar leaves exhibited a vibrant mossy green, while the hue of the calyx resembled the verdant shades of evergreens and pine trees.

The pistils are few and far between, but easily visible because of their contrasting chocolate color, and the trichome coating is visible, but not dazzling on the flower.

Aroma 5/5
I opened the Ziplock container of Wonder Dawg and unleashed an aroma rainbow. The fruity, candied flavors remind me of the original Skittles variety.

Smelling Wonder Dawg placed a huge grin on my face because of the fresh, tropical fruit flavors that most likely come from limonene and myrcene, which can also relieve stress and give you a reason to smile!

I recognized skunk in the beginning of the cannabis cologne, and a slight chemical odor at the end, but these tones were overpowered by the cocktail of sweet fruit flavors.

Taste 4/5
Wonder Dawg flavor offers earth, citrus, and tropical fruit when put in a joint or bowl.

At first, when I inhaled, I notice awesome fruity, fresh notes. The myrcene's mango taste is evident, and a key reason for the deliciousness. Oranges were also brought to mind after my taste buds reacted to the thick, warm smoke of Wonder Dawg, and the sweet tones at the back end are best described as passion fruit.

Effect 4/5
Wonder Dawg's euphoria hit me only after my smoke session was completed. At least, that is when I realized the entirety of the effects from the high.

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At first, I felt stress fade from my mind, and then my neck and shoulders relaxed in response. My peace steadily increased, and pain and discomfort that I had in my back and legs disappeared.

In the end, Wonder Dawg left me chill and ready for bed.

Wonder Dawg is a saccharine, indica-dominant hybrid, best for use in the daytime and evening.

The sedating effects of Wonder Dawg's myrcene may help treat pain, stress, and inflammation, and the presence of limonene may reduce stress and bring joy. There is also a steady presence of caryophyllene, which can treat gastrointestinal disease.

Wonder Dawg's 19.79% THC should not be overwhelming for beginner smokers, but may leave a sinsemilla sensei desiring a bit more of a high.

This was my first experience with the Wonder Dawg strain, and I enjoyed the smooth smoke with a relaxing high, although, I expected the taste to be more pronounced and the high to have more potency.

I was surprised by the delicious blend of tropical, citrus, and sweets. The aroma was, without a doubt, the highlight of this product, and the high is perfect for chilling out. Shoutout to Curaleaf for its new transition and amazing discounts!

1736 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: (702) 727 - 3187
Hours: Daily 9AM - 3AM


Usually, I only find myself at the dispensary when my weed stash is dry, but on this day, I received special correspondence from Curaleaf via a text message about huge discounts on products that inspired me to visit.

I didn't even get the opportunity to open the door, because a staff member opened it for me. Such hospitality was refreshing at a Las Vegas establishment in close proximity to the Main Vegas Strip.

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I was welcomed by a very energized and flamboyant receptionist. He asked how I was doing and informed me that I had 488 loyalty points.

I was welcomed into the retail space by a familiar face. Brianna was my consulting budtender on this particular visit, and when I noticed her pin on her lanyard, I was reminded of when we first met. It was during her first week employed, and she helped me browse the menu while I waited in line.

This day, Brianna was hooking me up with the special deal for an eighth of Wonder Dawg for only $20, from cannabis producer Secret Garden.

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