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Strain: LA OG - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Producer: Willie's Reserve

Contributor: Jeremy “Bearded Guy” Johnson



It is a very vivid shade of bright green 60%
It's a rich pine aroma that has undertones of blackberry and fresh earth 80%
The pine and berry scent comes through very strongly in the taste 80%
It makes my eyes very red, and my eyelids droop 80%


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Product price: $15 for 1G

LA OG is an indica-dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing LA Confidential and OG Kush, LA Kush is known for being a very strong indica-dominant hybrid. It has some nice mind elevating effects as well as a really nice relaxing body buzz. LA OG gained notoriety in the Los Angeles medical marijuana community.

Appearance 3/5
This batch of LA OG is much drier than I prefer my cannabis to be. It is a very vivid shade of bright green. The milky white trichomes are caked all over each bud, and they sparkle like tiny diamonds in the light. There are three buds in my gram bag. The turn to dust with the slightest touch. The color of each bud is very pretty; they are just crunchy.

Aroma 4/5
LA OG Is a very musty smelling strain. It has a very rich pine scent. It's a rich pine aroma that has undertones of blackberry and fresh earth. The smell is a rich floral pine scent that almost makes me sneeze. It's a unique mixture of berries, pine, and sugar scent. The musky aroma has coffee and caramel highlights. The blackberry and pine are the most prominent scents. The smell is very refreshing.

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Taste 4/5
The pine and berry scent comes through very strongly in the taste of LA OG. The smoke itself is very rich. It gets sweeter with each hit. It tastes like I am smoking a pine cone covered in minced blackberries and caramel. The flavor is very rich, just like the scent. The flavor is tart like lemonade but sweet on the exhale. There is absolutely no burning in my chest upon exhale.

Effect 4/5
The effect of LA OG is very heavy. It makes my eyes very red, and my eyelids droop. LA OG made my mouth very dry. The body high from LA OG is very strong. It's a euphoric high that gives my body a nice buzzing warmness. My body was very relaxed, and my mind was alert. LA OG put me in a very relaxed and positive state of mind. LA OG was relaxingly pleasant.

LA OG is a strain I would recommend for cannabis users who want to relax, but they still want to be able to focus. This is a great strain for pain relief that doesn't make the user want to go to sleep. Being relaxed and still being able to focus on a project is a nice feeling. LA OG is awesome for relieving stress.

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Curaleaf is also called Blackjack Collective. Curaleaf has shops in 10 different states. They have 50 stores in total. Blackjack Collective is the only store in the Silver State. Curaleaf is a vertically integrated company. They cultivate, process, and sell some of their own products. Curaleaf is one of the only dispensaries that sits on Las Vegas Blvd. The store is kind of ominous-looking from the outside. The exterior walls are all covered in slightly rusted steel and concrete. It gives the building a very industrial look. The parking lot has plenty of parking. One inside the front door, I notice a huge neon sign on the wall. It says Blackjack Collective in bright glowing neon letters. The front office is very clean, and I was checked in without waiting. The showroom is very dimly lit, and the display cases have all the products under bright lights. I went up to the counter with no wait at all. My budtender told me about the specials for the day, as well as a couple of her favorites. She was friendly, but not pushy. She was nice enough to explain the rewards program and let me know how many points I had earned. I asked about the Willies Reserves strains. She said she liked the LA OG because its a strong indica. I have been wanting to try some of the redheaded strangers weed, so I bought a gram of the LA OG.

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