Apple Cobbler pre-roll 2 pack

Strain: Hybrid

Producer: Green Water Farms

Contributor: Ganja Gangsta



Apple Cobbler shredded flower 50%
A very faint herbal smell 60%
Tart, and bittersweet flavors 60%
I am peaceful, and I feel grounded 80%

Green Water Farms: Apple Cobbler pre-roll 2 pack - Hybrid - 1g for $12
THC: 17.11%

Terpene Profile
Limonene: 0.98 mg/g
Caryophyllene: 1.83 mg/g
Myrcene: 0.39 mg/g

The Cannabis Hybrid Apple Cobbler Strain is produced from the cross of Indica Blue Moonshine and Hybrid Sour Apple. This dank desert strain offers an aroma and taste similar to fruit with bitter hints. The high from Apple Cobbler is described as mellow because it is able to soothe the mind and body, without intense psychoactive effects.

Appearance 2.5/5
Apple Cobbler shredded flower is predominantly yellow green with flecks of purple in the calyx and bright orange pistils. The crumpled asymmetrical twist of the two doobies makes me believe these joints rolled my human digits. Element branded cones were used for the construction of this Hybrid 2 pack from Green Water Farms. I was extremely disappointed to see parts of the Apple Cobbler stems when I dumped out some shake for examination. The green transparent child proof tube has the lab results printed on the exterior.

Aroma 3/5
A very faint herbal smell reaches my nostrils when I pop the cap of the Green Water Farms tube and sniff around the opening. Sweet tones from the .98 mg/g of Limonene and .39 ng/g of Myrcene in these Hybrid joints please my snout. I believe the Myrcene may also have something to do with the earthiness of the scent. The 1.83 mg/g of Caryophyllene adds a pleasant spiced aroma to Apple Cobbler's cannabis cologne.

Taste 3/5
When I inhale one of the Green Water Farms Apple Cobbler .5g joints the faint fruit tones remind me of bland apple crisps. The 1.83 mg/g of Caryophyllene create sweet spiced notes similar to cinnamon. These two flavors blended together do offer the sweet, tart, and bittersweet flavors one may expire depending when eating an apple cobbler dessert. Ultimately, the flavors are muted by the Apple Cobbler pre-roll 2 pack from Green Water Farms because of the low terpene counts displayed in the lab test results.

Effect 4/5
Apple Cobbler’s Hybrid high gives me a weighted feeling. I smoked the two .5g pre-rolls in separate sessions. I am peaceful, and I feel grounded because of this Hybrid pre-roll’s relaxing effects. The Myrcene and Caryophyllene in this product have pain reliever and anti inflammation properties. I'm not ready to go to bed even though I feel super chill. The final terpene, Limonene, provides uplifting qualities to Green Water Farms Apple Cobbler pre-roll 2 pack.

Product price: $12 for 1g



Green Water Farms Apple Cobbler pre-roll is a great product for new cannabis consumers because its low THC percentage and terpene profile translate into very mild effects. This product is ideal to use before social gatherings because of its ability to boost confidence by relieving anxiety, pain, inflammation, and stress.

The muted flavor, aroma, and mild effects are just what I expected from Green Water Farms Apple Cobbler pre-roll 2 pack considering its below average THC percentage and minimal terpene profile. Still the doobies were able to provide a high that enhanced my walk around Downtown Las Vegas during the COVID-19 Virus quarantine.

2244 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number:(702) 209 - 2400
Hours:  Daily 9AM - 12 AM

The customer service on my last visit to the Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary was piss poor. Therefore, I've taken a very extensive break from visiting the dispensary at 2244 Paradise Road.

This cannabis marketplace is located on an unsavory corner, although the spot is ideal if one has the munchies. Near the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara surrounded by McDonalds, Subway, and a bar, one can find the Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary. Due to the experience of my first visit, I was prepared to be approached by vagabond and panhandlers requesting charity. A tent and barricade indicated the proper pathway to enter the building. I pressed the button, and was informed by a bodiless voice that I would have to wait a few minutes because the queue indoors was full. One more person joined me in line until before the intercom was buzzed, and I was beckoned to enter.

The receptionist checked my driver’s license before allowing me through another door, which led to the waiting lobby of Las Vegas Releaf. The clerk informed me to wait on the footsteps printed on the floor, and follow the marked path in front of me when the person ahead stepped forward. I was approached by a patient consultant holding a menu while I was waiting in line. The budtender recorded the desired goods I wished to purchase on a piece of paper, so that I may show the staff at the point of sale. This process was an effective design to increase the steady flow of traffic.In the end, I purchased a 1 gram pre-roll 2 pack of Hybrid Apple Cobbler, produced by Green Water Farms, for $12.

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