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Blue Dream Motivator Infused Pre-Roll

Strain: Hybrid

Producer: Cannavative

Contributor: Akil Evans

Blue Dream Motivator Shake
Blue Dream Motivator Flower Exposed
Blue Dream Motivator Preroll
Blue Dream Motivator Inside Container
Blue Dream Motivator Capsule


Preroll was hand-rolled 100%
Warm earthy scent with a hint of sweet herbal notes 80%
Peppery notes that sizzle on my throat and nostrils 80%
I found my inner peace and inner child on this high 100%


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Product price: $23.00

Cannavative - Blue Dream Motivator Infused Preroll- Hybrid - 1g Preroll
THC: 49.55% THCa: 553.3mg/pkg CBGa: 9.7mg/pkg
CBD: 00.12% THCd9: 10.2mg/pkg CBG: 1.1mg/pkg
CBN: 00.00% CBDa: 1.4mg/pkg

𝛃-Caryophyllene: 5.3mg/pkg
𝛃-Pinene: 5mg/pkg
𝞪-Pinene: 1.5mg/pkg
Myrcene: 0.9mg/pkg
Humulene: 0.9mg/pkg
Limonene: 0.8mg/pkg
Bisabolol: 0.7mg/pkg
Linalool: 0.7mg/pkg

Blue Dream’s hybrid properties solidified its place in my heart about eight years ago when I first began my cannabis career. Blue Dream is birthed from the cross of Blueberry and Haze, and in 2015, BDA Analytics published results claiming that Blue Dream was the number one selling strain in Washington and Colorado! Traditionally THC varies around 15% in the Blue Dream Strain, but Cannavative’s Blue Dream Motivator Preroll is infused with .2g of honeycomb concentrate to boost the THC percentage to 49.55%! Blue Dream plants can grow over 78 inches with a flowering stage lasting ten to twelve weeks that may yield several to six ounces per square foot. The high percentage of caryophyllene suggests that the Blue Dream preroll will leave me in euphoria and leave my pain behind.

Appearance 5/5
The solid black capsule housing my Cannavative Blue Dream Motivator preroll has a childproof lock and a warning to keep out of reach from children. The label with attached lab results catalogs eight terpenes. I rarely see more than three terpenes on other cannabis products in Las Vegas. I believe my preroll was hand-rolled because a robot could not twist the joint paper at the end in such a fashion. The translucent white paper allows a peek in the green and orange shades of flower and concentrate in the joint. The loose flower is lacking seeds and stems but full of golden caramel boogers of wax. I’m reminded of moss when I view the fuzzy yellow-green powdered flower.

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Aroma 4/5
Blue Dream’s stench is powerful enough for my nose to gather the smell of Blue Dream without removing the preroll from the container. I receive a warm earthy scent with a hint of sweet herbal notes. I remove the joint from the tube with my index finger and thumb and twist it under my nose like I’m curling a fancy mustache. This action allows me to inhale cloves, spices, and pine. After I sparked the Motivator Preroll the incense was that of a clean-burning tree

Taste 4/5
From the rip, the 𝛃-caryophyllene is tasted in Blue Dream’s fog. The entire smoke session is filled with peppery notes that sizzle on my throat and nostrils.
The smoke is mildly sour when I first start inhaling on my Blue Dream Motivator Preroll. But the tart sensation is very brief and transforms into a taste I have never encountered. The flavor reminds me of something man-made and plastic. For example, the taste of an athletic mouthguard.

Effect 5/5
Wow! I can’t remember the last time I have been this faded. The Cannavative Blue Dream Motivator Pre Rolls combination of flower and concentrate is almost as potent as a dab. I found my inner peace and inner child on this high. I felt pure joy and endless excitement. I was laughing so hard and often that I woke up with a six-pack the next day. I felt a pulsing energy radiating throughout my body from my heartbeat. My chest felt light, and my body was lounging in the clouds.

I selected Cannavative Blue Dream Motivator Infused Preroll because Blue Dream is very special to my cannabis career. In my rookie year, when I started smoking in college, Blue Dream was frequently in my bowl. I always remember being surrounded by great company with chill music at new heights from Blue Dream. This high gave me the nostalgia I was seeking by conjuring up memories long forgotten but so crucial to the weed warrior I have become. Sade tells the truth when she sings it’s never as good as the first time, but this time was very close. Shoutout to Essence for delivering the dank and congratulations to Zulema for being recognized for her professionalism at the 2019 Las Vegas Budtender Awards!


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