Silver Mountain #2

Strain: Silver Mountain #2 - Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Producer: Desert Grown Farms

Contributor name: Akil Evans

Silver Mountain#2Flower
Silver Mountain #2
Silver Mountain #2 Bud
Silver Mountain #2 Inside Jar
Silver Mountain #2 Container
Silver Mountain #2 Unsealed


Most beautiful cured flower 100%
A fresh and sweet herbal cologne rushes to my nose after I untwist the jar 80%
Supplies delicious flavor with a smooth smoke 100%
Elevated to a beautiful view just after a few puffs of this dope stuff. 100%
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Product price: $15.50

Dominant - 1g Flower
THC: 27.24%
CBD: 00.00%
CBN: 00.00%

Ocimene: 4.18mg/g
Terpinolene: 2.64mg/g
𝛃-Myrcene: 2.02mg/g

Appearance 5/5
Silver Mountain #2 may be some of the most beautiful cured flower I've ever purchased from a dispensary. Two mountainous nuggets equal a full gram. The largest bud has a wide base and narrow peak and can even stand up by itself like a summit.
Bronze pistils curl around every crevice of the flower and saturate Silver Mountain's hue with an orange tone. Sparkling white trichomes densely cover the calyx, stems, and sugar leaves. The miniature triangular sugar leaves are difficult to distinguish from the rest of the flower.

Aroma 4/5
A fresh and sweet herbal cologne rushes to my nose after I untwist the jar. The light wood aroma has a tropical appeal. Silver Mountain #2 fumes remind me of walking down the produce aisle of a grocery store.
Tropical fruity tones are most prominent in Silver Mountain # 2's aroma. The fruit smell is easily distinguishable without being excessive. The flower's aroma reminds me of citrus-flavored Trident chewing gum. The sweet smells fade into a faint chemical odor.

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Taste 5/5
Mhmmm, this Silver Mountain #2 supplies delicious flavor with a smooth smoke. As I inhale the vapors, my tongue is treated to honeyed herbal notes. The smoke offers a complex combination of floral and fruity taste. Basil, parsley, mint, and similar plants are brought to mind with I try to describe the taste. Floral is the best way to describe the Silver Mountain #2 flavor. There is a nice dollop of sugar left on the tip of my tongue after the botanical notes dissipate.

Effect 5/5
The high from Silver Mountain #2 makes it do what it do. I was elevated to a beautiful view just after a few puffs of this dope stuff. Silver Mountain #2 brings me a joyful experience with an elevated sense of humor. The vapors develop into an "everything's better when you're high" sensation. My focus has increased, and my stress levels plummeted before I even finished my tasting session. My creative juices started flowing like Niagara Falls.

Desert Grown Farms Silver Mountain #2 THC content of 27.24% is too high for first-time cannabis users, in my opinion. Beginners should use moderation when consuming this strain and restrict its use to daytime because of its energizing effects. Seasoned smokers will savor the tropical plant aroma and saccharine woody flavor in addition to a happy high. Silver Mountain #2 may be able to relieve depression and lethargy while increasing mental capacity to focus and problem solve.

2307 S. Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 978-7591
Hours: Open 10 AM to 3 AM Daily

I bask in the neon green light cast from the Essence Cannabis Dispensary building sign and reflect on the beauty of the night in the silver state as the warm desert air is enhanced by a rare gentle breeze. Living in Vegas has strengthened my immunity to the glitz and glam that attracts visitors from all around the globe. Still, Essence’s location on the Las Vegas Strip and the glimmer of the cathode gas tubes reminds me that living in Las Vegas is a privilege. Before I entered the dispensary lobby, I am greeted by a security guard with an infectious, positive attitude. I barely waited a minute in line before I talked with Gabriel, the receptionist. Gabriel was very kind and quickly informed me that I had 315 loyalty points, and then I was directed into the retail space.

I withdrew my notes before talking with a budtender in order to locate my desired products in the dispensary. But I was approached by a familiar face before I could gather my wish list. Zulema, the patient consultant that assisted me on my first trip to Essence, offered to assist me while I rummaged through my research! We sat down at a consulting desk, and Zulema informed me that she just won the CBD Award at the Las Vegas 2019 Budtender awards. I was not surprised considering the outstanding knowledge and patience she displayed on my first visit to Essence.

Although the Blue Frost flower I desired from Desert Grown Farms was sold out, I was able to procure a gram of Silver Mountain #2 flower, and a Cannavative Blue Dream Motivator Infused Preroll. I utilized the ATM in the retail space and sat comfortably until Zulema returned with the dank. Essence’s display, staff, and order of service provide a professional cannabis shopping experience that caters to guests’ tolerance, symptoms, and preferences.

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