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Cinnamon Cereal Treat – 2pk/100mg

Strain: Cinnamon Cereal Treat – 2pk/100mg - Indica

Producer: Evergreen Organix

Contributor: Akil Evans



This beautiful breakfast treat is mouthwatering 100%
The sweet and cinnamony aroma 100%
Every single bite is bursting with cinnamon, sugar, and cannabis 100%
The high lasts well over two hours and had me faded on the couch 100%
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Product price: $20
Evergreen Organix - Cinnamon Cereal Treat 2pk/100mg/2ct
THC/Package: 111.1085mg
Serving Size: 1/10 Cereal Treat at 11.1085 THC/Serving
Net Weight: ~65g
No terpenes were detected in lab testing of this product.

Evergreen Organix (EVO) is a superior cannabis producer in Las Vegas because of its quality control standards and culinary expertise. They expertly combine Rice Krispies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, marshmallow, and hydrocarbon extracted cannabis concentrate in this Cinnamon Cereal Treat edible.

I have had the opportunity to witness the Evergreen Organix chefs at work in the kitchen, and it moved my heart to observe their attention to detail.

After consumption, the effects of edibles are delayed 30 minutes to an hour, depending on one’s body composition.

Appearance 5/5
This beautiful breakfast treat is mouthwatering, to say the least (with a watering mouth). If it were not sealed in this package, and instead delivered to me on a plate, I might have believed it was created today if the waiter told me it was.

It’s sweet sticky texture is different than that of dank nugs, but just as ooey gooey, and the treat is handcrafted and pre-sliced into ten pieces, each being one suggested serving size (spoiler alert… I ate more than suggested).

Aroma 5/5
The sweet and cinnamony aroma excited me and reminded me of eating cereal for breakfast. The edible marshmallow adhesive that holds the sugary grains together exudes an equally candied perfume.

The smell is identical to the milk and cereal version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treat Bars, or Rice Krispies Treats.

First, your nose is treated to the spicy notes of cinnamon, and next, the smell changes into sugary baked goods, followed by the final aroma, which is a fluffy marshmallow scent.

Taste 5/5
Every single bite is bursting with cinnamon, sugar, and cannabis, as a result of the meticulous preparation of portions by the Evergreen Organix kitchen.

The unique flavor of cinnamon was the first taste to hit my taste buds when I sank my teeth into this treat. My tongue relished the candied flavor of malt, sugar, butter, and marshmallow cream.

The texture is both crunchy and chewy, and the taste of cannabis is prevalent throughout the entire treat.

Effect 5/5
Within the first 30-to-40 minutes of consuming 9/10ths of the entire Cinnamon Cereal Treat, I began to feel slightly relaxed. An hour and a half later, I began to feel the pure potency of EVO’s edibles. It gave me an incredible physical euphoria and activated maximum chill mode.

The high lasts well over two hours and had me faded on the couch. The most overwhelming couch-locking effects ended after the third hour, though I still felt the haze and slow motion high from this product nearly five hours later.

I recommend that beginner cannabis consumers follow the serving size suggestions for this product. Be advised that the flavor may be addicting, so you might want to reach for Evergreen’s 20mg treat to be safe.

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Recreational users will enjoy the exquisite blend of high-quality cannabis concentrate and creamy marshmallow cereal snacks. The high from this edible is ideal for becoming a couch potato for a movie marathon or video game session.

Medical patients may use EVO’s Cinnamon Cereal Treat to treat physical pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. This product is especially appealing if one cannot smoke, or refrains from smoking cannabis. It should be noted that if you have a gluten or dairy allergy, or a vegetarian or vegan diet, this product is not for you.

All I could say was, “Whoa!” when I first opened the seal of my treat and the sweet and spicy dank scent filled my room. The treat is marvelously delectable, and my discipline was tested when I convinced myself I would not consume it in one sitting.

I have enjoyed Evergreen Organix’ gummies, cookies, chocolate, and fruit chews, but the Cinnamon Cereal Treat is on my list for edibles in Las Vegas.

823 S. 3rd Street Las Vegas,
NV 89101
Phone number: (702) 527-7685
Hours: Dispensary Monday - Sunday: 10am - Midnight
Cannabis Delivery Monday - Sunday 10am - 11:15pm

MedMen (Arts District)

Although I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I love living in Las Vegas. I am proud to call Nevada my home because of the entertainment, culture, career opportunities, and recreational cannabis!

Las Vegas locals aren’t the only ones who cherish the Silver State’s appeal, and as a result, Las Vegas is a prime international tourist destination.

In my circle of cannabis connoisseurs, we often divide Las Vegas dispensaries into two categories: franchises that cater to tourist tastes, and small independent dispensaries that spoil locals. When I visit the MedMen location in Downtown Las Vegas I am able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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They have a broad selection of premium products, the budtenders know my name, and I receive a local discount.

Currently, there is not a designated parking lot for this MedMen location, but street parking comes pretty easy or you can receive a free pedicab ride from the Downtown Las Vegas area.

Pressing the door buzzer grants one entry into the red painted MedMen building, and to proceed to the dispensary retail area you need legal identification, such as a driver’s license.

On this visit, I talked with a new budtender that was an old friend and smoking buddy, Cristina.  She happily guided me around MedMen and allowed me to view, and even smell cannabis products, utilizing MedMen’s DIY display cases.

Multiple monitors displayed the menu options, and tablets stationed at most of the merchandise displays allow curious shoppers to view strain, cannabinoid, terpene, and producer information with no need for budtender assistance.

After taking in the sights and smells with my buddha buddy Cristina, I purchased a 100mg Cinnamon Cereal Treat from Evergreen Organix and a 1g Durban Poison Motivate pre-roll produced by Cannavative, the former is what I’ll be reviewing for LV Cannabis Reviews.

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