Cold Creek Kush Pre-roll 1g

Strain: Cold Creek Kush Pre-roll 1g - Hybrid

Producer: Prime

Contributor: Akil Evans



The Cold Creek Kush full-gram pre-roll is cleverly compartmented 80%
Noticeable in the flower by its musky and fruity flavor 80%
Bittersweet flavors 100%
Found myself absent of any negative thoughts and zoning out 80%

Product price: $15

Prime – Cold Creek Kush (pre-roll) 1gram – Hybrid
THC: 27.82 %

Myrcene: 6.68 mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 2.45 mg/g
Pinene: 1.63 mg/g

Prime is a Nevada-based cannabis producer, and its Cold Creek Kush is an indica-dominant cannabis strain. MK Ultra and Chem Dawg were crossed by Prime to produce a pain-relieving hybrid worthy of recognition.

MK Ultra is named after the MK Ultra CIA project that is widely believed to be focused on mind control. MK Ultra (the strain) won 1st Place for Best Indica in 2003, and 2nd Place for Best Indica in 2004 at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The other parent strain of Cold Creek Kush, Chemdawg, is a classic sativa strain known the world around. Chemdawg has mysterious origins and I’ve even heard a rumor that it originates from Nepalese and Thai sativa strains, but most signs point to Chemdawg’s lineage coming from OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

TH Seeds produced a Cold Creek Kush strain that won 2nd Place for Best Indica at the 2010 Cannabis Cup Awards, and the strain is recognized for its ability to relieve chronic pain, lethargy, and depression.

Appearance 4/5
The Cold Creek Kush full-gram pre-roll is cleverly compartmented into a scientific-looking flat test tube and capped with a cork. There is also a transparent label on the test tube attached to the container and displaying Cold Creek Kush’s lab results.

A white, translucent paper wrap allows smokers to see the shredded flower, and a Prime-branded filter is used to complete the pre-roll.

Untwisting the Cold Creek Kush pre-roll top released the finely ground, forest green flower that has flecks of lime green on the sugar leaves and dismantled calyx. The pistils display a dark brown hue that is almost purple under bright light.

Aroma 4/5
I removed the cork top from my Prime test tube to gather the Cold Creek Kush cologne in my nostrils. The myrcene is noticeable in the flower by its musky and fruity flavor that reminded me of dried tropical fruit.

In the same way, bitter and dry scents come from Cold Creek Kush because of the abundance of 𝛃-Caryophyllene in the flower’s profile, and the most dominant scent from the flower reminded me of cloves, cotton, and spices.

Taste 5/5
From the moment I put the pre-roll filter to my lips and inhaled, I was treated to bittersweet flavors. I inhaled the vapors and was met with a flavor that reminded me of a flower-based perfume.

Some aspect of the Cold Creek Kush smoke reminded me of the moments I accidentally got soap or shampoo in my mouth while showering, but there was a delicious surprise I discovered during my tasting session of this herb: the distinct flavor of cinnamon arrives just when the bitterness spikes.

Effect 4/5
The indica properties of Cold Creek Kush are realized after smoking about 1/3rd of the pre-roll. I found myself absent of any negative thoughts and zoning out, and my breath became more evenly paced and focused in my core, giving me a very peaceful disposition.

The smoke delivered a relaxing Zen that soothed all physical discomfort. Maximum chill mode is activated with this strain, even to the point where I began to feel a bit drowsy about 30 minutes after I completed my smoke session.

Prime’s Cold Creek Kush 1g pre-roll is the ideal product for a late-night smoke session. Beginner smokers may be able to enjoy the product, but I advise caution. If one has serious plans for his or her day, then I don’t recommend consuming the entire product in one session.

Seasoned smokers will enjoy the even-burning pre-roll during the smoke session. Similarly, the relieving terpene profile delivers a spicy, flavorful smoke.

On a treatment note, Cold Creek Kush may be utilized to combat pain, stress, depression, and insomnia.

Prime is beginning to earn my respect as a reputable cannabis producer in Las Vegas because of the quality of my Cold Creek Kush pre-roll. Not only did it burn smoothly with white ash, but it also contained wonderful flavors of cinnamon and other spices. In addition, Las Vegas Releaf budtenders always deliver quality service!


2244 Paradise Road,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 209 – 2400
Hours: Daily 9AM – 12AM

Las Vegas Releaf

It was a dark night under the neon lights in the meadows of the desert when I pulled up on Subway―I mean Las Vegas Releaf. On my first trip to the dispensary, I found myself at the entrance of the fast-food submarine restaurant while attempting to enter the dispensary because the two businesses share the same building.

On this visit, I noticed that the entire building is branded with Las Vegas Releaf pink and green flashing tiles, and even before I could press the buzzer on the door, I was allowed in by the security guard stationed outside.

My first trip to Releaf left a bit to be desired, but on this visit, I was treated with true hospitality by the receptionist and the staff in the lobby. I reviewed a physical copy of the dispensary menu during my brief time in the waiting room then proceeded inside.

This brightly illuminated area had a men’s and women’s restroom and plenty of multicolored chairs. In the walkway connecting the salle d’attente and retail area is a Two Roots Brewery cannabis beer station, the world’s first “cannabeer” (not the first can-of-beer, though).

As soon as I entered the dispensary retail area, the budtender, Austin, beckoned me to his space at the counter. After we engaged in some pleasantries, Austin requested my order.

My purpose for this visit was to acquire a 1g pre-roll of Cold Creek Kush, produced by Prime. Prime had impressed me on my previous visit and convinced me to give their pre-rolls a trial session and review.

Austin hooked me up quickly, and I only paid $15 for the gram pre-roll!

2244 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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