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Citral Glue

Strain: Citral Glue

Producer: Greenleaf Wellness

Contributor: Missy Matheny

Mojave Greenleaf Enterprises Citral Glue Review November 2019 Greenleaf Wellness Dispensary
Mojave Greenleaf Enterprises Citral Glue Review November 2019 Greenleaf Wellness Dispensary
Mojave Greenleaf Enterprises Citral Glue Review November 2019 Greenleaf Wellness Dispensary


A light fern green, covered with dark orange hairs 90%
Citrus smell and flavor 100%
Almost like the old-fashioned Lemon Head candies. 100%
I felt my head lighten up. My muscles relaxed a bit 90%


Ad description 0%
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Citral Glue 23.99% THC.
Citral Glue is a cross between Citral Skunk, and the Original Glue, bred by Ethos Genetics. It can range in aroma from a diesel smell, to a citrus, to a strong skunky fragrance. It was harvested at the end of July of this year and well cured.

Appearance 4.5/5
A light fern green, covered with dark orange hairs and dusted with crystals like it was gently rolled in sugar. The buds are crispy and sticky, but very dense. Grinding was unnecessary as the buds easily broke apart with my fingers. This strain didn’t particularly stand out from the other buds by looks, but it’s beautiful, nonetheless. The light color wouldn’t have caught my attention, but the dark orange hairs stand out in beautiful contrast to the fern color of the rest of the buds.

Aroma 5/5
The name of this strain alludes to a citrus smell and flavor. I was expecting an orange fragrance, especially with the dark orange hairs covering the buds. Instead, I was delighted to be met with a sweet smell of lemons. Like standing in a lemon grove, with the fruit ripening on the trees all around. Not overpowering, just strong enough to tease the senses with a sweet, inviting aroma.

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Taste 5/5
I was even more delighted to find the lovely lemon fragrance transferred to a light taste of lemons when I smoked the buds. Almost like the old-fashioned Lemon Head candies. A lot of times, I’ve found that the smell and taste can be drastically different. Not Citral Glue. Not only did the citrus taste come through while smoking the buds, it wasn’t harsh at all, making each bowl a delight. This delicious flavor, paired with the lack of harshness when burning, made smoking more inviting.

Effect 4.5/5
After blazing just a couple hits, I felt my head lighten up. My muscles relaxed a bit, relieving my neck tension. CitraI Glue is definitely a sativa-dominant hybrid. Although I felt it throughout my body and my mind, I was still alert and ready to go do something. I was able to focus on what I was doing, as the distractions of the day around me faded. I also had a small perma-grin and a general sense of well-being. The effects weren’t long-lasting, though. I found myself packing another bowl faster than I would with other strains.

I feel this strain is great for a wake and bake that doesn’t make the user feel tired, users looking to smoke for creativity, light muscle relaxation, mood elevation, light head effects, and physically active users. A great strain for both medical and recreational users. A lovely daytime sativa hybrid.
Sweet smelling, dense, sticky, and flavorful. I found this strain to be great for my daytime activities. It paired nicely with my morning coffee and helped my body relax with my morning stretching. I couldn’t get enough of the smell of the buds, and the taste was just as delightful. The buds didn’t stand out in appearance, and the effect was semi short-lived. However, it wasn’t harsh at all, and tasted so sweet, smoking more was easy.

1730 Glendale Ave,
Sparks Nevada
Phone number: (775)470-5255
Hours: Mon-Wed 8am-8pm Thur-Sat 8am-9pm Sun 8a-7p

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Greenleaf wellness is located across from Baldini’s Casino, on Glendale Ave. They have been open since dispensaries only served medical customers, and recently remodeled. The wall that used to separate the clients from the bud counter has been removed. Now when I walk in, I don’t feel like I’m waiting in a doctor’s office. I can openly see the employees, the buds behind the counter, and a nice person greets me right inside the door to check my ID. It’s still a smaller shop, but they don’t lack in the variety of products they offer. From drinks, edibles, oils, wax, vape pens, and of course, strains of flower. They are in an older building, but the inside looks new and clean. The parking lot is older as well, and parking can be limited at peak times. I recommend going earlier in the day if possible.

The staff was friendly, answered my questions without hesitation, and offered honest recommendations based not only on their personal experience but also from what other customers had reported back to them on specific strains. They seem to genuinely know their products. I didn’t feel rushed at all, but I was in and out with my purchase in less than 5 minutes. They also offer a rewards program, with rewards points redeemable for edibles, vapes, and flower. It’s a great program for even the most casual of customers.

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