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Strain: Shrieker

Producer: Cannavative

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



Weed, is olive-green and flecked with bits of brown 100%
Shrieker’s aroma makes me hungry. 80%
It tastes like charred wood mixed 80%
The effect is strong and sudden 100%
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Cannavative’s Shrieker Motivator infused pre-roll contains 58% THC. It’s not a staggeringly high number in 2019, but it’s enough to whet my appetite. The pre-roll is infused with 0.2g of honeycomb. Cannavative is a solid grower. I’ve had enough satisfaction with their brand to seek it out when I visit dispensaries.
Product price: $25

Appearance 5/5
Simply put, the weed is stunning. It’s an odd descriptor to apply to ground flower and a few drops of honeycomb, but it’s true. Once you start looking at cannabis with a connoisseur’s eyes, you can easily identify Shrieker as a superior strain. The bits of honeycomb are a soft, orangey-yellow color. The shade reminds me of a summer sunset. The ground-up weed, meanwhile, is olive-green and flecked with bits of brown.

Aroma 4/5
Mmm. Shrieker’s aroma makes me hungry. There’s something earthy and natural about it that makes me want to down a big glass of milk or dig into a hearty steak. It’s spicy and musky at the same time. The flower smells so strong the entire room stank before I smoked a single bowl. The aroma comes entirely from the weed, the honeycomb doesn’t have much of a scent. Terpenes are often destroyed during the concentrate process, so this is typical.

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Taste 4/5
Shrieker smoke tastes surprisingly light. Holding the smoke in my mouth let me experience the various complexities in the flavor. Because the smoke is so smooth, I could let it linger without descending into a coughing fit. It tastes like charred wood mixed with an indescribable, slightly artificial flavor. This strange note at the end is why Shrieker doesn’t deserve 5-stars. It’s too incongruent. The woody taste is so fresh and earthy that the artificial taste ruins it.

Effect 5/5
Can I please smoke this every day? Who needs work, school, or anything else while you have a Shrieker Motivator to smoke. Out of all of the Cannavative products that I’ve tried, this is one of my favorites. The effect is strong and sudden. I smoked a puff before going to the grocery store (don’t worry, I didn’t drive), and it made the experience 10x more awesome than it naturally would be. Everything looked appetizing. I couldn’t stop giggling to myself like a madwoman.

Shrieker is a hybrid strain. Do what you want with it! For me, it enhances the good parts of whatever mood I’m already in. If I feel glum and sleepy, smoking Shrieker weakens the sense of glumness but heightens my need for sleep. This pre-roll might be too strong for inexperienced smokers.

Address: 4503 Paradise Rd suite 210-240,
Las Vegas, NV 89169
Phone number: (702) 405-8597
Hours: 12 a.m. - 12 a.m. daily

If you’re a tourist, it’s easy to make your way into MedMen. Of their three locations, one is a stone’s throw away from the Strip and one is Downtown. Half the taxis in town seem like they are advertising MedMen. The distinctive red-tinged ads make the dispensary look like an adult candy store.

I ended up at the “Strip” location. It’s inside a busy shopping plaza on Paradise Rd. I love coming here because I almost never have to wait. MedMen doesn’t bother with the silly waiting games I’m always complaining about at other dispensaries. The open floor plan means that you are free to roam the moment your ID is scanned. There are so many budtenders on the ground that it is easy to grab their attention.

I went straight to the pre-roll section. I felt like smoking but didn’t have my grinder or bong. MedMen’s menu is massive, so it takes a while to skim through the inventory. I saw pre-roll after pre-roll. You can look up specific THC and pricing information at the display case.

M budtender steered me toward Cannavative’s Motivator line. I’m a sucker for potent buds and these pre-rolls range from 28% to 75% THC. After the budtender takes your order, hang out until the cashier says your name. If you know exactly what you want and don’t feel like dealing with a crowd, submit your order online. It will be ready for you when you come in.

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