Dragon’s Breath Infused pre-roll

Strain: Indica

Producer: Fumeur

Contributor: Ganja Gangsta



The joint is wrapped in transparent white paper 80%
Indica pre-roll combines floral, herbal, and spicy tones 80%
Of floral citrus terpene provides sweet floral flavors 100%
cannabis oil and distillate provides an epic high with a quick onset and extended duration 90%

Fumeur: Dragon’s Breath Infused pre-roll – Indica – .5g for $12
THC: 34.54%
CBD: 00.47%

Cannabinoid Profile
THC𝚫: 237.54 mg/g
THCa: 137.15 mg/g
CBGa: 007.54 mg/g
CBG: 006.84 mg/g

Terpene Profile
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 3.74 mg/g
Linalool: 1.72 mg/g
𝛂-Humulene: 1.10 mg/g

Fumeur designates Dragon’s Breath as a Cannabis Indica product that will give sedation, tranquility, and stillness. However, some cannabis connoisseurs refer to it as a Hybrid or Sativa Dominant Hybrid because of its clear-headed effects. Sativa Jack Herer and Indica Northern Lights are crossed to create this earthy strain.

The joint is wrapped in transparent white paper and the filter is just as long as the weed. I see clumps of crumble that resemble boogers in the mix of chartreuse shredded powder. A plastic child proof stout tube secures the half gram joint of Dragon’s Breath. I would be able to view the joint through the transparent container if it were not for the extravagant purple Fumeur label. A Libra Wellness sticker is attached to the cylinder and includes relevant terpene and cannabinoid data.

Spicy and floral scents are vacuumed into my nose when I sniff around the open Fumeur container. The Dragon’s Breath Infused Indica pre-roll combines floral, herbal, and spicy tones to create an interesting cannabis cologne. When I sniff the Dragon’s Breath doobie directly I am exposed to the lovely aroma of Silk Road Spices. The 3.74 mg/g of spicy 𝛃-Caryophyllene blend nicely with the 1.72 mg/g of Floral Linalool and 1.10 mg/g of herbal Humulene.

Aww yeah! I expected spicy and earthy tastes from the Dragon’s Breath pre-roll because of its strong bittersweet smell. But I did not expect the delightful tart tones I experience as a result of the Linalool. In the same way the 1.72 mg/g of floral citrus terpene provides sweet floral flavors. Funky tones that remind me of the tropical fruitiness of Myrcene appear when I exhale. The warm and spicy feelings in my throat remind me of the sensations I feel when breathing fire.

Fumeur’s Indica infused half gram pre-roll creates a strong physically relaxing high worthy of the name Dragon’s Breath. The combination of premium cannabis oil and distillate provides an epic high with a quick onset and extended duration. The effects of this Indica infused doobie are very soothing and sedative. Still, I feel stimulated after I finish the concentrated cannabis pre-roll because the crumble. My body feels a little discombobulated, but it is a fun physical experience.

Product price: $13 for .5g

I recommend that only dragons and seasoned smokers consume this Dragon’s Breath Infused pre-roll produced by Fumeur. The effects of this Indica product are concentrated because crumble is mixed in with the flower. Fumeur suggests this body provides full body sedation, but I still was energized after smoking this doobie. I would consume this product any time of day to enhance my overall experience.

I chose this product purely on the Dragon’s Breath title, and I was not disappointed by this half gram Infused pre-roll aka Pocket Rocket. This draconic chronic provided groovy stimulation and mental relaxation. And the flavors and tones were the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.

2244 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number:(702) 209 – 2400
Hours:  (702) 209 – 2400

I’m proud to be a swaggin Doobie Dragon living in Las Vegas. The gift of flight, organic firepower, natural armor, and wisdom are few of blessings received when being born a dragon. Las Vegas’s arid climate and cloudless sky is beneficial for cold blooded organisms like me. Most importantly there is an abundance of essential dispensaries and services to obtain recreational or medicinal cannabis. Believe it or not, there are a few issues in my lifestyle as a Doobie Dragon living in Las Vegas.

Because I am such a rare breed it is difficult to find products catered to me. Unicorns are fantastical creatures that do not even exist! Yet, I have found Unicorn Cookie and even Unicorn Poop cannabis strains and products in the Las Vegas Market. Many strains are named after famous people of the past and present for example, Khalifa Kush, Jack Herer, and Dizzy Wright OG. So why are there no strains named after the great dragons like, Smaug, Falcor, and Bahamut? Despite what you heard, dragons’ lives matter!

The Fumeur Cannabis brand in Las Vegas recognizes Dragonkin with its production of the Indica Infused half gram pre-roll titled Dragon’s Breath! When I saw the Dragon’s Breath pre-roll listed on the Las Vegas Releaf online menu I immediately decided I would be shopping at 2244 Paradise Road. Thankfully, Las Vegas Releaf Dispensary is open daily 9 AM – Midnight so I could make an evening flight. I equipped my mandatory face mask when I landed in the parking lot. A limited number of guests were allowed into the facility to prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. In addition, there were foot prints printed on the floor to indicate the flow of traffic and proper social distance. The entire process was expedited by budtenders that recorded the orders of waiting guests before point of sale. In the end, I purchased my Dragon’s Breath doobie for $12.

2244 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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