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Fire Chem

Strain: Fire Chem - Even 50/50 Hybrid

Producer: Solaris

Contributor: Erik Sinica



Medium in size and a deep shade of green 40%
The aroma of Fire Chem is pungent 100%
AThe flavor of Fire Chem is extremely fuel-like 80%
I was relaxed but not sleepy 80%


Ad description 0%
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Product price: $25 for 3.5G

Fire Chem is an even hybrid. It was created by crossing Chemdawg with phenotype BX3 of Fire OG.
Fire Chem is known for having a very funky scent and flavor. It's a very gasoline-like scent. Chem Fire is a very uplifting strain that helps users who suffer from bouts of depression.

Appearance 2/5
The Fire Chem buds are medium in size and a deep shade of green. The buds are darker than most other strains. The buds are sparse and not as tight and dense as I feel they should be. These buds were trimmed okay, but the trimmer missed a few fan leaves here and there. The buds are just not very pretty. They are way too fluffy. The buds that were on display looked better than the ones in my bag. There just isn't much bag appeal with the Fire Chem.

Aroma 5/5
The aroma of Fire Chem is pungent. It smells like someone poured gasoline and rotten lemons on a dirty diaper then they lit it on fire. I mean that in a good way. It smells like baby poop. The fuel aroma is super powerful. It smells like rotten meat. It has undertones of earth and spices. The aroma tickles my nose. I really dig this scent. It's very unique.

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Taste 4/5
The flavor of Fire Chem is extremely fuel-like. It tastes like gasoline and lemons. The smoke is very light. It burns my throat a little but it doesn't really bother me. It tastes kind of like bacon grease with lemons mixed in. The aftertaste is like eating a piece of fresh lemons but it's not a sour, more spicy. The aftertaste is very enjoyable and sticks to my mouth. It's a tangy flavor.

Effect 4/5

The Chem Fire is a very evenly split head and body high. I felt awake but not jittery. I was relaxed but not sleepy. The mood elevation effect of Fire Chem is really uplifting. I was feeling kind of low before smoking a joint of Fire Chem. Fifteen minutes after smoking, I was in a much more positive start of mind. The head is strong but not making me panic. The body high soothes my aching feet. It did make my mouth very dry.

I would recommend FIre Chem for mid-day or late afternoon. Fire Chem is not a good bedtime strain because it can make the user's mind race, which can make it hard to fall asleep. Users that are depressed will like the uplifting mood elevation of this strain. The pain relief effect is nice too.

1800 S Industrial Rd #180,
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Telephone: 702-420-2405
Hours: Open 24 hours

Oasis Cannabis Dispensary is becoming one of my favorite Las Vegas Dispensaries. The store itself is smaller than a lot of the other dispensaries around Las Vegas, but they have quite a large selection. The inside of the store is all crisp white. There are waterfalls flowing on the walls that give the dispensary a very calming vibe. There is a Christmas tree in the corner with Cannabis related decorations all over it. Oasis offers a $25 eighth every day. The everyday prices are good, but the specials are very good. They were even offering three different strains of 1g prerolls for $5buck a piece today, The lady in the front of the store checked me in quick, and she was very nice. The showroom is tiny, but it's very clean and organized. There is so much white in the room, it feels like I entered cannabis heaven. The budtenders are all like cannabis angels helping lost stoners find the light.

There are several strains at $10.50 a gram, and the $25 eighth of the day is Fire Chem. My budtender and I have a conversation about how people always want the highest THC content and how a lot of people don't pay attention to the terpene levels. He explained some things to me about the different terpenes and their effects. I was very impressed by how much he knew about each terpene. I felt like he taught me a thing or two. It's nice to go to buy weed and learn something along the way.

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