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Sour Banana Sherbert

Strain: Sour Banana Sherbert - 50/50 even Hybrid

Producer: NLVO

Contributor: Jeremy Johnson



It's a medium shade of green 40%
It has a very faint fruity scent, similar to Banana OG 40%
There isn't much of a taste at all 20%
I felt a bit of a head high at first, but that was quickly followed by a slight headache 20%


Ad description 0%
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  • Oasis Cannabis Dispensary

Product price: $5 for 1G pre roll

Sour Banana Sherbert is an evenly split hybrid. It was created by Sour Diesel and Banana Sherbert. Sour Banana Sherbert tends to be a very tall plant, so a lot of the people who cultivate this strain practice various plant bending techniques. Sour Banana Sherbert is great for cannabis users who are prone to anxiety because it has a very calming effect.

Appearance 2/5

The inside of the Sour Banana Sherbert preroll is pretty basic looking. It's a medium shade of green. I did notice several tiny stems mixed with the plant material. This makes me a little nervous because smoking stems causes headaches. After picking out then stems, I re-rolled the joint. I am not impressed with the color of the plant material. It seems too dark.

Aroma 2/5
The scent of Sour Banana Sherbet is very weak. It has a very faint fruity scent, similar to Banana OG. The little scent I pick up is a mixture of fruit and diesel. The smell is almost too weak to smell. I have to hold my nose over the preroll container for at least 60 seconds to get any smell at all. The aroma smells unfinished, like it was cut too early.

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Taste 1/5
The flavor of Sour Banana Sherbert is the same as the smell. There isn't much of a taste at all. I didn't have high expectations because it is a $5 preroll after all, but I was still disappointed because of the fact that it had zero flavor whatsoever. The smoke was smooth, but it tasted the same as breathing air. It quite literally tastes like nothing.

Effect 1/5
There was very little buzz at all from the Sour Banana Sherbert preroll. I felt a bit of a head high at first, but that was quickly followed by a slight headache. I didn't notice any body high at all. I expected to be disappointed but not extremely disappointed. I expect to catch more than a light buzz from smoking an entire gram preroll, but there was almost no effect.


I wouldn't recommend this particular preroll because it had almost no effect on me. I imagine this is why this particular strain was discounted so deeply. All I got was a slight head high for about 15 minutes and then a slight headache. This was a very disappointing joint.

I didn't like this strain at all. There was no flavor, the scent was very weak, and it gave me a slight headache. I have tried many other strains from NLVO, and I like all of them. My suggestion would be that the dispensary either throw these prerolls away or ask for the grower to credit them back. To sum it all up, I was let down by the Sour Banana Sherbert.

1800 S Industrial Rd #180,
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Telephone: 702-420-2405
Hours: Open 24 hours

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Oasis Cannabis Dispensary has one location. It is located just off of Wyoming Industrial Road. The building is two stories, and Oasis shares the building with a few other businesses. The main entrance to Oasis is in the back of the strip mall. There are two covered parking spaces and approximately ten more uncovered spaces. The first thing I notice when I enter the lobby is the huge line of people waiting in line. They are offering several really good promotional prices, and everyone seems to be there to get the deals. The security guard is friendly and tells me a few stories about crazy customers and the things they've done in the store. Once I get checked in, I am sent into the showroom. I feel like the budtenders should wear lab coats because it feels like I am in a doctor's office. My budtender tells me they have a few specials and explains that they have $5 1G prerolls. That's why they are so busy. There are several strains in smell jars on each display counter. Oasis has several brightly lit glass cases with various edibles and waxes on display. I pick out a Sour Banana Sherbert 1G preroll for $5. I am curious to see what the quality is like on a $5 preroll.

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