Fruity Pebbles Live Resin

Strain: Fruity Pebbles Live Resin

Producer: Srene

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



The resin is syrup-brown and goopy 80%
It doesn’t really smell like weed, in my opinion 60%
they love the taste of weed 100%
anyone as high as they want to be 100%
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Fruity Pebbles Live Resin by Serene hits 74% THC. Live resin is an interesting concentrate, not to be confused with regular resin. The  “live” part of the name refers to how it's made. The flower is frozen at subcritical temperatures until the grower is ready to make the concentrate.

Appearance 4/5
The resin is syrup-brown and goopy. The oily terpenes are practically dripping out. It’s hard to judge a concentrate on its appearance, but if you had to, Fruity Pebbles would earn high marks. The stickiness makes it easy to load onto a dab tool, too.

Aroma  3/5
Fruity Pebbles’ aroma is its weakest characteristic. It doesn’t really smell like weed, in my opinion. Until you start smoking, that is. Before that, it doesn’t really smell like anything. You really need to take a couple of lungfuls in order to notice anything about the scent.

Taste 5/5
This is what cannabis lovers are talking about when they say they love the taste of weed. If you take a low or medium temperature dab hit, the flavor explodes in your mouth. You can taste a sweet spiciness, that gives way to a startling floral array of delicious accents.

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Effect 5/5 Taking a few dab hits is enough to make anyone as high as they want to be. You could probably forget your name if you smoked enough. It almost feels like you’re smoking something from outer space. If you don’t want to get that high, take a smaller hit. Trust me, this thing packs a serious punch.

Product price: $39 for 1g

You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate Fruity Pebbles Live Resin. It’s good enough to make a hater fall in love with it. Because of the heady effects of the high, it’s the perfect concentrate to smoke before going out for the night. Who needs liquid courage when you have a live resin?

My lifelong relationship with Fruity Pebbles is getting stronger and stronger. Instead of pouring colorful bits into my cereal bowl, I’m taking long drags from my dab rig. Serene's Fruity Pebbles Live Resin satisfies all of the urges of my soul, and I’m sure it can do the same for you.

Address: 5347 S Decatur Blvd #100, Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone number: (702) 827-4979

Monday  8AM–12AM
Tuesday  8AM–12AM
Wednesday  8AM–12AM
Thursday  8AM–1AM
Friday  8AM–1AM
Saturday  8AM–1AM
Sunday  8AM–12A

The Dispensary NV is building a cult-like following.

If you were to stop by on a random weekday, you’re likely to see tourists AND locals. The reason why is obvious. The Dispensary offers amazing deals, along with a stocked inventory.

You can grab $49 quarters seven days a week. On Fridays, you can pick up three full-gram concentrates for $75. To make it even juicier, there are two huge prize wheels you can spin if you spend enough money. You don’t have to worry about remembering a loyalty card or racking up points here. It’s awesome.

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Standing inside The Dispensary’s cluttered showroom, I feel a bit like I’m in a trendy antique shop. There are small glass display cases winding through the line. You can figure out what you want by grabbing a paper menu or looking at the digital screens mounted on the walls.

The budtenders act as a “runner” and cashier, so you only have to deal with one person. I always know what I want, so I never give the budtenders a chance to show off their knowledge, but I’m sure they’d be more than happy to.

The place is always busy, but it hardly matters. There’s a chill, relaxed atmosphere in the room that infects everyone who steps inside. Just try to be a grump when you’re here, I dare you.

Because of the cramped space and tight parking lot, your visit will be more enjoyable if you skip primetime hours. Believe me.

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