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GDP Pocket Rocket

Strain: GDP Pocket Rocket

Producer: Libra

Contributor: Jimmy Gibbons



So much concentrate mixed in with it 100%
Very strong sweet scent 80%
Infused flower has a great flavor 80%
The thirst was realm with the strain 80%
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  • Silver Sage Wellness Dispensary

The Pocket Rocket Preroll has a gram of flower and half a gram of wax mixed in with it. GDP stands for Grand Daddy Purple. Grand Daddy Purple is an indica domiant hybrid. It was created by crossing Purple Urlkle with Big Bud. It is know for having a grape like aroma.

Appearance 5/5
The Pocket Rocket GDP Preroll comes in a clear cones shaped tube. It has says POCKET ROCKET on it in black and gold. The preroll is packed nicely. The plant material looks really dark because it has wax melted into it. The plant matter is a very deep shade of green. It has brown tint to it becuase it has so much concentrate mixed in with it.

Aroma 4/5
The GDP flower inside the preroll smells like grapes and berries. It is a very strong sweet scent. The aroma is earthy and sweet at the same time. The berry under tones give it a very full scent. The earthy aroma lingers for almost 2 hours after I smoke it. It smells like burnt grapes and soil. This strain has a very fruit like aroma. It smells more like grapes than cannabis.

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Taste 4/5
The infused flower has a great flavor. It tastes like earth and cannabis mized with a bowl of sweet grapes and tart berries. The smoke is super smooth. The smoke expands in my lunch and makes me want to cough, but not because its harsh because it expands so much. It feels like its fillinfg my lungs to the brim. It is hard to hold the smoke in for very long because it makes my lungs feel full.

Effect 4/5
The Grand Daddy Purple Pocket Rocket really did a number on me. I felt passed out almost immmediately after smoking it. My eyes were very heavy and I fell into a deep sleep. I slept the entire night and i only woke up one time to get water. My mouth was extremely dry the entire night. It felt like I hadnt had a drop of water in weeks. The thirst was realm with the strain.

Product price: $35 for 1.5G infused preroll

I recommend trying the Pocket Rocket GDP Infused Preroll on a night when you have nothing else to do. This isnt a preroll for social events becuase it will leave everyone slumped in the corner struggling to stay awake. Cannabis users who suffer from insomnia will love GDP.

Address: 4626 W. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas NV
Phone number: 702-802-3757
Hours: 24 hours  

Silver Sage Dispensary is a really cool spot. The store is in a strip mall, so parking is limited. The inside of the store is white with brown and green accents. There is a glass enclosed room when you first walk in that has a slot in the wall. I slide my identification through to the security guard and I am quickly granted entry. The loby is full of people waiting ot get inside the showroom. The people in fron of me are talking about how they always come here because of the deals. Silver Sage offers daily specials and they have discounts for locals. After about 5 minutes in line I am called up to a budtending station. My budtender quickly tells me about the specials that Silvery Sage is offering today. He tells me that he really likes some of their infused prerolls. He tells me about the terpene profiles in each of the infused prerolls with ease. He seems to know a little bit about everyone of the poroducts on their menu. After browsing a few other strains, I end up getting the POcket Rocket GDP 1.5G infused preroll. The price seems a bit high but I am anxious to try it.

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