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Inferno OG

Strain: Inferno OG

Producer: Kabunky

Contributor: Canna Dahlia

Kabunky Inferno OG Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana Dispensary
Kabunky Inferno OG Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana Dispensary
Kabunky Inferno OG Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana Dispensary
Kabunky Inferno OG Review November 2019 Nevada Made Marijuana Dispensary


Basic dark gold crumble color 60%
Diesel smell 90%
Lot more flavorful 95%
Uplifting that relaxing 65%
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Appearance 3/5
It is your basic dark gold crumble color. It is not unappealing, it just isn’t super pretty to look at. It was also very dry and flaky, which made it a bit more difficult to scoop onto my dab utensil. If you warm up the dab spoon, it will stick to the metal much easier.

Aroma 4/5
This strain has a really interesting aroma. It is an Afghan Haze x Gage Green cross that has that diesel smell you expect to get from a Haze, but it also has a hint of pepper and evergreen from the Green Gage. It has a bit of an earthy musk to the scent as well.

Taste 4.5/5
I was pleasantly surprised that the taste of this wax was definitely true to the aroma. You get a nice hit of the diesel straight away, followed almost immediately by a peppery yet floral flavor with an evergreen and musk undertone. It was definitely a lot more flavorful than I had anticipated.

Effect 3.5/5
I found the effects of this strain to actually be a bit more uplifting that relaxing. Not that an uplifting creative high is a bad thing, but it is definitely not what I was going for. I was looking for more of a body high and this felt a bit more cerebral to me. That being said, had I been in the mood for or prepared for the effects, I think it would probably have warranted a higher rating.

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Inferno OG Krumble by Kabunky. I chose this strain for its indica properties. Inferno OG is a strain that is recommended for; chronic pain, depression, inflammation, muscle spasms, stress and anxiety relief as well as for tremors. Here is the THC & Terpene profile for the wax:

· THC: 736 mg/g
· Humulene: 0.5 mg/g
· Limonene: 1.1 mg/g
· Myrcene: 2.4 mg/g
· Linalool: 0.8 mg/g
· Caryophyllene: 1.6 mg/g
· Pinene: 0.8 mg/g

I would recommend Kabunky’s Inferno OG Krumble if you are looking for a strain that is going to help ease anxiety in social situations, if you are in general need of a mood boost or in need of a boost to your appetite. I wouldn’t recommend this strain for late night use as I found that it kept my mind quite busy. I would most likely use it for when I get home from work and still need to get dinner made and things around the house picked up. It made me want to get things done.

All in all, I think this is a great strain. I do however think it is probably more of a hybrid than a true indica. I found the effects to be relaxing, but also happy and uplifting while boosting my energy and appetite. It is a great strain for socializing, light work and physical activity if you are a moderate to heavy cannabis consumer. I wouldn’t recommend this to a new cannabis consumer as most concentrates, including this one, are upwards of 70% THC. I would probably buy this again if I was looking for a strain to help me be more social and fight fatigue, but I wouldn’t buy it again if I were looking for something to help me sleep.

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