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Purple Punch Shatter

Strain: Purple Punch Shatter - Hybrid

Producer: Tryke

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



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THC: 336.85mg
Pinene: 0.8mg/g
Limonene: 2.64mg/g
Linalool: 2.75mg/g
Myrcene: 0.65mg/g

One half-gram of Tryke’s Purple Punch Shatter will set you back $24. Considering that it’s enough to last a normal person for a week, it’s practically a steal. You can knock off 10% if you have a local ID, too. In addition to an appreciable amount of THC, the shatter is saturated with a surprising breadth of terpenes.

Appearance 4/5
Shatter isn’t much to look at. It’s a small, brownish blot on a folded piece of paper. It comes in a grey container that reminds me of a hotel room key sleeve. Shatter got its name because of its rigid consistency. It’s sharp and brittle, breaking off into jagged shards.

Aroma 3/5
Shatter doesn’t smell like anything until you smoke it. On its own, the thin slab is odorless. Once you heat it up, however, the terpenes bloom, and you can suddenly pick out floral and citrus scents. It’s a lovely surprise. Often, the concentrate process is rough on terpenes. So this was a delight to enjoy.

Taste 5/5
The taste could make anyone fall in love with dabbing. It’s one of the purest cannabis tastes that I’ve ever experienced. It doesn’t taste like a dessert, or a piece of fruit. No, it tastes exactly like delectable, high-quality cannabis. The terpenes deepen the heavy plant flavor. It’s both pleasing and complex.

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Effect 5/5
I have a confession to make. I didn’t purchase my own dab rig setup until after I bought this shatter. It seemed like too much of a hassle. Once I had my own slice of shatter, however, I had no choice. I headed to the smoke shop and, $100 later, I had my own dab rig.

I’m insane for waiting so long. How can anyone not enjoy this? I could literally spend all day taking dab hits.

There’s no way to get around it: You have to dab, if you’re going to enjoy shatter.

The brittle shards don’t belong in your bong, bowl, or a joint. To get the full experience, you need to dab this sucker. You’re going to need all of the equipment that entails: dab rig, nail, torch. If you don’t want to deal with that, this probably isn’t the concentrate for you.

Once you get over the fact that you look like a drug addict clutching a torch and nail, you’ll be able to appreciate Tryke’s Purple Punch Shatter. This is the way humans were supposed to consume cannabis. The purity of the flavor is unparalleled. A newbie might morph into a connoisseur after trying this shatter, that’s for sure.

3400 Western Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: (702) 475-6520
Hours:  12 a.m. - 12 a.m. daily

Reef is an old, reliable dispensary that I know I can fall back on, if I can’t figure out where to go. I’m crazy; I’ll flit all across Las Vegas in search of bangin’ weed deals. But, if there’s nothing going on, I end up at Reef. Their day-to-day deals are nothing spectacular, but they usually have an inexpensive pre-roll or two for sale. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to score a decent one-gram pre-roll for $6.25.

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In case you couldn’t tell by their massive strip-club-row warehouse, Reef is one of the biggest players in town. Most of their flagship locations are dedicated to their grow operation. Reef’s in-house selections are sold under the Tryke brand name. You can find everything from a $17 gram of Khalifa Kush, to an $8 gram of Cherry Pie. Quality loosely correlates with price. You can get what you need, whether you’re a weed snob who prioritizes quality, or just a casual smoker looking for a good deal.

Reef’s process is quick. Give your ID to the security guard, then stand in line immediately. You can flick through a paper menu, or browse through shelves of smoking gear and CBD tchotchkes while you wait. A crew of budtenders are lined up along the back wall of the dispensary. If you can’t be bothered to wait, you can order online for easy in-store pick-up. You’ll be able to skip the line when you show up, and head straight to the pick-up window.

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