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Royal Highness

Strain: Royal Highness - Indica

Producer: Green Heaven

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



is covered in lush purple stripes and patches 100%
It’s reminiscent of roasting campfire logs 100%
Royal Highness has a mellow, slightly musky flavor 100%
I felt completely calm and relaxed. 100%
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Royal Highness by Green Heaven recreational prices (taxes NOT included): 1g ($13.50), ⅛ ($41), ¼ ($77), ½ ($150), 1 oz ($288.50)

Royal Highness by Green Heaven was the first strain that the budtender mentioned when I asked for a recommendation. I can see why.

Let’s break down the reasons, shall we?

Appearance 5/5
You’re not going to find prettier buds than this, that’s for sure. Each one is covered in lush purple stripes and patches. The green is so deep, it appears blue in some lights. The entire bud is frosted with a silvery, glinting sheen of trichomes.

You almost need to wear gloves to handle these flowers. They’re wet with sappy resin. Each bud sticks to your fingers like glue.

Aroma 5/5
The smell wafting from these buds is deliciously tempting. The smoke smells even better. It’s reminiscent of roasting campfire logs. Before you’re completely consumed with the aroma, your nostrils detect a subtle tangy scent.

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Taste 5/5
Royal Highness has a mellow, slightly musky flavor. The smoke is surprisingly light, though. It drifts lazily in and out of the throat. If you hold the smoke in your lungs for an extra few seconds, not only will you deepen your high, you’ll have more time to appreciate the flavor.

Effect 5/5
Royal Highness is an Indica strain, but you could have fooled me. It smokes like an evenly balanced hybrid. Smoking a bowl didn’t give me enough energy to spring from the couch, but I didn’t sink into a near coma, either. I felt completely calm and relaxed. I wish I could coalesce all of the week’s lame moments into that hour. Smoking Royal Highness is like putting on armor that prevents you from feeling angry or annoyed.

Royal Highness is a light indica strain. People who are battling sleep or hunger-related issues, might find relief with these buds. The high produces a serene, relaxed feeling, without being overwhelming.

Bow down to the Royal Highness. These buds approach perfection. They’re gorgeously colored, stuffed with terpenes, and dripping with gooey resin. The only drawback is that they’re so dense, you almost feel as though you’re being cheated when you buy a gram. The amount appears too meager, but I assure you, there are super potent, so proceed with caution.

1800 Industrial Rd #180,
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: (702) 420-2405
Hours: 12 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily

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Oasis Cannabis is located in Downtown Vegas, a short Uber ride from the Strip. A giant, flashing orange arrow pinned to the wall lets you know that you’re in the right place. Also, the parking lot here is fairly large for the area.

Oasis is open 24-hours a day. It’s the perfect place to hit up during your Vegas shenanigans. Not only is it conveniently located, but the dispensary is constantly running deals, as well. It’s not unusual to find $5 half-gram pre-rolls here. You can get stoned out of your mind for a couple of bucks, which is always nice.

The deals and discounts rotate. If you want to stay updated, sign up for their text alert program. Otherwise, you’re at the mercy of your budtender. If you run into someone who doesn’t bring up the specials, you’ll never hear about them.

I wandered into Oasis on a blazing hot Tuesday morning. The city is still in the midst of its grasshopper invasion, and Oasis’ lot looked like it was hit by a plague. Hoards of grasshoppers huddled together on the ground, slamming stupidly into my legs when I walked toward the entrance.

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Don’t worry, though. The parking lot usually isn’t infested with these critters.

Oasis is set up in the typical Vegas dispensary style. There’s a plush lobby area that you stand around in, until you’re called back into the proper dispensary area. Once there, you’re free to roam around, and your budtender will act as your guide.

After you decide what you want, it’s time to play the waiting game again. You hang out in a second lobby-type area, in front of the cash registers, until a teammate brings you your order.

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