Reina Cookies and Cream

Strain: Cookies and Cream

Producer: Reina

Contributor: Akil Evans

Reina Cookies and Cream Review December 2019 Planet 13 Las Vegas Dispensary
Reina Cookies and Cream Review December 2019 Planet 13 Las Vegas Dispensary
Reina Cookies and Cream Review December 2019 Planet 13 Las Vegas Dispensary
Reina Cookies and Cream Review December 2019 Planet 13 Las Vegas Dispensary
Reina Cookies and Cream Review December 2019 Planet 13 Las Vegas Dispensary


Clear jar modern shape and shiny gold lid create 100%
Sweet baked good scents 100%
Excellent saccharine flavors 100%
Chill mode 100%
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Reina - Cookies and Cream - Indica - Dominant Hybrid - 1 gram - Flower
I'm psyched to sample this strain simply because of the name Cookies and Cream. It may be a new strain for me, but it is well known in the cannabis connoisseur community. Cookies and Cream produced by Exotic Genetix was awarded number one Best U.S. Hybrid at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. Likewise, Cookies & Cream CubanTech Dry Sift by Cuban Hash Queen with Exotic Genetix won third place in High Times 2015 Best Non-solvent Hash category. Girl Scout Cookies and Starfighter are the parent strains of the sweet and relaxing Cookies and Cream strain by Reina.

Appearance 5/5
The clear jar modern shape and shiny gold lid create an upscale luxury appeal. Two fluffy, dense nugs weigh a full gram of Cookies and Cream by Reina. There is a beautiful dense trichomes blanket twinkling across and within the entire flower. There are plenty of scruffy bronze trichomes poking from the ridges of the bud and stems. The green hue of the calyx reminds me of the same green seen on Christmas Trees. I even discover a few traces of purple within the sugar leaves.

Aroma 5/5
I am struck with awe! I should have been prepared for the sweet baked good scents from Reina's decision to title its product Cookies & Cream. My fingers gripped the metallic lid and twisted left to unleash desert aromas. The smell from the flower is nearly identical to Oreo's cream-filled chocolate cookies. Specifically, I am reminded of the Oreo Mint Creme class of cookies. The fresh minty smell of the bud is what reminds me of the green cookies. In the same way, the cannabis' cologne reminds me of a diner Cookie and Cream milkshake or McDonald's Oreo McFlurry. After I grind the weed and give it another whiff, more fruity tones are expressed, and the smell is similar to sweet citrus fruit.

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Taste 5/5
I pack Cookies and Cream into my bowl and discover the excellent saccharine flavors from the first toke. That Cookies and Cream's lineage is shared with Girl Scout Cookies is evident in the sweet and nutty taste that reminds me of sugar cookies. It's unbelievable how similar the flower weed taste is to the Cookies and Cream snack. There is also a waffle taste at the end of the flavor ride. The faint menthol taste that is left on my tongue creates an aftertaste that reminds me of icy mint gum.

Effect 5/5
As expected from an award-winning indica-dominant hybrid strain, this flower activates chill mode from just a fraction of the whole gram. I had maybe had ¼ of the gram in my bowl and experienced a satisfying potent relaxing high. Before I noticed any physical effects, I realized my sense of humor, creativity, and focus increased hahaa! There's smooth relaxation that starts in my core and gives me a weighted zen. I feel like I'm moving in slow motion.

Product price: $20.00

In my opinion, Planet 13 correctly categorized Reina's Cookies and Cream as Diamond or top-shelf. The THC percentage above 25% is enough for beginner consumers to use caution. The ultimate effect of the high is sedating; thus, I recommend reserving one's Cookies and Cream smoking schemes for the evening.

This was my first experience with the Reina brand, and I applaud Latina Ganjapreneur, Priscillia Vilchis, for pioneering the upscale brand in Nevada. The Cookies and Cream flower exhibits top-shelf appearance, aroma, flavor, and effect! The one gram lasted multiple smoking sessions in which I shared with friends, proving the bud's potency. I found my friend's opinion of the flavor rather unique. For him, the bud's after taste was fresh and gamy delivering a savory note like recently butchered meat.

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2548 W Desert Inn Rd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: (702) 815-1313
Hours: Open 24 Hours Daily

I have visited the entertainment complex, and cannabis superstore voted number one Las Vegas Dispensary, Planet 13, several times. Yet, this visit was my first journey under the moon, and I was surprised how the darkness highlighted the aesthetics of the building. There is a concrete wall adjacent to the designated rideshare waiting lanes. During the nighttime, the wall is used to project funny sayings about how size actually matters if cannabis is involved. Furthermore, the popular Planet 13 waterfall fountain and interactive led lotus flowers appeared even more illustrious in the evening.

The receptionist Amber had an awesome attitude, and I enjoyed observing the puddles manifest from my footsteps across the interactive koi pond floor screen in the lobby. Planet 13's Phase II has opened Purc Coffee Shop and Rickety Cricket Bistro and Pizzeria. I decided to step into Purc to check out the prices and was tempted to buy a drink because of the coffee shop's affordability. Ultimately, I did not purchase a beverage because I would not be allowed to bring it into the retail space. Acquiring cannabis was my primary objective at Planet 13.

Cynda welcomed me with a smile into the dispensary retail lobby and asked if it was my first visit to Planet 13. After she realized I was familiar with the order of service, she invited me to peep the Fireball Whiskey pop-up table. I researched my desired purchases prior to arrival and glided to the express line. On this visit, I was seeking Cookies and Cream produced by Reina, a Nevada local brand. I was thrilled to see the Cookies and Cream displayed in a special 'Diamond' class top shelf section of the dispensary. Katie, my budtender, was sharp and swift in serving me and answering my questions. She remembered my complex order after I informed her once and brought back everything in record time.

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