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Riesling Crumble

Strain: Riesling Crumble

Producer: Tryke

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



Too thick, too sticky 60%
It smells earthy and weedy 60%
Smoke tastes sharp and floral 80%
Expect to be slammed with THC 100%
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Riesling Crumble
Reef sells its own brand of flower and concentrates under the Tryke label. Their menu is stuffed with their products. Crumbles, shatters, pre-rolls, you name it. The budtender pointed me toward the Riesling crumble by Tryke when I mentioned that I wanted something strong, but affordable.

Overall, I wasn’t disappointed. I’m not ready to declare my love, but I didn’t dislike this golden mush.

Here are my thoughts.

Appearance 3/5
The deep gold coloring is fine. The crumble looks a bit like hardened molasses, to be honest. That’s why I dinged it a few points. It doesn’t have the texture you expect from crumble. It’s too thick, too sticky. It clings to your fingers when you try to break it up.

Aroma 3/5
The aroma is surprisingly mild. It smells earthy and weedy, like the type of plant that you might pull up in your garden. The concentrate-making process tends to heighten the aroma of the strain. But, the sweet notes that are apparent in Riesling buds are lost here.

Taste 4/5
Well, it doesn’t taste like Riesling, that’s for sure. Instead, the smoke tastes sharp and floral, as though it were infused with a flowery essence. Imagine eating concentrated roses, seasoned with black pepper. If you mix your crumble with weed, don’t use a top-tier strain. It’s a waste. The crumble completely overwhelms the flavor of the cannabis.

Effect 5/5
There are no surprises here. When you smoke a potent concentrate, you expect to be slammed with THC. It doesn’t matter if you take a dab hit, speckle your joints with crumble, or put sticky globs on top of your bong bowls. You’ll get stoned almost before you realize what’s happening.

Riesling Crumble by Tryke recreational prices (taxes NOT included): 0.5g ($24)

Don’t be fooled by the low price. This is one of the most potent crumbles in Tryke’s lineup. It’s testing at more than 74% THC. You shouldn’t take a puff unless you’re willing to stop making sense for a few hours. I’m pretty sure nobody cares about my cat’s heroics, but that didn’t stop me from telling a long-winded story about the time Mushy rescued me from a grasshopper.

So, who should buy Tryke’s Riesling crumble? Anyone who’s in the mood for a powerful dose of THC, that’s who!

I admit it, I’m spoiled. Living in a world where you can get high-quality cannabis 24-7 does that to a person. The Riesling crumble by Tryke is perfectly acceptable. It’s thick with THC. So much so, it made me silly.

And yet, I’ve had better crumble. The texture is a little too mushy for me, and the taste is too tart. I buy concentrates for one of two reasons: I want to get wildly stoned or I’m feeling fancy. Either way, I want to appreciate the delicate flavor one experiences with a dab. The Riesling crumble, however, only meets the first need, unfortunately.

3400 Western Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: (702) 475-6520
Hours: 12 a.m. to 12 a.m.daily  

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Reef Dispensaries. You can’t ignore Reef. Its’ Strip location is a gigantic warehouse, with glaring blue lights. It’s behind the Spearmint Rhino, and across the street from another mega dispensary. A drunk tourist might wander by accidentally, it’s so close to The Strip.

If you’re interested in amazing prices, this is where you need to be. Everything in this area is priced for tourists, except for Reef. $6 one-gram pre-rolls and $7 grams are common. You can walk out the door with a half-gram of crumble (or shatter) for less than $30.

The open layout supports the fast, streamlined process that they use for their business model. Instead of waiting listlessly in a lobby area, you’re immediately in the main dispensary after you enter. Scan your ID, grab a menu, and go wait in line. Your budtender is also your cashier.

I love this system because it’s efficient. If you prefer to wander around a dispensary deciding what you want, you might feel stifled here. There’s a long display case for you to look at while you wait in line, but full disclosure, it’s mostly full of CBD products.

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