Star Berry

Strain: Star Berry

Producer: NLV Organics

Contributor: Missy Matheny



I noticed was the packaging 80%
Container yielded a light sweet fragrance 80%
Lovely hint of lemons in a super smooth sweetness 90%
Body was completely relaxed 90%
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Strain or Product Star Berry 23.13% THC
THC 23.13 %

Alpha Pinene: 7.65 mg/g
Beta Myrcene: 6.13 mg/g
Beta Pinene: 3.38 mg/g

Star Berry is an indica-hybrid strain, created by crossing Sensi Star and Blueberry. Not to be confused with Starberry, which is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a linage consisting of Strawberry Cough and Stardawg. Star Berry is known for its fruity aroma, with a sour punch, and THC levels that reach the mid-20s.

Appearance 4/5
The first thing I noticed was the packaging. The buds I received came in a glass jar that was inside a little box. Although I think the gold labels make it look fancy, it makes me question how much of the purchase price goes into the packaging. The buds were spring green wrapped tightly with bright orange hairs, and a light dusting of crystals. The batch I received contained densely packed nugs that were a little crispy but held together when pressed with my fingers.

Aroma 4/5
Opening the container yielded a light sweet fragrance. When I got closer, I got a whiff of lemon and sweet berries, with the lemon being more sweet than sour. The fruit was like a ripe blackberry. It was like a blackberry lemonade drink popular in the summertime. It was just very faint. I had to bury my nose to discern the blackberry fragrance. I would have loved the aroma to be stronger, I prefer a more powerful smell in my cannabis.

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Taste 4.5/5
On my first hit, I was greeted by a lovely hint of lemons in a super smooth sweetness. This strain was so smooth, I didn’t really feel the hits when I took them, and the lemon maintained its hints of sweetness throughout the bowl. I would have loved the lemons to be stronger, and I was disappointed that the berry aroma was lost in the translation to taste. Still, Star berry was so very smooth, and the sweet lemon was really the only taste.

Effect 4.5/5
After a couple hits, I felt completely mellow. My body was completely relaxed, my muscle pain receded, and I felt just mellow. I didn’t feel tired or lethargic, just an overall feeling of everything had slowed down a little, and the melting away of my daily stress. My mind became more focused, and I wasn’t as easily distracted by the regular noises around me. The effects lasted for a couple hours, and although I did smoke another bowl before bedtime, it wasn’t because I needed it, more because I wanted too.

Product price: $10 per gram

I found this strain to be excellent for the end of a long day. I found it worked great for relaxation, easing of body pain, headaches, and reducing stress levels. It helped with insomnia and gave me a little focus while gaming. I think both newer users and veterans will enjoy this strain, not only for the nice effects, and complete mellow feeling that goes with it but also because of the complete smoothness of smoking this strain.

Address: 9650 Pyramid Highway, Spanish Springs, Nevada 89441
Phone number: (775) 501-5457
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10a-7:50p, Friday-Saturday 9a-7 :50p, Sunday 10a-4:50p

Rise dispensary is located just inside Spanish Springs Nevada. Situated in a large shopping center, Rise has ample parking, is relatively easy to find, and is a good-sized dispensary. Since Spanish Springs has a high level of retirees, and they cater to seniors a lot. This doesn’t mean they don’t have something for everyone. With daily deals, loyal customer rewards, and regular sales, they have a wide variety of products and discounts available every day.

On this visit, I swung by in the late morning on a Monday. Although there was a line when I went in, I was called up to the counter quickly. I love that they have comfy chairs to wait in, with the products available on display between the waiting area and the budtender counter. The real packages are behind the counter, of course, but the ability to look through their products while waiting is something I enjoy. My budtender was courteous, but we didn’t chat much, and when I asked about the daily deals they have, she only pointed at a piece of paper. I’m more accustomed to discussing my choices with my budtenders, including at this dispensary; however, this budtender seemed less interested in talking with me. I asked a couple questions; her response was that the answers were on the package. She wasn’t unpleasant; she just seemed disinterested in life in general. I’m hoping she was just having an off day, and I thanked her for her time as I paid, she packaged everything up, and she smiled a little as I left. My previous visits to Rise have been better, and my previous budtenders at this dispensary are usually more talkative, with an expansive knowledge of the products available.

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