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Sweet Pink Pax Pod 500 mg

Strain: Sweet Pink

Producer: Matrix NV

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal with Zeal and Mass Appeal

Sweet Pink
Sweet Pink
Sweet Pink


The extract glows a healthy amber and is transparent enough for me to see through the pod. 100%
I smell strong sour pine scent as if I was smelling cannabis flower when I sniff the mouthpiece of the cartridge after the session. 100%
There is a sweet flavor that fills my mouth when I draw the Pax Era Sweet Pink Pod 80%
My muscles feel relaxed and although I’m not tired I could easily take a nap. 80%
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MatrixNV - Sweet Pink Pax Era Pod 500 mg - Indica Dominant

Tested by DB Labs
● Manufacture Date: 02/21/2019
● Test Date: 03/06/2019
● Package Date: 06/11/2019
● Dispense Date: 07/22/19
● THC: 80.5% =
● CBD: 0.28% = 1.40mg
● CBN: .49% = 2.45mg
● Terpenes:
○ Cis Nerolidol 2.6 mg/g
○ 𝛃-Caryophyllene 4.27 mg/g
○ 𝛃-Myrcene 3.94 mg/g

The title ‘Sweet Pink’ for this Pax Era Pod cartridges brings many images to mind of things I enjoy in my life that are sweet and pink. The Pink Kush cannabis strain for example, which I have reason to believe is utilized by MatrixNV to develop the Sweet Pink extract. Similar to Sweet Pink, the Pink Kush strain is indica dominant. Pink Kush is named so because of the pink hue of its pistils and relation to OG Kush. Along with Pink Kush’s rose color it presents vibrant green leaves and a visible coating of trichomes. Most often utilized for lack of appetite, to relieve pain and cure insomnia, Pink Kush is top shelf.

It is not only Sweet Pink’s name that makes me believe it is related to Pink Kush but also it’s terpene profile provided from Matrix NV. 𝛃-Caryophyllene is often the most abundant terpene in Pink Kush and is prevalent in a similar way in Sweet Pink Pax Era Pod with 4.27 mg/g in the Pax Era Pod. Just as the Myrcene will add to the sedative effects of the indica product. The CBD and CBN present in the product is also noteworthy because CBD can help relieve pain, inflammation, depression, and anxiety while CBN can also help with sleep, pain and loss of hunger. I’m anticipating strong relaxing effects from Sweet Pink as a result of the plant material’s potency and era pod extraction process.

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Appearance 5/5
The extract glows a healthy amber and is transparent enough for me to see through the pod. There is a dual air-flow chamber on the mouthpiece for simple draws from the vaporize. Matrix NV Sweet Pink Indica-Dom is labeled on the Pax Era Pod to prevent misorganization of one’s vape stash. The Pod will not leak because of the SimpleClick™ design and magnets at the bottom of the cartridge to securely attach to the Pax Era battery.

Aroma 5/5
There is absence of any odor! At least I cannot detect a smell as I exhale the vapor smoke. I smell strong sour pine scent as if I was smelling cannabis flower when I sniff the mouthpiece of the cartridge after the session. The initial odor quickly gives way to cotton and fruity aroma and the remaining scents are sweet and flowery.

Taste 4/5
There is a sweet flavor that fills my mouth when I draw the Pax Era Sweet Pink Pod. It reminds me of fruit, vanilla and candy. The lingering taste is the spice of 𝛃-Caryophyllene and herbaceous musk.

Effect 4/5
Within moments of hitting the vape I feel a tingly sensation in my chest. My muscles feel relaxed and although I’m not tired I could easily take a nap. There was also an increase in my appetite and overall the high was concentrated in my body and not my mind.

This product would be great for the savvy cannabis connoisseur or the newcomer to weed concentrates. Experienced smokers will enjoy the ability to change the temperature of the Pax Era from one’s phone and the high potency of the Sweet Pink Pax Era Pod. I would suggest you use this after physical exercise or at the end of the day to relax. Beginners should take advantage of the ability to regulate the session size with Pax App that links to the Pax Era.  Sweet Pink is a strong product so I advise to wait after the first few draws to feel the potency and determine the proper session size.  One could even play games with the vaporizer on the Pax app! As for medical patients this product may help with stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and lack of appetite.

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Vaping Pax Era Pods is the ideal way to supplement my cannabis flower use and Sweet Pink is dope at helping relax in the evening. The Pax pods are powerful, yet discreet and it’s simple to charge construct, and clean. Pax Era batteries are prices around $30.00 and the 500mg are typically $50.00.  Even though I received this Pax Era for a penny thanks to a voucher, I would purchase the Sweet Pink Pax Era Pod from Matrix again because the pure taste and high.


Thrive Dispensary offers a variety of Pax Era pods and always provides excellent customer service.  Kelly handled herself very well as a new employee.  She might not have known everything about Thrive but she did appear to know everything about cannabis. I will continue to shop at Thrive to get the most of the daily deals and continue my cannabis education

1112 S. Commerce Street,
Las Vegas NV 89102
Phone number: (702) 776 - 4144
Hours: Open 24 hours

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. That is why I visit the Downtown Thrive Cannabis Marketplace location when I want to receive some hospitality with my weed. Downtown Las Vegas, DTLV is my favorite place to be so I am a usual at this location. This dispensary is open everyday, 24 hours a day and has so much parking you would think it was a stadium lot. After entering the reception area the daily deals are immediately visible. The lively green gates at the parking lot entrance foreshadowed the shades of green I would discover inside of Thrive.

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I first learned of Thrive from a co-worker that told me I could earn a 20% discount for owning Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff’s card. Thrive offers discounts to locals, medical card holders, and cannabis industry workers. I relish visiting Thrive because the budtenders often remember me and allow me to ask various questions about the product. Many of my favorite brands such as Jerome Baker Designs, Dogwalkers, and Matrix are available at Thrive in addition to some brands I’ve yet to discover. Although I did not have to rest in the waiting room, I paused to take a drink of water and peruse the free swag and local magazines before proceeding to the budtenders.

I was surprised by a new face as I strolled into the retail space. Normally, I talk with a budtender named Alex but he was absent that day so a new Thrive team member named Kelly assisted me on this visit. I received a coupon for a Pax Era Pod from a Pax promotional event and I desired to redeem it on that day with Kelly. She displayed my Pax Era Pod options from Matrix NV and I informed her of my desire for an indica cartridge. I asked her for a recommendation of a product that I could use that wouldn’t necessarily put me in the couch. In response she revealed that she prefers sativas rather indicas and has not had the opportunity to sample all of the indica Pax Era Pods. Instead she allowed me to read the terpene profile of each product to decide for myself and I chose the Sweet Pink Indica Dominant Pax Era Pod.

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