How Can Cannabis Treat Insomnia?

Contributor: Franklin Edwards Sleep is a critical part of our health, and many people have insomnia. But did you know that cannabis can help? It’s true! Cannabis has been used for centuries to treat sleep issues, and modern research supports this practice. Cannabis and sleep go hand in hand. The natural compounds in cannabis, called… Read More »

Confused about CBD oils? Check out these 7 benefits.

Contributor: Mark Bishop The cannabis plant contains almost 113 chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The well-known ones among them are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBN (Cannabinol). THC is the better-known one for the euphoric feeling obtained when smoked or used in cooking. CBN is a product obtained from aged THC; thus, it produces mild psychoactivity.… Read More »

Can Maeng Da Kratom Make Me Feel Calm Throughout the Day?

Contributor: Carl Fullerton Maeng Da Kratom has rightly become the most popular product on the Kratom market. If you’ve ever tried the best red Maeng Da kratom, you surely know what we’re talking about. This Kratom strain has several variants and types, and Kratom enthusiasts claim that there is no better Kratom strain than Maeng… Read More »

CBD & CBN: Cannabinoids For Anxiety And Pain Relief

Contributor: Bill Simpson From vaccines to clean and potable water, the 20th century witnessed a plethora of discoveries and advancements that changed the face of healthcare and medicine beyond recognition. Pharmacy achieved great success with analgesics like opioids and opiates for pain relief. But the alarming addiction rates and deaths due to opioid misuse simultaneously… Read More »

Can CBD gummies help people with tinnitus?

Contributor: Dylan Fischer The medical condition currently affects up to 50 million Americans. Given that science is yet to find a concrete cure for tinnitus, many suffer from it without refuge. According to a new study, those who had tinnitus are facing worse conditions due to the pandemic. In such times, with new tinnitus cases… Read More »