Top 20 Marijuana Strains In Las Vegas

Top 20 Marijuana Strains In Las Vegas
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Contributor: KC SCANNELL

When you come to Las Vegas, you’re ready to let loose. I’m pretty sure that’s the modus operandi for the average tourist (or resident) of this desert oasis. But when you get here, you need to know what to do, who to see, and most importantly, what to smoke. Lucky for you, we’ve assembled a collection of the Top 20 Marijuana Strains that can currently be found in Las Vegas. 

A List Of The Top 20 Cannabis Strains Currently Available In Las Vegas

20. Cosmic Cookies - Sativa

What a way to kick off the list! These Cosmic Cookies are truly out of this world. From the looks to the smell to the taste, this bud has everything you could ever need and more. The wonderful series of cerebral effects that this potent strain delivers are one of a kind. It’s a guaranteed winner with any level of cannabis enthusiast.

19. Khalifa Kush - Hybrid

For those of you who may be unaware, this strain is from the world-renowned rapper, Wiz Khalifa. Considered by many to be this generation’s Snoop Dogg, Wiz worked with a team of cannabis professionals to create and cultivate this amazing hybrid strain. Not only will it serve as a motivating agent to help you get things done, but it’ll do so in a cool, calm, and collected manner. Much like Khalifa, himself.

18. Purple Haze - Sativa

You can just tell from the name, alone, that this bud is incredibly dank. Sounding like it time-traveled from the ’60s, Purple Haze is a fan favorite amongst the cannabis community, and it’s tremendously easy to see why. It looks phenomenal, smells divine, and tastes like an absolute dream. Pick up some of this powerful sativa to enjoy a sincerely remarkable heady high.

17. Star Killer - Indica

When you pop open a jar after coming home from the dispensary, and all the buds that fall out are crystally, dense, and sporting a healthy green hue, you know you are in for a good time. That’s precisely what you get with this unique, astronomically-inspired strain. This is a solid way to wrap up a long day, so pack a bowl as the sun sets and just watch all of your cares melt away.

16. Jetsetter OG - Indica
15. Anslinger - Hybrid

What their nugs lack in size, they make up for with vibrant colors and powerful effects. Their spicy aroma will fill up a room almost instantly. Lemon and citrus notes dance on your taste buds with each and every enjoyable toke of this strain. If you like balanced hybrids, then Anslinger is the bud for you.

14. Mango Tango - Hybrid

Multi-colored nugs are always gorgeous. The way Mango Tango dazzles the senses with its killer look and intoxicating aroma is incredible. Memories of bubblegum and fruit-inspired gummies will come to mind as you smell and smoke this wonderful hybrid. It’ll only take one session for you to become a lifelong fan – I guarantee it.

13. Durban Poison - Hybrid

While it’s mysterious namesake may give off somewhat lethal implications, I assure you that there is nothing to fear. This is one poison you won’t need an antidote for. This strong (and stanky) bud is in a league of its own. This will certainly get your creative juices flowing, that’s for sure. Also, this bud’s euphoric mood-boosting effects will most likely leave you with a healthy case of the giggles.

12. Wedding Cake - Hybrid

If it were possible to marry a strain of weed, I’d gladly drop to a knee and propose to Wedding Cake. Walking down the aisle, and pledging to spend the rest of my life with this one-of-a-kind hybrid sounds like a dream come true. And I think you’ll feel a similar infatuation after you give this tasty strain a shot.

11. Chocolate Diesel - Hybrid

This bud almost seems specifically designed with the sweet tooth in mind. This deep, rich strain is known, far and wide, for its amazing flavor and scent profile. It genuinely smells like a chocolate bar, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. What’s even better is that chocolate vibe transfers over flawlessly into the flavor, as well. Making this a great post-meal bud.

10. Mango Kush - Sativa
9. L’Orange - Sativa

Ooh la la, how elegant. Even uttering the name of this sativa makes you feel classy. But that vibe of fanciness pales in comparison to the amazing smoking experience that L’Orange provides. After you’ve fully soaked in every inch of gorgeousness that these nugs have to offer, you’ll get lost in their undeniably orange and citrus scent and flavor profiles. And the fact it rounds out everything with a quality high, well, that’s just next-level, in my opinion.

8. Sunny D - Sativa

Growing up, I used to drink Sunny D all the time. And now, as an adult, I’m smoking Sunny D all the time. And I’m confident that you’d make this part of your daily routine, too. It’ll only take one taste of this scrumptious sativa to get hooked on its unbeatable flavor. It smells great, looks awesome, and makes you feel absolutely amazing. I mean, what more could you ask for?

7. WiFi - Hybrid

This is one WiFi that you don’t need a password for, but you may need around $20 bucks or so in order to enjoy it. But, hey, every penny spent on this hybrid is well worth it, as it doesn’t let the consumer down in any aspect of the smoking experience. This is one of those goof-inducing buds, so prepare to have some truly random conversations, and deep belly laughs with close friends.

6. Stardust OG - Indica

Sounding like something straight out of Luke Skywalker’s bong, I’m constantly in awe of Stardust OG’s ability to always come through a super smooth smoke that leaves me feeling more at ease than I ever thought possible. It also awakens any sleeping thoughts or inspiring creative endeavors that I had since forgotten about. In short, if you’re looking to feel happy, euphoric, and motivated, Stardust OG is the way to go.

5. Golden Strawberries - Indica
4. Papaya - Indica

Much like the aforementioned mango-inspired strain, when I first hear the word “papaya,” I instantly conjure up visions of freshness. However, when you crack open these buds, you’ll be surprised to see that they sport a much darker green than expected. Which is likely due to its potent indica genetics. The faint sugary taste is a delight on the tongue, and the body-focused series of effects are tremendously therapeutic.

3. Cherry OG - Hybrid

Any OG strain is great in my book. But when it is able to acquire such an award-winning taste, like this hybrid strain, it really is amazing. The look of these nugs are stunning, their scent profile is downright divine, and the way it makes the consumer feel is insanely comforting. Anxieties don’t stand a chance against Cherry OG, that’s for sure.

2. Sour Banana Sherbet - Hybrid

Any strain that sounds like you’d find it in the candy aisle at the grocery store will always capture my attention, but when a bud is this unbeatable in every single category, it captures my heart. I am in love with the appearance, scent, and flavor of this fantastic hybrid. And I strongly urge all of you to try this strain – at least once. It really is that damn good.

1. Purple Headband - Indica

Headband is already one of the best strains on the market – hands down. But when you toss in a purple influencer into the mix, well, things are only going to get better. Which is exactly what happened with this already amazing strain. This bud is truly firing on all cylinders. It looks better than most buds, it smells better than most gardens, tastes better than most restaurants, and makes you feel better than most spas. It is easily the best strain available in Las Vegas right now, and if you see it at your local dispensary, I suggest you pick it up. If you don’t, I guarantee the next person will.

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