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Cannabis Infused Gummies Plus Unwind Blackberry + Lemon

Strain: Cannabis Infused Gummies Plus Unwind Blackberry + Lemon

Producer: TapRoot Labs

Contributor: Akil Evans



Ganja gummies are covered with sugar crystals 80%
Smells like ice blue Gatorade or raspberry Jolly 60%
The sugar coating adds to the fun texture 80%
Very effective, feel more creative 80%


Ad description 0%
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TapRoot Labs: Cannabis Infused Gummies Plus Unwind Blackberry + Lemon:
90mg THC 10mg CBD
THC: 4.653 mg/unit
CBD: 0.346 mg/unit
CBG: 0.229 mg.unit

TapRoot Labs retains exclusive strains with unique genetics originating in Hawaii. All of TapRoot Labs products are produced in Las Vegas in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)17,000 square-foot facility. TapRoot Labs utilizes organic ethanol extraction to produce cannabis-infused gummies that retain cannabinoids in addition to THC and deliver a non-GMO, potent product.

Appearance 4/5
The circular metal tin housing my cannabis-infused blackberry + lemon gummies has ridges to grip and reminds me of an icebreaker mint tin. TapRoot Labs placed a sticker on the bottom of the product that provides the THC and terpene information. The ingredient and supplement facts are also provided beneath the sticker. The gelatin gummy snacks are molded into cubes. The gummies have a shade of deep dark purple that resembles the eggplant fruit’s hue. The ganja gummies are covered with sugar crystals reminiscent of trichomes on sticky cannabis plants.

Aroma 3/5
It smells like ice blue Gatorade or raspberry Jolly Ranchers. I peeled off the sticker that listed the few the ingredient and supplements to learn that kosher gelatin is used in this product. I carefully reviewed the list and did not find any fruit listed. This surprised me because the gummies smell like real fruit was utilized in production. The fruit smell reminds me of the tones found in jars of fruit preserve spreads and jelly,
No cannabis was detected in the smelling session.


Taste 4/5
The gummies are chewy and break down like a standard gummi bear but much better than Haribo’s sorry-ass excuse for gummies. The color of the gummy is true to the blackberry flavor that hits my tongue immediately as I place the treat on my tongue. After I chew or lick the most of the coating away, the tart citrus flavor of the lemonade is revealed. Finally, the cannabis flavor is at the end but leaves very little of an aftertaste. The sugar coating adds to the fun texture and offers a slight crunch when chewed.

Effect 4/5
30 minutes after finishing the gummy, I begin to feel the euphoric effects. My mood becomes more light-hearted, and I feel more creative. I start to feel a numbness in my body, as well. An hour and a half to two hours after I completed consuming every gummy in the tin, I felt the full effects. Perhaps I should have used more moderation because I begin to feel nauseated and discombobulated. Ultimately, the high from these sweet gummies leaves me lethargic and craving something deliciously unhealthy.

Product price: $1.20

TapRoots Labs’ Cannabis-Infused Gummies Plus Unwind Blackberry + Lemon are a fun cannabis edible that beginners and experts can safely enjoy. Please follow the suggestions on the tin unlike me and eat one, then wait an hour and 30 minutes to feel the effects and then determine if it is appropriate to consume more. I consider my tolerance for cannabis to be moderately high, so I ate the entire tin in one sitting. Although I didn’t become ill, the high did start to become uncomfortable. These gummies might repel insomnia, inflammation, pain, depression, and stress.

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I can’t believe TapRoots Lab’s is practically giving away these Unwind Blackberry + Lemon flavored edible gummies for $1.20! Even though I consumed the entire bin in one sitting, it is evident that there were enough cubed cannabis treats to get at least three others high. If I rationed it more properly myself, I could have used the product to get high three or maybe four days in a row. What impressed me the most about this product is the inclusion of cannabinoids other than THC, such as CBG, and CBD. Unfortunately, this experience to Curaleaf was sullied by the overcharge on one of my products. I’m not that salty because of the amazing discounts but still annoyed by the error.

1736 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 727-3187
Hours: Daily 9AM - 3AM 

Curaleaf Dispensary. I believe in myself and my dreams. So I make plans and goals every day in order to achieve that which I desire and deserve. Which often happens to be a potent strain of cannabis. Despite my proactive mindset and preparation, I am only human. Often I find myself having to adjust to circumstances and improvise my pot plans. For example, a few Wednesdays ago, I planned my weekly visit to a dispensary and successfully obtained each product I wanted to review. The trip was efficient, and I left that dispensary smiling in anticipation of sampling the products. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. Then I reached for the key to open my front door. I felt a syncopated vibration on the other side of my jeans. I opened my phone to a text message from Curaleaf Dispensary. The correspondence informed me of Curaleaf’s Flash Sale that day from 6PM - 9PM. The limited-time offer included $12.00 eighths of cannabis, $12.00 disposable vaporizers, and $1.20 Plus Gummies with a purchase of $10.00 or more.

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Naturally, I re-tied my laces and rearranged my wallet for my second dispensary visit on the same day. Upon my arrival, the view of the Curaleaf Dispensary gave me deja vu. The last time I saw the business so busy was during the spectacular $10 eight-ounce cannabis deals on ‘Green Friday.’ I entered the lobby, and every seat was taken, but one. Once again, I was greeted by the fabulous receptionist with a million-dollar smile. I took my seat to wait and endured the riffraff in the lobby, which included obvious speakerphone calls and guests confronting each other for respect. Thankfully two security guards were stationed in the lobby the quell the upstarts! Finally, I made it into the dispensary and talked with Wysouri to order an eighth and disposable vape for $12.00 each to qualify for my Cannabis Infused Gummies Plus Unwind Blackberry + Lemon for $1.20.

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