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Terra Bites Chocolate Coated Espresso Beans

Strain: Terra Bites Chocolate Coated Espresso Beans

Producer: KIVA Confections

Contributor: Mason

KIVA Confections Terra Bites chocolate coated espresso beans Review November 2019 Nature’s Care Dispensary
KIVA Confections Terra Bites chocolate coated espresso beans Review November 2019 Nature’s Care Dispensary
KIVA Confections Terra Bites chocolate coated espresso beans Review November 2019 Nature’s Care Dispensary
KIVA Confections Terra Bites chocolate coated espresso beans Review November 2019 Nature’s Care Dispensary


Attractive circular tin 100%
Strong coffee and chocolate odor 100%
Chocolate, coffee, and cannabis flavors 100%
Stronger sense of euphoria and body high tingles 90%


Ad description 0%
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Appearance 5/5
The container is an attractive circular tin with a push-down-and-twist lid. KIVA made a strong first impression in this regard- the packaging lends these chocolate/espresso edibles the feel of a premium product. Upon opening the lid, I found 20 rounded and nearly uniform-sized bites, so no worries of missing out on a full dose with these.

Aroma 5/5
Immediately after opening the lid, I was hit by a strong coffee and chocolate odor. That was, of course, a great thing -- who doesn't love this pairing? After a second, the cannabis scent did come through, and I think even those who don't typically like such herbal flavors would find it hard to deny that they work well in this context.

Taste 5/5
I didn't know it before, but I do now: the mixing of chocolate, coffee, and cannabis flavors is sublime. The chocolate on its own is delicious -- a rich dark chocolate shell coats the whole bean inside, and the bean adds a nice crunch to the bite. The cannabis essence adds a nice herbal note and is not overpowering at all.

Effect 4/5
For my first taste, I had a single bean (a 5mg dose). I found that this gave me a nice buzz without being too strong. I could still carry on a conversation at this level and function just fine socially. A couple days later, I took two beans and felt a stronger sense of euphoria and body high tingles. Personally, at this level, I mostly want to stay home and relax. In both cases, the high lasted for about 4 hours.

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I should also note that the espresso beans provided me with a nice, but subtle caffeine buzz, which makes them great for a Friday night after work.

Terra Bites are definitely a versatile product. As a medical patient, I appreciated the pleasant buzz and heightened body awareness I got from a single bean. I'd recommend a single bean dose for someone looking to ease some of their anxiety, and two beans for those who really need stress relief.

They're definitely great recreationally too since they're easy to dose and control whether you want a mild high or a deeper one. The caffeine buzz is a nice added bonus, and who doesn't love chocolate and espresso?

For a first-timer, a single bean is a great introduction to edibles, allowing them to start low and increase if needed. More experienced users can probably start off with more, and with each bean containing 5mg of THC, it's easy to get precise doses.

I really enjoyed my experience with Terra Bites, from purchase to consumption. Nature's Care is a very professional and accommodating dispensary, great for first-timers with their helpful sales staff. KIVA Confections really knocked it out of the park with Terra Bites. Their sleek packaging should attract the canna-curious, and with the universal appeal of chocolate and coffee, plus the ease of dosing, I'm not surprised at all this is their top product. It's become one of my top choices in edibles and gets a 5/5 from me. Check out Terra Bites and get buzzed in more ways than one!

Address: 975 Rohlwing Rd,
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Phone number:(847) 754-4955
Hours: Sunday: Closed
Monday: 11AM–7PM
Tuesday: 11AM–5PM
Wednesday: 11AM–7PM
Thursday: 11AM–7PM
Friday: 11AM–7PM
Saturday: 11AM–4PM


Nature’s Care Dispensary

I purchased these products at Nature's Care, a medical marijuana dispensary located in Rolling Meadows, a northwest suburb of Chicago. Nature's Care is a clean, bright facility with quick and professional service. There's a great herbal smell as soon as you walk in the front door, and a comfortable waiting room (which I've never actually had to wait in) with lots of cannabis magazines and literature, plus fresh coffee.

Every time I walk into the bright, clean, and well-furnished lobby, I can't help but smile. There's usually great music playing over the speakers, be it a classic rock jam, reggae, or something more modern. As usual, the team behind the counter was quick to call me over to pick up my already placed order and were happy to answer any questions about the product.

Nature's Care has two lines for customers- one for patients who have preorders filed, and one for those who do not yet know what they want. I always see staff in that line patiently explaining products to patients who may have never used cannabis before, or who just want to discuss what they are getting. It's pretty heartwarming to see a 20-something who I assume is an experienced smoker, informing an elderly woman on the benefits of a given strain. Though I almost always have a preorder in, I've asked questions to the staff many times, and they're always happy to help and offer friendly service in general.

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