Fox News Ignorantly Claims Democrats Would Profit Most From Major Cannabis Bill

Fox News Ignorantly Claims Democrats Would Profit Most From Major Cannabis Bill
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Contributor: KC Scannell

While it may come as no surprise to some (if not all), Fox News has firmly placed their tiny feet in their lie-spewing mouths again this week, when a couple of the network’s most popular hosts decided to ignorantly make some outrageously misinformed statements about a recent bipartisan banking bill designed to help the cannabis industry.

Like I said, this isn’t a “shocker” by any means. In fact, the majority of this nation has come to expect such stupidity from these GOP-loving morons. For decades now, these conservatives have done nothing but spread damaging slander and tall tales to the American public. The saddest part of it all, is there is actually still a small percentage of this nation that continues to buy their never-ending supply of utter bullsh*t.

Try as they might to demean and degrade marijuana legalization, it appears as though all of their whining and complaining is all for naught.

One of the biggest Republicans in D.C. at the moment, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, hasn’t exactly “won over” the hearts and minds of Democrats who routinely view this turtle-esque monster as nothing more than a money-hungry puppet for the corrupt Trump administration, and the GOP, as a whole.

However, McConnell has not only recently pushed the FDA to speed up their regulation of CBD products, but he has also introduced a new bipartisan banking bill that would help marijuana companies stay protected from federal persecution.

Not only that, but this bill would help safeguard these completely legal businesses from any sort of crime they may be subject to without such a government-approved protection – seeing as how most of these companies are forced to deal with straight-up cash.

Which, as one could already assume, makes them a major target to any and all criminals looking to score on some much-needed money. In short, this bill, known as the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act, aka SAFE, has already passed in the House – and it seems as though it is just a matter of time before it achieves a similar victory in the Senate.

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Which is great news, right? Something that the cannabis community can rejoice about…right?

Well, who do you think decided to spoil the party with some nonsensical statements and fraudulent claims? Fox News, that is who. Honestly, we all saw this sort of stupidity coming from a mile away. I mean, that is what they are known for after all.

Specifically, it was hosts Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson who took it upon themselves to spread false vitriol about the courageous cannabis banking bill that is expected to pass with flying colors.

Ingraham, one who is never shy about flaunting her idiocy to the masses, took to Twitter this week to vent her baseless frustrations with the goings-on in Washington, in regards to this helpful banking bill aimed to protect legal companies in the cannabis industry.

Specifically, Ingraham wrote, “Rumor has it [Mitch McConnell] is going to push through the (UN)SAFE Banking Act in the middle of the THC vaping crisis. Horrific idea that [Donald Trump] should reject.”

Shortly after that completely untrue statement was posted, she decided to double-down on her dumbness by tweeting, “Commercialization not popular with Republican base, terrible for our youth. Opening up banking to the pot industry will effectively legalize pot nationally.” Adding, “…[By the way] it will also free up millions of “legalized” pot dollars to be donated to Dems who want to defeat Senate Republicans in 2020. Bad Idea.”

Wow. There certainly is a lot to unpack here. First of which, I can’t help but be offended by her use of the word “pot” when describing the immensely profitable, respectful, helpful cannabis industry. The word “pot” for years has had a negative connotation attached to it. It is essentially like calling it “dope” because, as these conservatives see it, cannabis turns people into “dopes.”

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Which, as we all know, is not the case. In fact, with her usage of the demeaning verbiage, I would argue that she is the only one showcasing any “dopiness.” But that is where her Fox News peer, Tucker Carlson, comes in to one-up her massively misguided statements.

Before I launch into what this hair-gelled moron sent out to his followers on social media, allow me to clear up a few things. A whopping 53% of Republicans completely support the legalization of marijuana. If we are being logical about this situation (something that Fox News is allergic to) the Republicans could benefit greatly from embracing the legalization of marijuana.

For instance, there is Cory Gardner, a Republican Senator in the great state of Colorado, who is currently in danger of losing his seat in the upcoming election. Senator Gardner is in favor, and even a “chief co-sponsor” of the SAFE Banking Act. If it passes, the folks in Colorado would be very happy that he helped their cannabis companies finally find safe refuge with the baking industry. In turn, he would gain support, and potentially keep his very important seat in the Senate. That alone already negates Ingraham’s spooked statements about the Democrats being the only ones who would profit from such a bill passing.

I digress. Allow me to share with you the horrendously misinformed statements made by the equally-dumb Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, on the subject. On his show, he said, “When you mismanage the country this badly, you want the people to be so out of it they don’t respond. That is really true. They want you to be dumb.”

Uh…he can’t be serious…can he?

Unfortunately, yes, he is more than serious with this asinine statement. Again, what else would you expect from an extremely conservative doofus, like Tucker Carlson? The man, and the network he works for, are the epitome of uneducated, and it is important for the American people, regardless of what political party they belong to, to know the actual facts about this sort of bill – without getting bogged down by sincerely stupid statements like the ones made by Ingraham and Carlson.

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Luckily, they don’t have any sort of vote on the issue. The Republicans that actually do, are showing more and more support for the SAFE Banking Act. So, the fact that these two dinguses continue to waste their time and energy on such a thing is laughable. But they still serve as frustrating, unnecessary road blocks, getting in the way of useful, fact-filled information about such a bill.

This vital piece of cannabis legislation needs to, and will, pass in the very near future. It will allow legal cannabis companies to find much-needed solace with the banking industry, and such a step in the right direction, as Ingraham alluded to, will help set the tone for nationwide legalization of marijuana. There is nothing but upsides to this political move, and the fact that these pesky Fox News reporters fail to see that is beyond annoying.

At the end of the day, the American people are well aware of Fox News, and their abundantly conservative agenda. They don’t want to inform the citizens of this nation, they want to spread propaganda and misinformation – all in hopes of confusing the masses. However, despite their best efforts in this regard, the writing is already on the wall – they have failed and the cannabis community (again) has prevailed.

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