How To Make Marijuana Popcorn

How to make your very own Marijuana Popcorn
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How to make your very own Marijuana Popcorn
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Marijuana Popcorn

Author: KC Scannell
Cook Time30 minutes
Course: Snack
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  • Bag of Popcorn Your Choice
  • Saucepan For Cooking
  • Butter 1 Cup
  • Ground Cannabis 1 Cup
  • Container For Storage
  • Cheesecloth For Straining
There is, quite
literally, a myriad of things a person can do after partaking in some
marijuana. The possibilities are truly endless. However, no matter what
activity you chose as a post-smoke-session event, cannabis always makes it more
enjoyable. Which, to be honest, is probably one of the reasons this herb is so
beloved across the globe.
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It can make a meal taste
better, it can make conversations more in-depth and honest, it can even
transform bouts of depression into giggle fits of genuine laughter. Regardless
of the activity, marijuana miraculously just makes everything, well, better.
And while I could go on and on listing various events one could spend their
time doing after getting lifted, I feel like the most glaring example of how
great marijuana can make things can be found at the cinema.
Make Movies Even Better With Some Marijuana Popcorn
That’s right, people.
I’m talking about movies.
Without fail, every
piece of big-screen entertainment gets bumped up a few notches with the
assistance of cannabis. Sure, the same goes for TV shows, but there’s something
truly transformative about witnessing a subpar movie become a “classic” – all
thanks to the optimistic effects of good ol’ cannabis.
And I’m not the first
person to share such a “revelation.” Movie theaters are routinely packed with
cannabis enthusiasts, fresh off a smoke session, eager to see what their
Hollywood favorites have to offer. Action scenes are intensified, pratfalls are
hysterical, and plot twists never fail to utterly blow the mind of every
“red-eyed” moviegoer in the audience. It’s really quite an experience to watch
a movie while medicated, that’s for sure.
But, along with
heightened emotions and undeniable attentiveness, cannabis is famous for
helping those with a stubborn stomach muster up some seriously insatiable
hunger. This phenomenon is more commonly referred to as “the munchies.” And
what better place to grab a snack (or five) then the movie theater?
These places are
renowned for their selection of cinematic-related cuisine. They’ve got classic
candies and confections that you’ve enjoyed since childhood, a varied array of
sodas and overpriced waters, along with a few, somewhat “ballpark-esque”
choices – like hot dogs or nachos. All of these are crowd-pleasers, but there’s
one movie snack that, just like cannabis, takes the whole experience to the
next level.
And that treat, my
friends, is the classic cinema icon known only as popcorn.
Popcorn and movies go
hand-in-hand. In fact, I’d argue that, next to peanuts at a baseball game, this
may be one of the end-all, be-all combinations when it comes to coupling covert
snacks with activities.
While popcorn may seem
like the simplest treat out there, there’s a handful of ways you could “jazz it
up” a bit.
You could go for the
trail mix approach to upping your popcorn’s game, by tossing some M&M’s
into the mix. Or, at times, people wander over to the ice cream station and
drizzle a little melted chocolate atop and betwixt as many kernels as they can.
Which, I must admit, sounds delightful. But there’s another, even better way, to
improve the already-scrumptious snack – and it has everything to do with
Yup. I’m about to tell
you how to make your very own Marijuana Popcorn that you can enjoy the next
time you’re in the mood to get high and watch a movie. Obviously, this will be
far easier to create and chomp on in the comfort of your own kitchen and
whatnot, but there’s no reason you can’t prep a bag at home and take it with
you to the movies. I mean, we all know how easy it is to sneak stuff into a
movie theater, right?
So, it’s really a
versatile recipe that’s ready for any and all movie-going conditions.
What’s even better is this recipe is probably
one of the easiest things to make.


  • Okie dokie, party people. Before we hit play on that cued up movie, let’s head into the kitchen with these aforementioned ingredients, and whip up a batch of some super delicious, super-strong marijuana popcorn. The first thing we’ll need to do is make some cannabis-infused butter. That’s where all our potency is going to come from. Plus, who doesn’t love some buttery popcorn?
  • In order to make some infused butter, you’ll want to have your saucepan on a heat setting of 240° – no more, no less.
  • Then, add roughly a cup or so of some ground-up cannabis. You can obviously tweak the portions of this ingredient. Seeing as how this is where the strength of your butter will come from, it’s important to know your temperament with edibles, and how much you are looking to “feel” when you finally dig into this batch of greatness. So, if you want to add in more (or less), that’s completely up to you.
  • This specific heat setting allows the THCa in the cannabis to transform into the psychoactive component, THC. Also, after a bit of time (20 or so minutes), you’ll have fully readied these buds to share their powerful effects with any medium lucky enough to combine with it. In this case, it’ll be some butter.
  • At this point, you’ll want to grab that butter and toss it in the saucepan with the cannabis flower. Allow these two to mix and mingle with one another for a good amount of time, and be sure to keep stirring throughout. This will help distribute the THC amongst its new buttery home, allowing each drop of butter to pack its own punch.
  • Before any cannabis or butter burns, remove the saucepan from the heat source, and ready your container and cheesecloth. Place the cheesecloth over the opening of the container and keep it in place with the help of some rubber bands or string. Then, carefully pour the contents of that saucepan into the container, straining out the large floral fragments.
  • Boom. You just made cannabis-infused butter. Way to go.


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Now, in any other case, you’d throw that newly-filled container in the fridge to harden, until it reached a “butter” consistency. But, seeing as how we’re going to want melted butter on top of our movie-going treat, we’ll just put it to the side for the moment, while we fire up our popcorn.
Which is, by far, the easiest step ever.
Simply throw in your preferred bag of popcorn into the microwave (or, on the stovetop – if you’re “old school”). Then hit that familiar “popcorn” setting, and patiently wait for each kernel to pop. Once that’s done, remove it from the microwave and dump that popcorn into a waiting bowl.
You can also choose to keep it in the bag for this last step, but I find tossing it in a bowl helps the infused butter spread its greatness more efficiently. But, to each their own, I suppose.
However you choose to present your popcorn, you’ll now want to grab that container of infused melted butter and expertly drizzle as much (or as little) as you’d like. And give that bowl a toss or two to help each kernel get a healthy dose of butter.
Or, if you kept your popcorn in the bag, simply pinch the top closed, and shake them bad boys up, until every bite is covered in cannabis excellence.
And that’s it. Nothing left to do but grab a seat (and a handful), and press play.
Enjoy the movie!

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