Laws for cannabis possession in NYC SIMPLIFIED!

Contributor: Mark Bishop

Laws for cannabis possession in NYC SIMPLIFIED!

No matter if you are a New York medical marijuana cardholder or just an adult-use cannabis user it is never easy to understand the laws around cannabis. And you need a thorough knowledge of what the laws say about cannabis use and purchase in your state to work your way around it. Especially when it comes to recreational cannabis users because medical card holders have easy access to cannabis but not rec users.

But I don’t want to go through all the difficult and twisted law language.

Understandable, because that’s why you are here. So here is your dose of cannabis laws in a simplified version. Let’s dive right into it!

Eligible age

Good news for adults who are 21 and older because it is now legal for them to purchase and possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis or 24 g of concentrated cannabis.

Where can you consume cannabis?

Adults who consume cannabis through smoking can take in the area where smoking tobacco is allowed. But keep in mind that smoking or vaping is not allowed in a public or prohibited area and breaching the law can result in legal actions against you. 

New York’s law calls for a $25 fine and community service for smoking weed in parks, schools, and workplaces.

What are the Driving laws around cannabis?

You are not allowed to smoke cannabis while driving or even if you are in a parked car. Moreover, smoking pot in prohibited areas may result in a civil summons and monetary penalty.

Selling weed

Just like how no one even if they are above 21 is allowed to possess more than 24 grams of concentrated cannabis and 3 ounces of cannabis, you are not allowed to sell any amount without a license. 

After sales and home cultivation of cannabis become legal adults will be able to:

  • Purchase cannabis and its products from licensed retailers and dispensaries.
  • Ability to grow 3 cannabis plants in your residence, or in case there are more than 1 resident in your house you’ll be able to grow 6 plants. But there is a condition regarding that rule, three plants must be mature and the other three have to be immature plants.
  • You will be allowed to store up to 5 pounds of cannabis at your home.
  • There will be access to some areas where you’ll be allowed to smoke cannabis.

Medical cannabis users

Legalization is not a new concept for medical marijuana users because marijuana has been legal for them since 2014. But there have been some changes in the laws regarding medical marijuana use.

Patients who suffer from chronic pains and terminal disease are eligible to use their Marijuana card in New York to treat their symptoms and in some cases disease itself. There are special marijuana doctors who check your health status and approve a marijuana card for legal security on cannabis purchases.

But patients still have to register with the state to purchase cannabis and its products.

With new updates in the law, patients can now purchase the prescribed cannabis for as many as 60 days and they will be able to buy smokable cannabis from their nearest medical cannabis dispensaries.

The new law also allows patients to grow 6 marijuana plants at home.

Practice safe use

Now that you are familiar with the rules and regulations of purchasing, possessing, and consuming cannabis you must act like a responsible individual. For example, smoking weed is legal in some areas but that doesn’t mean you can rub it on everyone’s face. Follow proper etiquette while smoking in public and do not misuse your freedom.

Here are some of the tips you can follow to practice safer use-

Avoid consuming multiple drugs at once- 

Consuming multiple drugs with cannabis might result in unfavorable outcomes. If you are on some kind of medication, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider first before consuming cannabis.

Don’t overdo it-

Don’t overdose on cannabis products because different products can have different effects which can be very harmful to your health.

Keep out of reach of children-

This should come as no surprise as minors tend to eat anything and everything they think looks good enough to eat. Including cannabis, so keep it out of their reach.

Final words

Don’t depend on cannabis too much as it can become an addiction and always consult your doctor before consuming cannabis and its products. Make sure you comply with the law and do not become a nuisance in other’s life.

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