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Miami Heat

Strain: Miami Heat

Producer: Redwood

Contributor: Erik Sinica



The buds are trimmed perfectly 100%
Its a fruit smelling sativa 80%
Very spicy tasting strain 80%
Creates a very energetic high 80%


Ad description 0%
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The Miami Heat
The Miami Heat is a very strong sativa-dominant hybrid that tested a 22% THC. The Miami Heat was created by crossing an unknown Haze strain with Triple OG. Miami Heat is a strain that is known for being a great mood-elevating strain. The energetic sativa high is great for daytime use. It will wake the user's mind up like a strong cup of coffee.

Appearances 5/5
Miami Heat by Redwood is a beautiful strain, The buds are trimmed perfectly. I have looked at them very closely, and I can't find a single waterleaf. The nugs are a perfect hue of green with a mixture of orange hairs throughout. The buds are kind of a unique spade shape, and each bud has small patches of purple. Redwood buds are nice and moist and have been cured to absolute perfection.

Aroma 4/5
The scent of Miami Heat by Redwood is very pleasing to my nose. As the kids say, "this smells like straight fire." Its a fruit smelling sativa with undertones of coffee and caramel. It's a very spicy smell that lightly tickles my nose. The fruity aroma mixed with the spiciness is very pleasing to my nose. It smells like some bomb sativa. The fruity aroma is similar to Lemon Haze but much sweeter.


Taste 4/5
Miami Heat is a very spicy tasting strain. It has a peppery flavor. The smoke is very smooth. It doesn't expand in my lung much, and I can take really big shots from my bong. There is very little flavor on the exhale. It tastes like lemon pie with a bit of fresh cut bell peppers mixed in. The flavor is nice, it's light with a kick at the end.

Effect 4/5
Miami Heat gave me a very introspective high. I found myself looking back on my life and thinking about some of the nostalgic feelings I have about cannabis. This is a strain that creates a very energetic high. This is a great strain to help the user get motivated for the day. The Miami Heat high feels like I drank a cup of coffee with some espresso mixed in. It gave me a much-needed boost of energy and helped me get motivated to take on the day.

I would recommend using Miami Heat in the morning for a wake and bake. It would also be a great strain to smoke after lunch to give the user a kick in the pants to get through the rest of the day. I can get a bit anxious from strong sativas, but Miami Heat gave me a good energy boost without the anxious feeling.

1112 S. Commerce St.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: 702-776-4144
Hours: Open 24 hours 

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace is located in the Las Vegas Arts District. They have plenty of parking and Thrive has a good selection of products. When walking in, the person behind the window said welcome, but it didn't feel sincere. I gave them my identification, and they checked me in and sent me to the next room. I had to ask the security guard where to go. The security guard told me I had to go through another door. Once inside the showroom, I see a large wall, to the right, that has what appears to be grass growing on it. In the middle of the grass, there is a neon sign that reads, "STAY LIT." The showroom is pretty big, and there are cannabis menus on the wall displaying the various product and pricing that Thrive has to offer. My budtender asked what I was looking for, and I told him the product I was considering buying. After telling me about The Miami Heat by Redwood, I decide to try out a gram. I have heard good things about Redwood's flower, so I figured I would give them a try. The budtender was helpful and took time to make sure I knew a little bit about The Miami Heat before I purchased it. He told me if I was prone to anxiety from sativa strains to be careful because The Miami Heat is a very energetic strain.

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