Scarlet Fire Honeycomb

Strain: Indica, sativa, hybrid-dominants

Producer: Cannavative

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



Like a condensed brick of sunlight 100%
There’s a very crisp, fresh aroma 80%
I love everything about this honeycomb, except the flavor 60%
Scarlet Fire is a fantastic way to wake up 100%

THC: 76.8
CBGa: 10mg/pk
Caryophyllene: 3.9mg/g
Limonene: 3mg/g
Humulene: 2.9mg/g

Scarlet Fire honeycomb is a glaring, flaming yellow, like a condensed brick of sunlight. Because it’s a full gram, the honeycomb is heavy and dense. Your eye is first drawn by the cheery packaging. It uses a lot of plastic, but that’s the dispensary norm. The law requires childproofing, extensive labeling, etc.

There’s a very crisp, fresh aroma wafting from the tiny plastic container. It explodes across the room once the lid is free. I’m reminded of tree-lined avenues and heavily wooded mountains. It’s enticing. The caryophyllene adds a musky undercurrent.

I love everything about this honeycomb, except the flavor. It’s too bland. It tastes a bit like a bad piece of surgery gum. There’s a rush of sweetness at the start that quickly fades into bland insipidity. The terpene content is rich enough to create great flavor, it’s just not there.

A dash of Scarlet Fire and my head’s off to the moon. I don’t buy into the sativa/indica lore, but I will say that sativa hunters can find the desired effects here. The high is fast-acting, energetic. Morning concentrate bowls are intense, but if you have a free day ahead of you, smoking Scarlet Fire is a fantastic way to wake up.

Product price: $12.50 for 0.5-gram

Honeycomb is an easy concentrate to work. Its dry, powdery texture makes it a good fit for dab rigs and traditional flower bowl setups. You can pinch off a small amount to add to your bud. It’s a good idea if you don’t have a rig, or if you’re new to extracts.

Cannavative’s Scarlet Fire honeycomb is a steal at $12.50, a decent buy at its regular price. Buying weed through Planet 13’s online ordering system is a breeze, perhaps even pleasanter than going to the store if you’re a local. I’m not impressed by flashing lights or grinning budtenders. Weed is a commodity; I care about price and quality.

Address:2548 W Desert Inn Rd Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number:(702) 815-1313
Hours:  12am - 12am daily

You don’t have to visit Planet 13’s massive storefront to take advantage of their deals. The dispensary will deliver to anyone who’s 21 or older. No hotel drop-offs though, you need to be staying in a verifiable private residence. The person who places the order needs to be there, ID in hand, when the driver shows up.

Planet 13’s system is integrated into their website. Look at their menu, decide what you want, and add it to your cart. If you have points built up on your account, a Planet 13 rep will ask if you want to cash them in when they call to verify your order. Usually, there are deals posted that you can look through. $25 eighths for locals, $12.50 half-gram concentrates. They change all of the time.

Now that COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, the delivery process isn’t so onerous. I received my order about 3 hours after placing it. The delivery driver kept in touch with me the entire way, texting me when he was 15 minutes away, five minutes away, and when he had arrived. COVID-19 and/or personal inclination keeps the driver from coming to the front door. You’ll meet them at their car for a quick exchange.

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