Sin City Bar

Strain: Sin City Bar

Producer: Incredibles

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



The smooth mocha-colored candy 80%
A gourmet desert fragrance 80%
Mmm, the creamy rich taste 80%
I felt a bit relaxed 60%

Incredibles: Sin City Bar – 90 mg for $15
Total THC: 90 mg

Incredibles is a Colorado-based cannabis brand respected for its gourmet cannabis infused edibles. Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Toffee are combined with sustainably sourced cannabis oil derived using Incredibles proprietary methods to create this Gluten free non-GMO Sin City Bar. This bar was created with Las Vegas in mind, and attempts to capture the extravagance and fun of the city, with its mixture of cocoa and cannabis.

Appearance 4/5
The smooth mocha-colored candy bar is secured in a plastic tray with a plastic seal. The rectangular shaped solid chocolate is divided into ten squares for microdosing. A THC warning, “10 mg”, and the Incredibles logo is sculpted into each Sin City Bar square. Incredibles seemed to consider everything when creating its packaging for the Sin City Bar. Not only is the container child proofed, but it also includes lab test results, directions for use, and allergens printed on the box.

Aroma 4/5
Incredibles Sin City Bar presents a gourmet desert fragrance when I peel off the seal of the plastic drawer. The candied tones of the sweet mixture of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and toffee remind me of my last visit to the Godiva Chocolatier shop. Saccharine aromas of sugar, cocoa, and dairy tantalize my nose, and cause my mouth to instinctively water in anticipation of sinking my teeth into the Sin City Bar. There are no traces of cannabis when I smell the chocolate.

Taste 4.5/5
Mmm, the creamy rich taste of the Incredibles Sin City Bar is even more decadent than I expected. The toffee flakes embedded in the delicious dark and milk chocolate causes a satisfying crunch in the smooth cannabis infused candy. The thinness of the bar allows me to snack on the chocolate, without overpowering my taste buds with saccharine cocoa flavors. I can detect no cannabis in the Sin City Bar flavor, and the fact that it is gluten free does not bother me.

Effect 3/5
I felt a bit relaxed after eating 8 Sin City Bar chocolate squares. I consumed about 72 mg of THC, and after about two and half hours, the soothing effects of the cannabis chocolate began to be realized. The high was very subtle from this sampling, and I wished I had eaten the entire bar to test the potency of its effect. It’s worth mentioning the pleasurable sugar rush experienced when placing the toffee, immersed in a creamy dark and milk chocolate mixture, on my tastebuds.

Product price: $15.00

The Sin City Bar produced by Incredibles is a great product for cannabis connoisseurs with a sweet tooth. The milk chocolate, toffee, and dark chocolate are certain to bring some delight, stress relief, and even a small burst of energy. The cannabis in the Sin City Bar is able to relieve pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety.

Incredibles is a clever name for a cannabis edible company, and the fact that their chocolate bars are gluten free does not detract from its creamy, crunchy chocolate and caramel flavors. I feel a little bit slighted because the product was promised to have a 100 mg, but the test results displayed 90 mg. Still, $15 for a 90mg edible is a deal I’ll never pass up at Essence Cannabis Dispensary.

2301 S. Las Vegas Boulevard
Phone number:
(702) 978-7687
Hours:  8 AM – 8 PM

Essence Cannabis Dispensary
Once again, I feel safe and able to shop for my weed inside of a dispensary, instead of ordering it to be delivered to my home. Still, my shopping trip to Essence Cannabis Dispensary began at home on my couch. I opened up my laptop and directed myself to the official Essence Cannabis Dispensary website in order to check out the menu.

The homepage gave me six options to pre-order for in-store pickup, curbside pick up, or delivery including: Henderson, Tropicanna, South Rainbow, Las Vegas Strip, South Durango, and same-day delivery. I selected the Las Vegas Strip location because it is the location nearest to me. Before I was presented the next page, I was informed that pre-order for in-store and curbside pick up is restricted from 8AM until 5PM. On the other hand, in-store shopping was prioritized from 5PM until 8PM.

There are still multiple rules in place for visiting the dispensary because of the Coronavirus. For example, all patrons are required to wear face masks because of the Cannabis Compliance Board. Only 22 customers are allowed in the dispensary at any given time, and social distance of 6 feet must be maintained. Consultations are being conducted virtually by email, or phone, to stop the spread of COVID-19, as well.

My eyes were instantly drawn to the specials section once the online dispensary menu finished loading. Essence Cannabis Dispensary was offering 40% off on Incredibles! Thus, I decided to buy two chocolate bars from the brand at $15 each.

2301 S. Las Vegas Boulevard

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