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Buying and Selling Cannabis/Hemp Businesses & Real Estate

Buying and Selling Cannabis_Hemp Businesses _ Real Estates

Contributor: Stephen J. Morgan We all want a piece of cannabis real estate nowadays. I mean, who wouldn’t? These marijuana properties are, essentially, a gold mine. They’re rare, exclusive, and super lucrative. But, in addition to always keeping an eye out for “420 properties,” there are few tricks of the trade that should make the… Read More »

Illinois adult-use cannabis sales hit $40 million in first month


Source: Recreational marijuana stores in Illinois sold almost $40 million worth of product during the state’s first month of legal sales. That is far more than the $6.5 million in recreational marijuana sold in Michigan, which began sales a month earlier than Illinois’ Jan. 1 launch….. Read the rest on Business news, Cannabis Business, cannabis sales… Read More »