Cool Mint Chocolate

Strain: Cool Mint Chocolate

Producer: Incredibles

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



Incredibles logo, and a THC warning is stamped into each square. 100%
Chocolates and mint. 80%
Cool Mint Chocolate Bar is deliciously smooth! 100%
I feel happy and full of energy 60%

Incredibles: Cool Mint Chocolate - 103.5 mg for $15
Total THC: 103.5 mg

Incredibles Cool Mint Chocolate Bar is gluten-free, lab-tested, and sustainably sourced, yet no terpenes were detected in this concentrated cannabis edible produced with carbon dioxide. Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Mint, and Cannabis are combined to create this 105.5 mg microdosable infused treat. Edibles affect everyone differently, but most users experience relaxation and happiness.

Appearance 5/5
I appreciate the attention to detail on the packaging of the Cool Mint Chocolate Bar. The plastic tabs on the container are designed to deter underage people with sweet teeth. Likewise, the lab test results, a marijuana warning, directions for use, and allergens, are printed on the box. A plastic tray with a plastic seal encases the rectangular Incredibles treat. Incredibles divided the bar into ten squares for microdosing. 10mg, the Incredibles logo, and a THC warning is stamped into each square.

Aroma 4/5
Sniffing the sweet and wintergreen aroma of this Incredibles chocolate edible reminds me of the winter holiday season. The mixture of cannabis, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and mint create a saccharine aroma of cocoa and mint. The sugar and milky notes of the chocolate are the backup for the intense mint fragrance. I also think of Peppermint York Patties when I smell this Cool Mint Chocolate bar because of the blend of chocolates and mint.

Taste 5/5
Mmmhmm! Incredibles Cool Mint Chocolate Bar is deliciously smooth! I was not aware how much I liked mint until I started snacking on this cannabis infused candy, and realized I couldn’t stop! The creamy smooth texture is heavenly. In the same way, my tongue is delighted by the refreshing mint and creamy chocolate flavors. The smell reminded me of a Peppermint York Patty, but the flavor is even better. There are no traces of cannabis in the chocolate.

Effect 3/5
The Cool Mint Chocolate Bar produced by Essence creates a subtle and joyful high. Unlike most edibles I’ve consumed that produce a strong physical effect, the high I felt from the Cool Mint Chocolate primarily affected my mood. About two hours after I finished approximately 88 mg of THC in mint, milk and dark chocolate, I began to feel the euphoric effects of my Incredibles Edibles. I feel happy and full of energy, even though I was on a losing streak in the video games I was playing online.

Product price: $15.00



It is easy for me to recommend Incredibles Cool Mint Chocolate Bar not only because of the delicious flavor, but also because it was designed for microdosing. Thus, beginner and expert smokers can break off the right amount of 10.35 mg/g squares of chocolate for themselves. This product is a great “pick me up” for any time of day, but if one eats a higher dose, I believe the antidepressant and relaxing effects would be more exaggerated.

Incredibles did a great job with its Cool Mint Chocolate Bar. The packaging is secure and informative, while the chocolate is scrumptious and potent. I would purchase this 103.5 mg mint, cannabis, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate concoction for $15 on every visit to Essence.

2301 S. Las Vegas Boulevard
Phone number:
(702) 978-7687

8 AM - 8 PM

Essence Cannabis Dispensary
I have been privy to the beauty of the Essence Cannabis Dispensary since my first trip to the beautiful location on the Las Vegas Strip. I haven’t been to any dispensary in a while, and have relied on delivery services since the plague of COVID-19. Recently, a dank discussion with a fellow weed warrior reminded me of how rewarding a journey to the cannabis marketplace at 2301 S. Las Vegas Boulevard can be.

After the recommendation from my sagacious sensimillia sensei, I logged into my account on the Essence website to check out the menu. I am thankful I had the sense to check out the site before traveling to the location because only pre-orders are accepted now. The business is open everyday from 8 AM until 8PM, however, pre-orders for curbside pick up are only accepted from 8 AM until 5PM. I chose to order for in-store pick up because I wanted to have a full authentic Essence dispensary experience.

I was impressed with the long list of special deals, including: disposable vapes, cartridges, pre-rolls, and edibles. In particular, the 40% off Incredibles brand chocolates caught my eye. I added the Sin City Bar and Cool Mint Chocolate bar to my cart because they cost only $15 each! Essence kept me informed by emailing and texting me confirmation of my order. Moreover, the website provided a live display of my order being processed.

Once my order was ready, I was texted again with a summons to pick up my cannabis. My face mask and driver’s license was necessary to enter the dispensary and pass the security. But all I needed to tell Nick, the budtender, was my name in order for him to secure my order. In the end, the coronavirus has taken most of the fun out of visiting a cannabis marketplace because of the social distancing, long waits, awkward lines, and inability to peruse the inventory.

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