Green Crack Disposable Vape Pen

Strain: Sativa

Producer: Juice Co.

Contributor: Akil the Real Deal



When the device is operating a light illuminates the bottom of the vape. 100%
The Green Crack Disposable Vape Pen smells sweet 100%
Sweet and tart flavor similar to the alluring aroma 80%
I feel happy, motivated, and active 80%

Juice Co. – Green Crack Disposable Vape Pen – Sativa – 300mg for $19.00
THC: 80.00
CBN: 01.28%

Terpene Profile
𝛃-Myrcene: 27.75 mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene 21.62 mg/g
𝚫-Limonene: 13.04 mg/g

Juice Co. employs an award-winning cannabis sommelier to hand juice “freshly squeezed” terpenes for Nevada-grown Green Crack Cannabis Sativa. The Sativa Strain of Green Crack is bred from Hybrid Skunk #1. This chemical and pesticide-free premium cannabis distillate is promised to uplift users with a variety of flavors and moods.

Appearance 5/5
It’s satisfying to look at the cartridge of Green Crack because the transparent sunflower gold .36g premium cannabis distillate fills the container to the brim. I believe the concentrate is of high quality because the fluid does not slosh around in the glass. When the device is operating a light illuminates the bottom of the vape. The colorful white and yellow packaging matches the disposable vaporizer. The container also explains some of the manufacturing process, and lists the cannabinoids and terpenes in the product.

Aroma 5/5
The Green Crack Disposable Vape Pen smells sweet and tart to me, so I hope that the disposable tastes as great as it smells! These smells are only detected after I smell near the mouthpiece of the Juice Co. Unlike flower products, this vaporizer’s aroma is very muted. And yet, after I inhaled from the Sativa vaporizer, the sweet tones from the Green Crack premium distillate become more pronounced. In summation, this product has a sachharince citrus and tropical fruit aroma.

Taste 4.5/5
Juice Co.’s Green Crack Disposable Vape Pen offers a deliciously sweet and tart flavor similar to the alluring aroma. Everytime I hit this vape, I am reminded of Lemonheads candy because of the sour and sweet flavors. I can taste the authenticity of the “all-natural, freshly squeezed terpenes” in the citrus and tropical fruit flavors of this vaporizer. Even though the 13.04 mg/g of 𝚫-Limonene is the fewest terpene reported by Juice Co it’s floral citrus properties control the flavor.

Effect 4/5
Juice Co. accurately uses the word, “uplift” to describe its Green Crack Disposable Vape Pen. I feel the energizing Sativa effects of the vaporizer a minute after one hit. Slowly, I feel enveloped by the mentally simulating high. At the same time, relaxation spreads across my body, as I realize the effects of the 27.75 mg/g of 𝛃-Myrcene and 21.62 mg/g of 𝛃-Caryophyllene. I feel happy, motivated, and active after hitting this Green Crack vaporizer.

Product price: $19.00



Juice Co.’s Green Crack Disposable Vape Pen is an amazing Sativa disposable vaporizer because of its uplifting effects. I think beginners can enjoy this strain without negative side effects, but should be careful because the high’s delayed activation time. This product’s optimal use is in the daytime, although it does provide some mild pain relief.

The Green Crack Disposable Vape Pen produced by Juice Co. is definitely the best disposable vaporizer I have ever experienced. I believe the hype about this product containing, “all natural, freshly squeezed terpenes by our award winning cannabis sommelier” after tasting the sweet lemon flavors of this vape. $19.00 for .36g of an 80% THC disposable vaporizer, with a high terpene count is an incredible deal from Essence Cannabis Dispensary!

2301 S. Las Vegas Boulevard
Phone number:(702) 978-7687
8 AM – PM

Since I began skateboarding at the beginning of this year, I continually find similarities between the Olympic Sport and smoking weed. Both activities increase my motivation, creativity, and give me a moment of respite from this chaotic world. Similar to puffin’ on dank, skateboarding becomes more enjoyable in the company of friends.

I am thankful that my skate buddy is also a weed warrior because we get to enjoy the best of both worlds together. Because of my fellow rider, I have travelled on my skateboard down Las Vegas Boulevard further than I would have previously thought is possible. When I thanked my friend for broadening my perspective, she revealed that Essence was one of her favorite dispensaries to visit during skate sessions. I decided to visit the Essence Cannabis Dispensary before on my next weed haul after hearing my buddy describe its convenience and scenery.

Before rolling down to 2301 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, I logged onto my Essence Cannabis Dispensary account online to check out the menu. My eyes popped and jaw dropped when I saw the multitude of deals on the online menu. I placed my order for in-store pick up, and received confirmation via email and text message.

Once my order was prepared, I received another text message from Essence, and was on my way. The security guard enforced the mask mandate as soon as I entered the building, and I was also required to display my driver’s license.

When I got inside the cannabis marketplace, I had to wait about 7 minutes before it was my turn to talk with Nick, the budtender. All I had to do was tell him my name for him to gather every product I had selected online and check me out.

2301 S. Las Vegas Boulevard

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September 5, 2021



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