SFV OG Shatter

Strain: SFV OG Shatter

Producer: Medizin

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



Candy-like texture 100%
Plant-like smell of weed 80%
Like sipping on unsweetened lemonade 80%
SFV OG shatter will put you to sleep 100%
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THC: 73.42%
Caryophyllene: 1.88mg
Myrcene: 3.63mg
Linalool: 2.09mg
Limonene: 4.69mg

Strain or Product
Medizin’s SVF OG Shatter reaches 73% THC. The terpene profile is more diverse than is typical with shatter. With heavy amounts of linalool and limonene, I expect floral or citrus notes in the aroma and flavor.

Appearance 5/5
Medizin shatter violates expectations. It doesn’t “shatter.” It lacks the brittle, candy-like texture necessary. Instead, SFV OG is sticky and gooey. Pulling off a clump doesn’t work; the material is too stretchy. You need to twist the honey-colored strands to free a piece.The shatter is housed in a green, credit card-sized sleeve.

Aroma 4/5
SVF OG’s aroma fights to break out of the waxy paper trapping it. I only have to unfold one corner to catch a whiff. It smells like the dankest nug you’ve ever encountered. Weed, weed, weed, the only thing I can distinguish is the overriding, plant-like smell of weed.

Taste 4/5
You don’t need to read the information on SFV OG to know that it has an appreciable amount of limonene. The citrusy twang is evident immediately. Smoking a puff is like sipping on unsweetened lemonade. The startling, tart taste would need sugar if I was getting more of it. Smoke isn’t like pudding, it doesn’t coat every crevice of your taste buds.

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Effect 5/5
SFV OG shatter will put you to sleep. I don’t mean that it’s a bore. No, what I mean is that smoking SFV OG is like getting shoved onto a comfortable bed. There’s an initial, aggressive moment of feeling before you feel as though your body is encased in a mesh of clouds. All I wanted to do was sleep, close my eyes and drift into my own mind for a while.

Product price: $25 per 0.5g

Because of its deeply relaxing effects, SFV OG Shatter is a good bet for people seeking physical relief. The THC and terpenes dislodge your stress and allow you to exist in a simpler, happier frame of mind. Chronic pain and fatigue are tricky, but try smoking SFV OG. The “medical” side of cannabis is as legitimate as the recreational one.

Honestly, any professional-grade concentrate that you can pick up for $12.50 will be satisfying. I wouldn’t mind paying that price for a low-grade gram, let alone a concentrate. If you’re paying the full price, SFV OG Shatter by Medizin is still a decent choice. It’s easy to work with, mildly tasty, and packs a decent punch.

2548 W Desert Inn Rd Suite 100,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number:(702) 815-1313
Hours:  24 hours daily

Planet 13 runs a ton of deals. Whenever you show up, you’ll probably find something on sale. If you’re a local, you can knock 20% off your total bill. Tourists have fewer specials to work with, but they don’t need them. Planet 13 is a spectacle, it feels uniquely and intensely Vegas.

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During normal days, Planet 13’s compound is as busy as a mall. However, I showed up in the midst of the state’s COVID-19 shut-down panic. The dispensary was nearly empty and hand sanitizer bottled abounded. All of the employees that I saw wore gloves. Lines were eliminated to get rid of the need to cluster around other customers. Instead, you enter your number into a tablet and receive a text when it’s time to speak to a budtender.

COVID-19 precautions actually improved the experience. I was free to wander the floor space until it was time to check out. I already knew what I wanted, however. At the time, Planet 13 was offering locals $12.50 half-gram concentrates. Who could pass up that deal? Don’t count on seeing it again anytime soon, however. We’ll be in a new world once the pandemic settles and people are allowed to enter dispensaries again.

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