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Optimizing the Root Zone Environment in Cannabis: Q&A with Brian Jackson

Optimizing the Root Zone Environment in Cannabis Q&A with Brian Jackson

Source: Cannabis cultivators are diligent about the light their plants receive and the environmental controls in their grow rooms, but how often do they consider their crop’s root zone? According to Brian Jackson, director of the Horticultural….. Read the rest on Cannabis Business, Cannabis Development, Cannabis Edible, Cannabis Food, Cannabis for Business, Cannabis… Read More »

Cannabis discovered in Viking grave

Cannabis discovered in Viking grave

Source: One of the women on the Oseberg ship was found with a small leather sack full of cannabis. Scientists wonder how she used the plant. The Oseberg mound dates back to 834 AD, and is the richest Viking burial ground that has ever been discovered. It was dug up in the year of… Read More »

You’re not going to die’: how to survive an edible marijuana overdose

You’re not going to die’ how to survive an edible marijuana overdose

Source: Consuming more cannabis edibles than you can handle can be an awfully uncomfortable experience. This is a big reason why some first time edible users have such a bad trip that they never want to try it again. The feeling of being way too high from THC… Read full article at Best… Read More »

Marijuana Infused Salted Caramel Coffee

  Source: This Marijuana infused Salted Caramel Latte is filled with warm flavors and is the perfect drink combined with cannabis. I mean, salted caramel anything is a winner, but when you add it in coffee, it’s heaven. Salted caramel cannabis heaven. And there’s nothing like holding a steaming mug of this Cannabis… Read… Read More »